What comes next after Texas school shooting?

Experts examine America’s history with guns, the real-life impacts of gun violence and what can be done going forward to mitigate the problem.

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40 thoughts on “What comes next after Texas school shooting?

  1. Its called End Times Prophecy ,people are being taken over by the demons that they have worshiped over the years ,now people are manifesting it,watch what goes on all summer ,and with the prices of things ,its just getting started ,oh and the 7 Year Tribulation starts this sept,then all HELL Breaks loose ….

  2. I dunno maybe Seattle will be next and possibly Armenians as an target and the shooter might be Taiwanese girl with short hair which reenactment of Quentin Tarantino movies and Armenian Genocide back in 1910's.

  3. The biggest issue is America has never really had a honest discourse with itself in terms of how things really are on this soil. And I mean seeing ourselves for whom we really are.

  4. 16 Billion dollars spent annually will put an officer, not an armed teacher, in place on every K-12 campus (private and public) in this nation.

    Why hasn’t this happened yet?

    If it works, they can’t keep grandstanding on this issue.

    They, every elected official, need to fix this security oversight, and quit their jobs immediately afterwards.

    We need leaders.

  5. Announced today that the major cause of childhood death in America is by gunfire.
    Guns kill more American children than ANY othe cause.
    This is unique in the history of the world.
    The National Rifle Association is NOT keeping Americans safe.

  6. It is not about the guns! Think about it with common sense. There were millions of gun owners in my school days of the 70's and '80's, yet there weren't any school shootings. Times have changed and so have peoples mental states. Strengthen our schools and their protection. Removing the second amendment isn't the answer. Criminals will get guns anywhere, then we are left without a way to protect ourselves.

  7. Interesting to hear how politicized gun ownership is here in the US. The government must make money out of backing the NRA no doubt about that. And so are the politicians we see in the media defending this organization. Very interesting.

  8. Just like god, guns are stuck inside Americans' heads. Nothing is going to change. until the thinking changes. Don't hold your breath.

  9. Speak for me and my country Thailand I think people should be able to own guns but only have no criminal record or risk. Hunting only Bold action rifle or level action, home protection only short gun or small-caliber handgun. only these in my opinion

  10. Health care needs to be much better a gun is a tool like a car how many people are killed in cars are we stopping cars from being driven?

  11. What comes next is Republican say thoughts and prayers and don't actually do anything. Democrats try to push through common-sense gun legislation and the Republicans make sure they stop it. They have to keep all their big donors happy you know. Then the NRA will hold a super offensives rally the town over to tell everybody over my cold dead hands are you taking my guns. Well guess what Cletus no one's talking about banning guns or taking your beloved guns away. They're just talking about common-sense gun legislation which is what the majority of Americans want. The fact that a small minority in this country love their guns more than children is nuts. And it also proves their pro birthers not pro-lifers.

  12. I just want to know where are all the Kids Lives Matter mass protests or is it only black lives that matter?

  13. I'll tell you what's next.

    Dr. Phil is going to stay out of this mess, he's going to rightfully keep his mouth wired shut about it.

    And he's going to stay out of Uvalde, Texas.

    Because this is not his place to get involved, and he has no say in the matter!

  14. A self proclaimed super power is educating other countries about Human rights ignoring damages done by Over rights given to their own WOKE people.

  15. To Republicans and the NRA, do you agree that mass shootings of innocent Americans is a small price to pay for you to enjoy your right to bear arms? Yes or No ?

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