Should the police patrol schools?

After the latest mass school shooting, Americans debate whether adding armed police officers in schools would make them safer.


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38 thoughts on “Should the police patrol schools?

  1. A tax on manufacturer's profits and the sale of guns and ammo to completely cover all of the costs involved , not part of the education budget.

  2. What was the point of this video? Instead of making the police officers feel unwelcome in the schools, maybe the students and their parents should look into and work on their behaviors. I canโ€™t tell you how many times Iโ€™ve seen videos of mostly black kids in fights or otherwise being disrespectful. Stop demonizing the authorities.

  3. in my opinion i think its a good thing to have 1 armed guard to patrol schools not the police the police have more to worry about out here than to patrol a school so i suggest armed security

  4. No police and no teachers with guns in schools please! The more wild animals per acre in the Amazon jungle, the more the chances of being killed by one of them. The more guns per acre a country has, the more the chances of being killed by one of them, either accidentally or on purpose. We do need strict gun control, as civilized countries like Israel, Japan, Switzerland, and the Scandinavian countries do have. ๐Ÿ’• โ˜ฎ ๐ŸŒŽ ๐ŸŒŒ

  5. Well if society doesnt want to get rid of guns and continue to allow easy access to them then okay…police in schools may be necessary.

  6. It won't be long before America faces a choice between converting our schools into prisons or living in a (relatively) gun-free society like the rest of the developed world. Your pick.

  7. As a black man born and raised in South Central LA during the 90's when gang activity and drugs were completely out of control I appreciated having school police on campus. Even tho they were there the Dean's still ran my junior high school and I never felt like I was in prison. But I also remember uniformed cops being assigned to patrol outside campus and our on campus officer was dressed in street clothes. No visible gun or handcuffs but we knew he was a cop and were able to interact with him. The same technique can be applied today… its needed. I rather that than mandate teachers to have guns in the classroom.

  8. They should be in our schools because we pay them are harder and tax money how about a little less money on nukes and more money on security and schools subways bus stations anywhere you take our money this stuff doesnโ€™t happen in rich neighborhoods quit playing

  9. They shouldn't be patrolling anywhere! The dumb asses can't take care of themselves! Definitely not capable of intelligent choices!

  10. There was a corrupt cop in my school 2011. I google drugs to understand what these drugs wheres and the cop ….thought believed i was some high level narco level . Even though it was known the white people where bringing in these problems

  11. Totally a great idea, in my high school there was always police around. But in elementary schools, should be an idea for police to take patrol in.

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  14. Don't Police patrol all schools already? Seems like a stupid question. And if you are a Good student you don't need to worry about cops. And I'm a black student in a majority white school. I've never encountered a problem. I mean what are you doing in school where ISS isn't the fix, if a SRO has to be involved then come on now, a crime was comitted, even school fights arent just ruff housing these days, that's assault+. I'd like to see more Officers or just Private security in schools. Maybe County's could hire some.

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