‘Very sad day for Uvalde’: Community reacts to Texas school shooting l ABC News

The 18-year-old suspected gunman opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde on Tuesday, killing 19 children and two teachers.

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43 thoughts on “‘Very sad day for Uvalde’: Community reacts to Texas school shooting l ABC News

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  2. School shootings and even the Holocaust are insignificant when compared to the amount of unlawful damage imputed against peaceful citizens by the police, for profit!
    Qualified Immunity was Satan's greatest 👹gift in creating the dirtiest of self-seeking corrupt fecal police 💩👮…
    POLICE require LICENSING (NOT CERTIFICATION) and must carry their own "LIABILITY INSURANCE" saving taxpayers 23 billion dollars each year from valid and disturbing lawsuits against ROUGUE officers, which thus far, cities and towns have been forced to pay on the officers behalf even when they care nothing about school children, society or others!
    – Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022

  3. Evidentially, it's more important that police officers go home safely to their families instead of saving the children. The parents could've done a better job saving kids compared to the coward cops afraid to go inside and do their job. Sad excuse for a profession that claims to "protect and serve." 💔

  4. If u look at the date of the first shooting In 1999 in columbine school in April 20th knowing we are in may and this happen close to that date

  5. This kid who shot up the school in texas lived to take lives and people still believe in god lovely how the world is if "god could change things in the blink of an eye" why did it take god 7 days to do something pretty sus the bible was made up and this world is full of delusions when will people wake up what sins have these young kids done

  6. This is a big scandal for the law enforcement officers. They were waiting outside the school and the shooter had 45 minutes plus to shoot the kids and teachers. They are cowards. Didn't it take as long for Las Vegas police to get to the hotel room to this assault riffle shooter to shoot the music event visitors across the road too? Why isn't law enforcement doing their job? They are being paid Tax payer dollars to protect and to serve us. Aren't they?

  7. The top states by gun death rates are:
    Mississippi — 28.6.
    Louisiana — 26.3.
    Wyoming — 25.9.
    Missouri — 23.9.
    Alabama — 23.6.
    Alaska — 23.5.
    All of those states with the highest gun death rates are among the ones with the highest gun ownership rates.
    Mississippi — 50% of adults live in a household with a gun.
    Louisiana — 48%.
    Wyoming — 59%.
    Missouri — 48%.
    Alabama — 50%.
    Alaska — 59%.
    Where there are fewer guns, there are fewer gun deaths. The states with the lowest gun death rates in 2020, per the CDC (alongside the percentage of homes with a gun in 2007-2016, per RAND) were:
    Hawaii — 3.4 (8% of adults live in a household with a gun).
    Massachusetts — 3.7 (10%).
    New Jersey — 5 (8%).
    Rhode Island — 5.1 (11%).
    New York — 5.3 (14%).

  8. It’s a fact in the USA we can’t trust schools to protect the lives of our children. Maybe it’s time to host classes on zoom only or homeschool the children as parents. Teachers already have a lot of weight on their shoulders, parents should refuse to send kids to school until the school districts start providing armed security. Yet board members of the school districts in many places make 6 figure salaries.

  9. My condolences to the victims and their family. Why cant majority of americans just agree to abolish selling guns… As much as I feel bad for their families, I personally want these politicians to get a taste of how it’s awful and gruesome to lose their child by a gun that was sold legally out in the market. Lets all please put an end to this massacre. I understand investigation is important at this moment but we should get more news updates from politicians themselves. Lets always dont forget history repeats itself…

  10. I just learned that the Uvalde BLUE LINE GANG MEMBERS waited an hour to engage an 18 year old boy. Meanwhile, this young man was killing innocent children. You are a bunch of COWARDS Uvalde PD. YOU disgust me!

  11. The Old Testament talks about sacrificing children to the god of Baal in exchange for better crop yields. Modern times 3,500 years later haven’t changed much as America now sacrifices a handful of children per year in exchange for gun lobbies being able to keep lax gun laws in order to maximize profits on gun sales. The $210 profit made by selling the 2 guns used to kill 21 people in Uvalde means that each life was worth roughly $10 not counting profit made from sale of other guns. The problem is that most Americans have never read the Old Testament in its entirety as most Americans have abandoned the Old Testament and prefer reading the New Testament that was glued on to the back of the Old Testament. Americans need to start reading the Old Testament again as every civilization that has ever engaged in child sacrifice is now extinct.

  12. It's hard to believe of all the tragedies, that's going on in public schools. As my pop/father George D. Shelton once used to put it, "this is what happens when you remove prayer and the Holy Bible out of public schools." My pop/father doesn't see Catholicism as a false religion. Even though former President Kennedy was a Catholic. I also can tell that, we've come a long ways from the war of 1812/battle for New Orleans Louisiana. Our American ancestors had even fought against, the British regiments in 1814.

  13. I feel deeply for the parents of these children. This is a tragic event of great proportion that needs to be recognized as a sign of the times… who we are as a people. What are our values? Someone in this video called the shooter evil. Yes, his deed was dark… very dark. Yet people need to look deeper and ask themselves HOW did this great society of ours create such a person — there are so many of them. Was it the availability of guns? How about the lack of mental health care? How about the despair of our young people over bullying and other abuses? How about broken families? How about the lack of love given them. A person who is loved, and knows it, never kills like this. The shooter is a victim too. Most people don't want to hear that, but it's true. A bullied and abused person eventually goes mad. Beat up on someone long enough and they WILL strike out. It's human nature. So, look at our television and our movies. How do those fictional characters solve their problems? Many times with guns and fists. And why are violent gun-based videos created and made available to children and teenagers, and considered entertainment? When I turn on my TV, it isn't long until I see a gun in someone's face — and then another, and another… Wake up, America. We are being programmed into violence. We are being manipulated by money-interests. If you want to stop violence, stop what is creating violence. It's not as simple as guns. Even so — it is absolutely absurd that assault weapons are so readily available. So, ask yourself: Does the politician whom I voted for condone easy access to weapons? Sadly, the Republican leaders vote for guns. Do you vote Republican? Then count yourself as part of the problem. And do you vote against mental health care and other such public services designed to support families? Then count yourself as part of the problem. And do you chose to never complain to government and the movie industry about violent content in movies and on TV? Use this experience to re-think and re-imagine what our country can be. Use your voice. State your concerns. Then, and only then, these little darlings and their teachers have not died in vane. Be kind to the parents and surround them with love.

  14. It is my view, for top lawyers to get in touch with the grieving families, and sue the pants of O'rourke. Like the other one in California, with the tinted hair, face make over n polished teeth… This is not about you. Don,t they both just love themselves, me,me,me,me,me, no morals or respect for the dead.

  15. The problem with Uvalde isn’t gun control it is VISITOR control. He could have accomplished the same thing with a knife if the system allows you to walk right in.

  16. Law enforcement COWARDS, corrupt, stopping parents from saving the children. Those cops don’t care your kids aren’t blue, they are not hero’s if a cop does a heroic act it’s on accident. They allowed the shooter in the school in a room for a 1 1/2, those pigs allowed the babies to be murdered, sue that city sue texas

  17. That guy, Brandon Elrod, his daughter died, Makena Elrod is one of the victims. He didnt know that at the time he was interviewed but was saying he was looking for her and he believed she had died.

  18. In my opinion you shouldn't stop being someones friend just because there being weird. Just distance yourself and help him be a better human. Let them know there worthy. Don't be afraid to talk about feelings, especially kids. And let adults know about kids or anyone being wired or acting unusual. Lets not give up on each other. Some just need more help than others. Im so sorry this town and country is going through this again. Makes me so mad. Give them strength Jesus. Amen

  19. TAX GUNS! TAX AMMO! ANNUAL TAX! Tax can be in budget reconcilliation bill. In ACA ruling SCOTUS said Congress's "Right to Tax" trumps the Bill of Rights (incl 2nd Ammendment.) Do something! Sending thoughts and prayers is insulting. Excise tax on manufacturers is second ammendment friendly.

  20. It's sad that ABC is trying to deflect from the truth. Our government has created a mental health crisis and their just trying to make it worse the government is the problem not the solution

  21. We should be OUTRAGED at the Republican Party that takes in Millions in donations from the N.R.A to "ease" gun control Laws and that's what they did. Have them come and clean up the splattered blood of these children in this school. They are to blame for this and are having a Convention in Houston this w weekend! 😳 Shame on them.

  22. May 💙God 💚Be💙 With🧡 Everyone ❤️Always💚 Much💛 Love Blessings 💜Always ☺️ ✌️ 🙌 🎇 🌈 🙏 💚💚❤️❤️💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Peace💚 and 💙Blessings 🧡Too❤️ My💜 Brothers💙 May 🧡God❤️ Bless 💚Everyone💙 Always❤️ May God💚 Bless💙 Everyone❤️ Richly with💜 everything🧡 they ❤️need Always 💜Much💚 Love❤️ Blessings 💙Always ☺️ ✌️ 🙌 🎇 🌈 🙏 🌐💯💛🧡💙💜💜💚💜💜💙💙🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  24. Châu chấu, những dòng sông nước chảy như máu, bệnh dịch, hạn han, lủ lụt, các điềm lạ, động đất.. là báo hiệu tận thế
    Phản Kito là ĐGH
    Sắp tận thế lúc 15, giờ xx

  25. This tragedy is something nobody wants and should be mourned and have the resolution to keep it from happening, therefore it always becomes a divided conversation on what the actual problem is. I will start off with an understandable statement; every country, every large population of people will have people that want to cause the most destruction to the innocent as possible. Saying "we need to help these broken families, struggling individuals' mental health, etc" will do nothing because when it's not a school shooting, republicans and democrats have little debate over how to actually help mental health.

    So what would you do to solve people with behavior problems and thoughts of violence, how would you detect it and not make it worse? I have my own opinions on what to do, but let's break down the argument I hear most common during these terrible events.

    The argument of "guns don't kill people, people kill people" is commonly heard in defense of the second amendment, but is it true? In my opinion, it's a half-truth, an expression that attempts to separate guns from the conversation. I believe a more accurate statement is "people kill people…. with guns" the massive amount of guns we have in this country, and the ease of availability amongst most states are bound to have crazy people use guns for evil. I understand their mental health is the cause, but it's the cause that leads them to buy arms with the intent to take the lives of others.

    Although you can argue that people will always find a way to harm others in such a way, even without guns, it just doesn't happen as much in places that don't have easy access to firearms. The United States has the fourth-largest murder per capita rate (meaning the percentage of people that are murdered a year). Sure that is a result of not only public shootings, but gang violence, domestic murder, and many other methods and instances of violence, but it's just one of our realities in the US that guns are easy to use and the most common way to commit murder.

    My heart goes out to the families of the victims, this is a horrible case that happens far too often. I hope one day that our country comes to a solution to help stop these from happening and have it be taken more seriously if it does. If you read this far, thank you for hearing me out, I hope we come together to understand how tragic this is and that unless we think about a tangible change to enact, nothing will change and this will continue to destroy families for generations.

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  27. Here come the democraps with there feel good gun laws ..why not arm the teachers and have armed security gards with metal detectors its pretty simple fix .stop funding illegals and the ukraine war and take care of are kidsand are own people

  28. Lord be with these people in this time. Our hearts are heavy with pain. So horrible. Mental health is a major issue in our society. This all come back to broken homes.

  29. Actually they did not. These cowards were at the school from the beginning and didn’t shoot him until 40 minutes later. Witnesses were yelling at the police to storm in the school and they just stood there.

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