Jan 6 committee set to hold 1st major public hearing l ABCNL

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol will hold a public hearing to share new information and video about the attack.

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44 thoughts on “Jan 6 committee set to hold 1st major public hearing l ABCNL

  1. Let's run all the public information on these two issue at the same time the Jan 6 committee dies their political theatre

    A. The Durham investigation and the Democrats interference with a US election.
    B. Hi yet Biden's proof Biden is corrupt and impeachable.
    C. People killed and left behind in Afghanistan.
    D. Border atrocities and number of illegals released into the USA.
    Biden administration breaking the law.

    Let's roll. Republicans need a backbone. This Jan. 6 political theatre needs a counter point.

  2. Republicans are praying and hoping Jan 6 would magically be forgotten and never talked about but the reality is that their great grandkids will be laughed at 100 years from now and words like Children of Traitors will be heard more than not by their ears. And the only one to blame with be their relatives from the 2016 era….

  3. If they can find every last person on Jan 6 than what about the rioters of Ferguson? Rioters of Portland? Not too difficult to match the Metadata of an arsonist or shooting, assault with intent to injure.

  4. These public hearings better not result in another waste of time. Trump and all the others involved in the attempt to illegally overturn the 2020 election results need to be harshly punished for that. They're already overdue for it.

  5. Is this all the Democrat party has to offer? They have nothing but failed policies, such as: Afganistan debacle, high gas prices, unsecure border, inflation, etc… The democrat party has failed America.

  6. Today's radical, extremist Liberal party and their media has nothing to offer the people except pursuing this Jan 6th stupidity or perpetually playing the race card. Meanwhile these Libes have caused normous damage to the US economy, the average working class family, destabilizing the world, and have contributed enormously to violent crime, terrorism, hatred, and division. These idiots love Iran and believe in making the Taliban great again. These nutcases completely ignore the riots, arson, and killings caused by their BLM and Antifa in their Lib cities.

  7. The 10% who are left will follow trump! It's Bannon and goons you need to worry about. He has and is organising alot of chaos/disractions!!!

  8. More than you could imagine, and that's a reason why our country is in shambles right now? I think it's democrats policies.

  9. Will these extremist communist liberals ever give this minor inserrection Jan 6th incident a break. The only person killed was a woman murdered by a Capitol Hill unpunished cop. Meanwhile the Liberals totally ignored the BLM and Antifa riots, arson, shootings and murders committed in their cities. Are you idiot Democrat voters happy with the state of America today – Sky high gas and food prices, rising interest rates, uncontrolled invasion at the southern border, drug cartels, crime in big Liberal cities, Libs loving Iran, Libs making the Taliban great again, stupidity in schools, parents labelled as domestic terrorsts, and a million other destructive things. Are you happy today? But Biden doesn't tweat. Oh Great. He destroys instead while he and his crime mob family reap the rewards.

  10. It would be easy to say one nice thing about President Joe Biden. We can’t always expect Good things from the president. Before you curse the President think about who can be right before God anyways? Today is the day to be Thankful.

  11. Wonder how many people from ABC and and the ones pushing all this January 6th crap are really pedophiles in disguise and there's a lot of stuff against them but they don't want that to come out more than likely is along with other networks we used to have a real good Fox network but it got taken over not much to watch anymore

  12. Here come the purging show trials. They aren't going to be satisfied with the Jan 6th "insurgents". Are you now or have you ever been a Republican? I'm registering early for summer Camp FEMA, to get a good spot! You should too!

  13. Just report propaganda as "Promotes Terrorism".

    The media puts the problems in front of you to make you feel a certain way for a reason.

    They want you to think in fear, not rationally or logically.

    How is that not promoting terrorism? Because they do it as their business model?

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