Search for answers in Texas elementary school shooting | ABCNL

ABC News’ Phil Lipof reports from Uvalde, Texas, on the 17 victims wounded in the attack and how families are reacting to the police response.

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28 thoughts on “Search for answers in Texas elementary school shooting | ABCNL

  1. School shootings are insignificant when compared to the amount of unlawful damage imputed against peaceful citizens by the police for profit!
    POLICE having Qualified Immunity was Satan's greatest 👹gift in creating dirty self-seeking police 💩👮.
    POLICE require licensing (Not certification) and must carry their own "LIABILITY INSURANCE" saving taxpayers 23 billion dollars each year from valid and disturbing lawsuits against bad cops, which thus far, cities and towns have been forced to pay on behalf of bad cops who care nothing about school children, society or others! (Its become a for profit business!)
    – Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022

  2. GOP is getting more and more sick of lawmakers. They don’t allow woman to make decisions for their own body but allowing heavy killing gun for killing. So why we need police if residents are having heavy killing gun than policeman? Using 2nd amendment as your excuse for allowing public killing. And GOP lawmakers always so proudly to post their pictures in media which they holding rifles. They are making the public sick. They are the cancer cells for this country.

    NRA has ONLY one business: killing. No matter it kills animals or human. It is only belong one catalog: killing. And that is the GOP blood business.

  3. Assault weapons have only one function is killing. We don’t need it in a peaceful country. Only war zone need that. If you want to build a country with fear 24/7, then ask NRA to hand out free bulletproof to every American for protection. Because the GOP will hold NRA ‘s hand to give everything they want. Selling killing machines are the GOPs business. That’s why the GOP lawmakers always so proudly to post their pictures in media which they holding rifles.

  4. Is it possible to publish the list of politicians who the NRA pays to look the other way? Guns are for hunting animals not children.

  5. Russia has lost 17000 troops so far this year from all causes. Artillery, firearms, bombs.
    The USA has lost 17200 so far this year from firearms. Cmon America! You can surely beat Russian losses in a full scale war in your own land? Just buy more guns.

  6. With all the money spent,,,all the equipment,,,all the training,,all the blue line crap saying they are heroes,,,I CALL BS,,THIS IS THE BEST WE GET,,THE COPS WERE LESS THAN 2 MILES AWAY AND IT TOOK A HOUR TO KILL THIS MAD DOG,,,,SMH

  7. Also, if I have a kid in school during a mass shooting, and cops are sitting around and have the audacity to stop me trying to reach my child, I will shoot that cop in the head if that’s what it takes me to save my kid. We pay so much money for law enforcement, and if they don’t have the guts to save children, then they don’t deserve to be part of an organization that purportedly is to protect and serve. What a joke. Everyone should be mad right now.

  8. Real talk: this is why teachers need to be armed. The police failed. They have body armor that tax payers pay for. Kids don’t. This isn’t the first time this has happened. It is outrageous to me that parents and onlookers were screaming at the police to do something while 19 kids were shot to death. Every single police officer on that scene should be ashamed of themselves. Yes, they get to go home at night. Those kids don’t. Guess no one wanted to be a hero.

  9. This isn’t a gun issue. It’s a media issue. The media likes to sensationalize and feed off of stories like this. What do all of these school related incidents have in common? The media creating more copycat cases.

  10. I'm furious as all hell. You know whose fault this all is? Very simple, it's all on the gunman who did the actual shooting……no wait, it's the democrats' fault for the way they're running this country……..check that, it's the liberals who let the criminals run the streets……on second thought, no, this is specifically on the President of the United States for not paying enough attention to this country……scratch that, it's actually the police who didn't show up in time, or better yet, weren't courageous enough to go right into the building once they did arrive…….hold it, it's the NRA's fault for enabling all the guns to be out on the streets…….check that, it's the ammo supply stores for not doing proper background checks……HOLD ON! back to the political parties: It's actually the republicans with lax gun laws……..NO! It's the drug cartels responsible for the amount of mind altering substances available on the streets that the gunman used to make him crazy enough to do the shooting…….No wait, it's God's fault for letting this happen…….No, it's the atheists and their never ending push to take God out of society…….Oh wait, it's Donald Trump's fault!…..Nope, let's blame the kid's parents for not raising him properly……Wait! How about the conservatives who've fostered the current white supremacist attitude existing in this country today?……NOT! It's all because of the lax gun laws we have enabling the shooter to easily obtain the weapon he used for the shooting……Umm no., the gun laws are actually TOO restrictive, which prevented law abiding citizens from protecting themselves……..No, not really. Let's place the blame on the current state of the educational system which didn't provide this poor man the proper guidance to grow up and become a law abiding citizen in America…….OR, maybe we can blame Covid, the supply chain disruption, Roe vs Wade, the Russia/Ukraine war, climate change, etc…….Anybody know?

  11. "Selling guns are more profitable than protecting children " I am just giving you example of what sociopaths will think….

  12. America's police are cowards 👹 they go running in the opposite direction when they hear shooting… I've witnessed this and was extremely disappointed ☹️
    They're incompetence ONLY gives them courage to KILL unarmed BLACK PEOPLE ‼️

  13. Flashback 2020. Dems and ABC are calling to defund the police + removing armed security from schools nationwide because “police are scaring kids”. 🤡🌎

  14. So even cops are afraid of semi automatic weapons? What a shocker, they let children die to protect themselves. Police used to protect the public to the death and then be a historic hero for their actions. This is pathetic.

  15. The answer is: that any/all politicians who have accepted bribes/campaign contributions from the NRA and Gun Lobby have opened the door to any/all gun nuts
    to purchase, possess and carry guns of every kind on our streets, shopping malls, grocery stores and even schools; except Republican, Right Wing Rallies and events, such as the NRA Convention in Texas. They obviously CARE ONLY for their own safety; but, CARE NOTHING about our Children.WAKE UP AMERICA! It's time to VOTE BLUE…..

  16. I loled so hard everytime shootings happen in murica. Too bad your gun cant save you coz you know, they fucking shoot first . Stupid

  17. I'm glad the gunman died because it's pretty shitty to kill that many people & be able to set your gun down & live, F that BS it should be no question what happens to your ass if you pull something like that.just ranting

  18. yall realise since the roe vs wade they been argueing wy they should be able to kill children now everyone is so concerned about the guns…oh yea they are talking about guns not the children or the scared ass cops that sat outside while it happened insane – this should have never happened but again a shitty person did it not a gun no law stops a criminal – is it not already illegal to go to a school with a gun or a law to shoot or kill someone he did it any ways stop letting them tell you what you should believe instead actually try to help make this country better this could have been prevented but no law would have done that only a person could

  19. The answer is: This country is dying from a broken heart. The opposite of love is not hatred, the opposite of love is indifference, and the GOP has made it into law.
    That is happening at an accelerated pace now. If the US was an animal, this animal would know its end is near.

  20. Too bad the shooter didnt have an eight ounce of weed, then every cop in the state would have been kicking doors down, instead of standing around letting children be massacred

  21. I currently lived in El Paso, and people love having their constitutional 2nd amendment completely free,

    And people here are living life as usual, but of course socialists media will make it about the gun instead of WHAT EXACTLY WAS THAT PSYCHIATRIST OF HIS DOING??? PATIENT DOCTOR CONFIDENTIALITY? HE COULD EASILY BE BRAINWASHING HIM

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