Chuck Schumer calls on lawmakers to reduce gun violence

“Imagine if this was your kid or your grandkid?…Could you ever forgive yourself for not supporting a simple law that would make these mass shootings less likely?” Sen. Chuck Schumer said.


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26 thoughts on “Chuck Schumer calls on lawmakers to reduce gun violence

  1. Guns Do Not Kill People. People Kill People. If you take away Guns, People Still Kill Each Other With Knifes, Machettes, Poisons, Hammers and Metal ojects When They Go Crazy Under American Society. The Big Greedy Corporations and The Failed US Government Should wake up, understand and responsible for all the Drug Addicts, Mental Disorders, Unemployed Folks, Homelessness, Systemic Racism and Injustice going on right now in America. Life In America is getting harder and harder to survive with no good paying jobs and no future. How can you buy a house with a minimum paying job of $16 dollars a hour in the city of Los Angeles. Give Me A Break Will you ? That's all I Have to say. Thank You.

  2. Charles (AKA Chuck) Schumer and those like you, are reasonable, and are exactly why we're having these problems! I do feel for the families and parents along with those people that were/are still being shot by these crazy people and also because of congresses poor discissions to rewrite our laws (that were working) due to social pressures (the not-so-great HUGE BLM Scam) and change them in favor of the common criminals that were shooting at Police Officers. If anything, The House and Senate should have made the laws stiffer (but that results in less upcoming votes, but it's the right thing to do and why people vote for you, to do the right thing for them) with real consequences and NO CHANCE OF PAROLE. Instead, you greedy cowards caved in favor of what's popular over what's right. Well… inform all the people (Congress pandered to) you all caved in to, these ARE THE RESULTS of The Democratic Congress passing wimpy laws and making them in favor of criminals and their family members. Make it very clear this is what they were crying and yelling in the streets for and so was congressman Maxine Waters was starting riots and tampering/threatening the jury and township with, during the Police Officers trial. Thing of the voters for once in your me me me lives in Congress. Get to work that you're paid to do!!!!! The next election you'll find out it's not a retirement home up there in DC. You congressmen all failed on your report cards, along with Brandon

  3. I do feel for the parents and those people that were/are still being shot by these crazy people and congresses poor discissions to rewrite our laws (that were working) due to social pressures (BLM Scam) and change them in favor of the common criminals shooting at Police Officers. Make it where you must be 21 or 25 years old to by ammo. Focus on the damn AMMO!!!!! GET A CLUE, people from Mexico come to the U.S. not to buy guns, they come over to by AMMO!!! Wake-Up. Congress should have supported Trump when the Top Democrats had the real chance to protect schools! But they were ALL too focused on fighting TRUMP. FOOLS! Charles is so full of himself. Today 5/30/2022 Chuck Schumer’s Puts Together Giant Conspiracy. What? He is the Conspiracy; wake-up Americans! Schumer gave $10 Billion dollars to Broadway and not 1 damn dime towards our starving homeless. Also, he and Biden gave Billion$ to the Ukraine and there's people right here on YouTube doing just fine in the Ukraine. Try getting word to the people the media outlets only show that may be suffering, I'm not buying this fake Ukraine nonsense, what a big bowl of chit! Photos of only 1 broken down Russian tank on a deserted road that has weeds growing out of it (never traveled on). Really? Biden and that Ukraine comedian President call that an invasion? That would be like Canada stating they were invaded by U.S. boy scouts with tents and sleeping bags. Let's get real people. Biden gave the Ukraine $40 Billion dollars to protect Top Dems investments. The true story WILL COME OUT! CONGRESS MUST BE VOTED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Democrats have failed at everything, and they HAVE ALL THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes NO SENSE! Schumer is rotten to the core and is a manchild. Democrats have nothing but excuse after excuse. Democrat House, Democrat Senate, and Democrat President. What else do they need? Their focus is making inflation and gas prices soar. Try enforcing the laws we had. Democrats changed the laws to protect criminals due to BLM riots. Look how that's working out! And… You are still working on destroying America. You weak congressmen are the real problem.

  4. the idiocy of this clown is the fact that the ass-wipe actually carries.. what would be the chances he'd actually use it ? slim to none and slim left town

  5. Chuck Schumer is an accessory to murder yet nobody talks about it. He has been lining his pocket with big pharma money to stall S.A.F.E. banking reform. Cannabis dispensaries are forced to operate in cash making them targets for armed robbery. Many lives have been lost. Many more to come all because of his political game. Sad and true. Men have been killed for less. Pass the word on to those that are unaware. Time to get rid of that murderer!!!!!

  6. Didn’t he block a bill to help with school safety after the shooting .. many democrats were for it and all republicans were for it yet he blocked it because he rather let our kids die than make the other side look good

  7. This whole thing smells like a false flag to push gun grabs. How did a poor drug addict kid afford $5000 in weapons, a Kevlar vest, and a brand new Ford F-250. This is a a Fed job

  8. Democrats blame republicans for the shootings. To win your vote at midterms. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Biden will lie once again to get your vote

  9. NRA has spent $650,000 this year on lobbying congress. Pharmaceutical companies have spent over $100 million this year on lobbying already. Guns have killed 17,000 this year in America. Drug overdoses killed 100,000 Americans last year. Top pharma lobbying recipient this year: Chuck Schumer. Don't let these people gaslight you!

  10. hey schumer, the dems are probably behind these shootings to repeal the 2nd amendment.I will never let the 2nd amendment be overturned. since the dems want to defend the police having a gun is the only way to defend myself

  11. Chuck (like most politicians) is a fool. He can change things, but his logic is circular. He wants change, calls for change, pushes far-reaching legislation that half the body doesn't support, and it fails. Rinse, and repeat. He could try to, idk, work on compromise? There IS a middle ground. But politicians who are motivated by rage politics don't want that, because they want their base to be angry and afraid. Fear and rage politics keep people like him in power. He won't affect change, not because he can't, but because he doesn't want to. Let that sink it.

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