‘When is this going to stop?’: Teachers react to Texas mass shooting

Educators from across the U.S. speak with ABC News about their reaction to the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and where they stand on the debate over whether to arm some teachers and school officials.

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35 thoughts on “‘When is this going to stop?’: Teachers react to Texas mass shooting

  1. like the never ending virus 🦠, this sure is an epidemic 😷 unlike the virus, it just gets glossed over to ever-so-shocking consequences

  2. Educators are not and should not be armed Marines. Such crap by that one teacher, who herself admitted she wouldn't want to do it herself.

  3. It will stop when teachers stop taking short cuts and do wtf they are told like locking the doors. Stop being lazy

  4. Texas Guardian program for armed teacher and staff is 100% VOLUTARY. There have been ZERO shootings in school districts (about 20%) where the armed teachers program has been implemented.

  5. The dems, and mainstream media don't mention that these mass shooters are mentally ill. They attack the 2nd and try to disarm law-abiding citizens. Maybe we should also ban rental vans, and trucks.

  6. We have metal detectors/TSA in airports let’s have a checkpoint before gaining access to educated areas.

    If I feel safe as a pilot teachers should too.

  7. guess what nobody knew he owned a gun so guess what. maybe having protection is a basic necesity. none of these people ever understand that no matter what obtaining a weapon is always easy you can even diy. if you want to stop mass murder its time to get a protect dog for the unguarded chicken coop. most teachers die saving students but now there more likely to mass murder? what even man what even.

  8. It's not going to stop….we are already on the countdown for the next group of parents in some part of America to mourn their murdered children…a week from now? ..2 weeks?…..it's coming…..get your prayers and well wishes ready.

  9. when is this going to stop ? … simple but silly question. — when the voting … for gop stops, the killings will too.

  10. Mental health disorder and stupidity is in the mind of all these politicians advocating for more guns. It is time to get them out of the way. The second amendment interpretation is a criminal fraud and the right-wing senate a criminal organization.

  11. Imma call here first. There gonna be a school issue. But it wouldnt be a shooter it would be a bomber. Im telling. The world is crazy. They gonna up each other. Its a game to them. Who can get high body count and how much terror they can cause. TREND ( youth they say)

  12. Beta O'Rourke, you are a very sick person !! The English working class, want nothing to do with. You have no idea, what you have done to the people of the world !! Liberal greed, will in the end destroy you privileged progressives. Those of you who vote for an animal like this, you are part of the problem.

  13. Im so lucky over hear in Australia that we have realy hard laws on guns…..This is a tragedy..those litle😭,kids whose life's will never be fully lived and those teachers..RIP
    Arming or traing a teacher to use the guns isn't the way to go about this solution, everyone knows this is just going to keep happening😭🇦🇺

  14. Put yourselves in the shoes of the parents, you would want something effective done to stop this. Biden only wants excuses to get rid of people's right to self defence by firearms ban.
    He would never sit down and examine a solution that removes many dangers for children
    e.g. Tx school mass. 25 May 2022
    4 officers firing and "failing" before the gunman entered the school shows severe incompetence somewhere because of their failure to stop the gunman.
    NOT failure of policy.
    The officers failed.
    SO! Disband the police and defence forces and remove the forces firearms because that fails!
    Start with NB, You have always known to supervise and check children , there has never been an excuse to add school children (non adult) to the mass shooting victim problem in the context of firearms control! Children do not have a point of such a right to that level of privacy such that narcotics or firearms be allowed to reach schools and school buses!
    AGAIN, that is distorted and misinformation, "the right to bare arms" also requires "statutory rights with the right to bare arms" OF "personal right to defend themselves PERSONALLY and their property"!
    …or the trouble will be simply the right to bare arms has no valid value!
    Don't let them swindle by such a simple abridged stated description!
    …and think , Biden only had to do for children is put a "proper legislated perimeter completely enclosing" chest height 5' fence(climable) (must be solid cross bar (steel rod)wire with a width of a male child's foot of 1.2 Meter height ) to act alike radar around all children's school and only legally have entrance by a couple of gates as policy for "any person/ vehicle" and mandatory search of bags and too worn clothing" ,
    When entering and exiting that bottleneck requires observing from a security booth. The Ukraines wrote off a Russian attack before it occurred by shelling their force staging area build up.
    Proper security legislation would include "screened work permit grants" to builders plumbers drainers before working within 50 yards of the fence and a display copy of the exact permit grant on the site entrance displaying all employees granted presence for duration of work near on or around such fence perimeters.
    Biden only wants to target firearms not ACHIEVE safety NOW for the children.
    Biden works hours all day to change constitution legislation to remove all firearms but not one moment to change federal legislation on school buses and schools handling of children for their security from shootings!

  15. Guns aren't the problem, people are. Open more abortion clinics and put the so called mentally ill in institutions where they can receive shock treatments and lobotomies.

  16. You removed the Dad and the Family and you have Untraditional Beta Males. You wanted this untraditional no moral lifestyle. Free will non submissive women create these Betas and leave em with GMa.

  17. I know that everyone has their own opinion. My opinion is that I don’t mind people owning guns because we a have a right to bear arms. The only thing that bugs if those people use those guns for wrong and horrible things like school shoots, a shooting at a grocery store, and anywhere else. I remember back when I was in high school we had drills for if a shooter came into our school. Also they have the 🇺🇸 by the whiteboard and at the end of the stick that it is on is really sharp so that can be a weapon. I’ve seen videos were kids do a practice drill and use chairs that aren’t attached to their desks or textbooks as weapons to attack the shooter.

  18. School shootings only happen in America so the problem is Americans.

    192 school shootings in 10 years. 3 school shootings every 2 months.

    The rest of the world sympathise but still think Americans are backward idiots, all Stupid like Trump!

    American parents protest at school meetings about? A: 192 school shootings in 10 years B: Masks.

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