Texas school shooting: What we know about the shooter

Salvador Ramos, 18, was known for fighting and threatening fellow students, his classmates said.

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21 thoughts on “Texas school shooting: What we know about the shooter

  1. I remember a sexist speech Giver at our school in the 1997 taught us that boys and men aren't supposed to deal with their emotions cuz they have the mental capacity of a caveman which is ridiculous of course I've met men that were psychologist men and boys are capable of understanding their emotions and expressing them and talking about it to learn coping methods and the speed Giver told us that women are supposed to just do whatever a guy says and don't try to heal his mental problems not supposed to talk about their emotions and this is the exact opposite men can have weaknesses too and they need help just as much as women do when they're going through a mental health crisis the grandfather and grandmother obviously knew that their eighteen-year-old was going through something but they probably just Shrugged it off as teenager hormones and didn't think it was going to come to something like this but in the future we need to put in laws that anyone who's going through a mental health problems especially teenagers even though it could just be their hormones it still makes teenagers more likely to fight because of the hormones and they need help and they shouldn't be ignored Shrugged off just cuz they are a guy cuz men need help too need anti-bullying classes in all schools that teach students how to deal with a kid that's going through a mental health issue cuz one of their getting bullied or they are the bully they're acting that way for a reason and they need to talk it out and get some help in a lot of kids just disowned kids that are having mental breakdowns instead of getting them help until the authorities and they need to be taught how to support people especially special release other fellow teenagers and they need to learn in school anti-bullying classes how to report the mental-health issue or two parents with authorities anybody that can think of and parents need to take these classes to and learn how to deal with a teenager going through a mental health issue whether they're a boy or a girl and get them some immediate help and so that stuff like this don't happen because disowning and abandoning someone who is going through a breakdown just makes them more likely to do stuff like this

  2. Instead of stop being has friend he should of told authorities his friend was going through mental health problems & give him support cuz people who are going through mental breakdowns need people support and a more likely going to snap if they are all alone not blaming the kid cuz he probably wasn't taught how to deal with mental health issues in Friends they need to have anti-bullying classes that also teach students how to help other students when they're going through a mental health break down and to tell authorities talk to the person's parents get the person help and not just abandon them cuz when you leave someone that's going to snap and break alone the more likely going to snap and do something like this

  3. At the very beginning….Ramos was firing rounds at people from the funeral home across the street from the school. Standard active shooter protocols ..close, lock and baracade every door possible were not put into play. Ramos walked thru a door that was propped open with a rock ( now allegedly closed but not locked ) ?? entered the school then ………walked into a classroom ( the same one law enforcement had TO WAIT TO GET A KEY FOR ) and killed children. This was all AFTER he had already been firing multipal rounds outside??? What were faculty at that school waiting for as it relates to an active shooter situation??? the cops?? Theirs a lot of answers here we are not getting.

  4. And yet shooting after shooting people are telling to "put armed guards" or "install metal detectors". US is the only 1st world country that has this problem. If you want this to stop, the government should be strict on guns in every state. Period. Im not saying ban it all together that is impossible. But dont sell the guns like candy. There should be background mental checks, proper training. Etc. If you are against this it's probably because you wont pass the tests, then you shouldnt own a gun. If you're claims are true and it is for self-defense. Then you shouldnt want any random dude owning a gun too. Only in the US these things happen. Shameful.

  5. If its this complicated for a trained police force to respond to an active shooter with an assault rifle, how much more it is for a "law-abiding gun owning citizen." I mean sure keep the 2nd amendment the right to defend yourself but do we really need to own assault rifles that are capable of killing multiple within seconds? And with no background check or license, and now you want more guns? I am not left or right….but this just seems like common sense, I mean help me out here if I am missing something… yes mental health is an issue, but as fellow medical professional, there is no easy fix for that. There is a huge spectrum in mental health and multiple factors that impact that need to be address….but an easy solution is limiting or least doing background check on a gun purchase that can kill so many, just makes sense to me. At least a hand gun can't kill as quickly as an assault rifle, giving people time to response, escape, fight back etc.

  6. where were the second amendment supporters? all that time during which a good old texan could have intervened. but they were too afraid to help little children. sad.

  7. This person should never had access to guns. Mental & investigative background checks should have stopped this madman from killing these poor kids. Evil loves easy access to their weapons of choice. Your gun laws are too slack. Only good law abiding citizens should have access to guns & weapons for self defense & not fighting wars. Body armor for civilians is not very good either.

  8. U need to get rid of your guns, selling guns shotguns etc to 18 yr olds, what country does this ? If you had no guns it WOULDN'T happen, look at other countries then look at your own. Stupid fools for not getting rid of your guns, it will happen again! In shopping malls in schools. Your government makes so much money from guns and ammo, and your prices have gone through the roof, no baby food gas prices crazy. Your being robbed of your children and your safety. Where's the mental health care too? What a fucked up country!!! You know what your government will do,it will put the sale of guns up to 21 yrs of age and thinking they have cracked it 😂 fools, It's my 2nd amendment , yeah written by old fools .things need to change.It will happen again. Children should be safe!!!

  9. I'm just wondering if some people are still against armed guards at schools & I don't mean just a resource officer This is a fast way to solve a complex problem that will take time to solve!! If people really don't want any more children to die this would work & fast!!! That's how I feel & see it & I think everyone else should too!!!

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