Remembering the victims of the Uvalde school shooting massacre

ABC News’ Linsey Davis reports on the victims of the Uvalde, Texas elementary school shooting and the devastation facing the community.

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46 thoughts on “Remembering the victims of the Uvalde school shooting massacre

  1. To the Ulvade Children….
    Horrid and unspeakable to the tears 😭 my little ones
    The U.S. are like another world for us…Ye and it is indeed because of the history of the country where people always traditionally owned and carried guns to the extent that it became the 'second amendment right' into the US constitution.
    You will never get to know about that …
    Here things are a bit different; not anyone can carry a gun; Only the hunters (permit needed) and military/cops.
    Personally I will never ever understand how it is possible that anyone in the States can go to the 1st Walmart in town and buy a gun/ammos as if nothing! … As if we would go buy a 'baguette' in a bakery' here
    And such dramas are repeating again and again and unfortunately things won't change as long as the F* all-mighty Weapon Lobby remains more powerful than the Government itself in the States !!! That is the fact of the conservative Republicans but even the Democrats don't all agree for something to change … almost all souls can be bought right?
    Poor children. I cried too and my heart is bleeing a hemorrhage of pain for the families destroyed probably forever
    Now as always for the F* corrupted politics: Just few words of sadness and compassion to the press, a few crocodile tears and then … all returns as if nothing … as if nothing
    And let's leave their F* alleged God out of that…That is only the fact of the Evil !!! Haha, bunch of Mother fuckers, let me f* laugh …
    just waitng for the next one … Let's pray for it doesnt fall on our children next time, right? … (and yet, given the money we make there are relatively few chances the burden and gruesome drama falls on us; let us go back to sleep peacefully!)
    That is absolutely unbearable !!!
    When the 'whole world' should converge to the Congress with raised voices and protest tirelessssly
    Now it remains a problem: Do the people themselves really want a change because there are so, SO many F* guns and assault weapons in circulation all over the F* country… Ye.The issue is awfully complex. Only with a change of paradigm, only with a real Will, a true consciousness rising, only with a tireless struggle, things might change; i.e. in clear, in another world …
    Needless to say that I'm extremely pessimistic to say the least given the violence of that country, of that society itself and given the human nature.
    I fear there will still be lots of little holes by which death will drive out little innocent souls, not having had the time to live, flying off towards their revealed stupid fucking inept god …

  2. Presidential visit? I drove through Uvalde yesterday, the town square full of people with "Pray!" signs, scripture scrawled on stone fences, the radio dominated by religious broadcasters and country music (same thing)! Religion CREATES shooters, from the blindly loyal immature under 25 military conscripts to high schoolers that failed Thinking 101 and certainly all real science, where allowed into curriculums. Religion, beliefs without evidence, is DELUSION, and creates INSTANT PREJUDICE – join any religion and believe everyone else is WRONG! Science and math United us all to ONE objective reality based upon skepticism and confidence (NOT belief). Get local (religious) control and funding OUT of USA public schools, and help children avoid judging and punishing (like Big Daddy god!) in favor of our shared responsibility to appreciate and improve the world, especially ourselves. Why be the most religious AND underdeveloped wealthy nation? Exceptional = needs Special Education?!!?

  3. School shootings and even the Holocaust are insignificant when compared to the amount of unlawful damage imputed against peaceful citizens by the police, for profit!
    Qualified Immunity was Satan's greatest 👹gift in creating the dirtiest of self-seeking corrupt fecal police 💩👮…
    POLICE require LICENSING (NOT CERTIFICATION) and must carry their own "LIABILITY INSURANCE" saving taxpayers 23 billion dollars each year from valid and disturbing lawsuits against ROUGUE officers, which thus far, cities and towns have been forced to pay on the officers behalf even when they care nothing about school children, society or others!
    – Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022

  4. And where was these heroic 👮‍♂️cops when you need them?!? The cowards stalled, and others too busy killing black and brown unarmed civilians during minor traffic violations. I realize these police are only quick to pull the trigger when there is a black unarmed man.

  5. 1
    For it is written,

    Hebrews 9:27

    27 Just as human beings have to die once, but after this comes judgment,

    Ecclesiastes 7

    17 But don’t be overly wicked, and don’t be foolish;
    why should you die before your time?

  6. Even as a single, full-time working mom, I successfully homeschooled my kids during the 'plandemic' and was considering letting them return to in-person next year. With the craziness and volatility in the world and our communities, homeschooling will continue. I think I can do a better job anyway and will be happy to know I am not dependent on their indoctrination system. Make the necessary sacrifices for your children, consider homeschool. Their precious lives might depend on it. Remember, the system was never 'for us' to begin with.

    RIP 🙏🤍🕊 beautiful angels. God bless and give strength to the families of the teachers and children.

  7. Instead of mourning about the lives now, you should raise your voice to ban guns🔫🔫…They are no playthings, they take lives…

  8. Whats happening in this world just gets me sick in the stomach those kids were they won’t get to live the life they wanted because of an evil human being..

  9. The Old Testament talks about sacrificing children to the god of Baal in exchange for better crop yields. Modern times 3,500 years later haven’t changed much as America now sacrifices a handful of children per year in exchange for gun lobbies being able to keep lax gun laws in order to maximize profits on gun sales. The $210 profit made by selling the 2 guns used to kill 21 people in Uvalde means that each life was worth roughly $10 not counting profit made from sale of other guns. The problem is that most Americans have never read the Old Testament in its entirety as most Americans have abandoned the Old Testament and prefer reading the New Testament that was glued on to the back of the Old Testament. Americans need to start reading the Old Testament again as every civilization that has ever engaged in child sacrifice is now extinct.

    The way to not only solve the American gun problem but to save America as well from attack from foreign armies is to pass a law requiring a mandatory life sentence for preachers who are convicted of refusing to teach Old Testament principles to their congregations. This life sentence comes with no chance of early release or of parole.


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  11. so sad. Idk who's watched the new zealand mosque shooting but it most likely looked like that inside the classroom. he was inside for a long time. the kids were unrecognizable and had to be DNA tested to identify the body. This means he definitely went back and finished off the children in the head like an execution.

  12. 5:23 "This is not normal" I know she's grieving, and my heart goes out to every family affected, but this IS normal in our country. It will happen again, probably in the next week or two. It's truly an awful situation.

  13. WE MUST ACT NOW!!!

    Democrats (Not All, but many) and All Leftists:
    PLEASE STOP BLOCKING LAW that would reduce, or outright STOP SCHOOL SHOOTINGS with Immediate effect!

    Just pull several Billion from pet projects, reroute to schools, so they can hire 1, per 50-100 students, well trained, honor bound (retired police or military) to make and implement a solid protection plan, ALL WITH FIREARM CONCEALED AND IN A NON-DISRUPTORY FASHION.

    It works very well on Planes, and to protect Politicians, and rich people and celebrities. LETS PROTECT OUR CHILDREN TOO EH?


    Spare us the false moral superiority and do whats right talking points! We need to protect kids, and everyone, but allowing people with agendas, to continue chiping away (even more) at the rights of the many to satiate the emotional outrage that we all feel, but for which political figures and leftists use for their own agendas, is not the way. Itll only end up with MORE of our loved ones hurt without any means of fighting back against evil!

    Show your fellow Americans, your fellow Parents, that your beyond Agendas and Narratives and you actually want children protected, Thats it!

  14. And I have only three more days of federal probation; lets see if I can tear it all down and build it back up in that time: with oceans of black, sticky gold.

  15. We need to be able to RECALL our elected Congress members. Without this they are allowed to manage their own behavior and they are doing a terrible job.

  16. Why don’t show the police officers standing by while the gunman was shooting inside the school and stood by and did nothing!

  17. America is the place with most mass shooting incidences because of the the strength of NRA, the Republicans who got a lot of contributions from them and the many staunch republicans supporters. They will never take actions to curb gun violence and instead seek more ways for more people like teachers (hahaha) to carry guns to protect themselves. This is like the wild west where everyone carries a gun and you can have a gunfight anytime anywhere. So these mass shootings are a natural consequences. So no need to feel sad, sympathetic and disgusted. These incidences will continue to happen. Accept them as part and parcel of the American way of life. Hehe, an American iconic phenomenon.

  18. The second amendment recognizes your personal authority to defend yourself and your property. Why are we blind to this right when it comes to our publicly funded schools?

    Do we lose our right to defend our children by placing them into publicly funded schools? If this is true we need to change the law – among other things – to free ourselves from the idea that publicly funded schools are necessary and not optional. We – the parents of the children being educated by publicly funded schools – need to be free to remove our children from the public system and place them into a school that suits our safety concerns better. But before this can happen, we need to recognize the impediments to this freedom. This will require us to face some cold, hard facts.

    First, teachers’ unions wield almost limitless power over the distribution of money that goes into education. They have a permanent hand in the pocket of local and federal taxpayers by way of locally and federally elected officials. This needs to end…but we can't if we don't challenge the idea that education needs to be a publicly funded institution. This leads us to the second cold, hard fact.

    The idea that government should take on the role of educator restricts the freedom of parents to act in the best interest of their children. A local school board member, state legislator or federal bureaucrat cannot know the interest of every parent in their jurisdiction. They have no way of knowing, and no way of learning, what actions I, or any parent, might want to take for the sake of my children's education. Centrally planned education – by forcing parents to use publicly funded schools – strips all parents of their right to use their personal resources to secure a better and safer education for their children.

    When it comes to the loss of parental rights, the rich suffer as much as the poor. The advantage that wealth provides is the ability to afford the cost. The poor often don't know the difference…since education is "free" to them. Both rich and poor remain ignorant of the REAL cost: the loss of a better future due to the waste of present talent.

    Children are a potential…one limited only by their reasoning mind. Publicly funded schools do not teach children to reason…I see this in my job as a college professor. Every school shooting proves that government schools fail even the first measure of good government, which is to defend the lives and rights of its citizens. Because they do not teach children to REASON they also fail the first measure of good education.

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