ABC News Live: Exclusive interview with 4th grade teacher from Uvalde school shooting

Plus, lawmakers scramble to make a deal on gun violence prevention measures and the U.S. targets the planes of a Russian oligarch.

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42 thoughts on “ABC News Live: Exclusive interview with 4th grade teacher from Uvalde school shooting

  1. The Republican Party Friggin Messing with Innocent Lives & Not Immediately Changing Gun Laws should be Taken & Locked in a Room for an Hour with Crime Scene Photos of The Children of The 2 Elementary School Shootings, Both Sandy Hook & Robb. Lock All The Republican Party in A Room for An Hour Forcing Them to see the Carnage & Senseless Gun Murder up close…Laws will Change instantly. GOD BLESS All Those effected by Gun Murder Too Many Angels in Heaven…Classrooms Full of Angels because Immoral,Degenerate, Barbarians Refuse to Make a Desperately Needed Change to Laws…There is a Special Place in HELL for Those Friggin Bastards!!

  2. Praying for you Mr. Reyes. You did not deserve this, your kids did not deserve this. This is NOT your fault. I pray you can one day find peace again.

  3. So, all that whole time the students were laying there dead & if they they did have a chance, bleeding to death for over an hour? What was the shooter doing, just sitting there too?? Incomprehensible….

  4. This reporter is disgusting. What a shameful human being. Leading questions trying to make the police out to be the devils. What a despicable excuse for reporting.

  5. As a current cop, I feel so bad and horrible for this teacher and all those innocent young lives that were lost. This man is so correct, we have ballastic vest and the students/teachers have nothing. So many wrong decisions made by officers and commander on scene, so many. Because of Columbine, protocals, polices and procedures were put in place for “all” agency across the nation to “act, find and engage” immediately with the shooter. All those officers on scene failed to follow active shooter protocals. I rather disobey my commander’s orders and get fired than live with this guilt. Horrible no officers on scene stepped up and took charge early on. God speed to all the victims and survivors.

  6. He said the gunman got up from behind his desk. I thought the gunman was hiding in a closet? So tragic for all. I can't imagine being a teacher and playing dead while at the same time watching your whole class of children get murdered. God help them all.

  7. This is very sad, i would like to ask for those who have more information, were the classrooms the shooter entered locked? and Did he broke the doors down and enter each of the classroom? I thought that once any active shooting in school each classroom should be locked.

  8. I pray there is a day soon that this doesn't consume your every thought sir. You did do everything you could. THE POLICE FAILED YOU AND YOUR KIDS!!

  9. He lost 11 PRECIOUS little ones ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ R.I.P….I'm so Sorry Mr.Reyes.🙏

  10. How has this investigation not been completed? We need answers and these children teachers and families deserve these coward cops to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!!

  11. It is against the law to murder people. The problem is enforcement of the law, not a need for more laws. The police on the scene failed these children and teachers, not the laws.

  12. Wow! It’s delirious for those who seems to protect guns rather than preventing more vile acts. Fucking Republicans’

  13. God bless you and your caring soul, those children will not forget they had you with them as their life went to heaven. This is not ok. These poor babies

  14. I'm pulling out my hair trying to get a grip wtf.. what we got here is failure in the most extreme… an the most important thing they're not cooperating is this really happening is this the world now where police stand by while a mad man is is ..
    I'm sorry this is driving me nuts

  15. I hope you can see this Mr.Reyes – nobody will blame you, you were already gunned down already, I am so happy you are alive to tell your story. The 19 officers outside were the ones to be blamed. Shame on them.

  16. The constant cuts to the interviewers fake reaction is so fking aggravating I don’t care about her reaction although you want me to care soooo much. I’m just here to see what this man has to say not fking watch reactions

  17. Sucks to be a helpless victim when the maniac has all the Equity, you have no Equality and he has the Inclusion you don't 😕😞

  18. i dont understand… he got shot twice but didnt die? isnt that weapon the one that destroys the human body? how the heck he didnt die but all the kids did?

  19. I literally sobbed listening to this. The thought that police were in that building and children were calling for help is nearly more than I can stand to hear. I pray for this man — bless his soul as he will never be the same. I grew up in a family of hunters, but that is not what all of this is about. No one needs the types of guns that are used in these types of rampages.

  20. This just shows how much being a defenseless victim sucks, and proves to me just how safe we are and the Uvalde police have proven they will protect us and our children so Biden is correct I don't need my evil Fire Arms because the police will protect us! Right Republicans?

  21. Honestly if this ever happens around me idc if the cops tell me no or end up shooting me I'm gonna risk myself to run inside whatever school it is to use my own gun to take out whoever is doing the shooting in the school 💯🙏

  22. A nurse was recently charged and prosecuted for giving the wrong medication to a patient !!!
    This police chief MUST be charged and prosecuted for dereliction of duty and manslaughter !!!
    His cowardly actions caused a higher death count than it would have been !!!
    He is showing no remorse and has not apologized to the victims families !!!
    This police chief and his department are cowards !!!
    Now the town Republican party and town attorney are covering it up and have recruited a biker gang to patrol their streets and run reporters out of town !!!
    This is reprehensible and must be investigated by the DOJ !!!
    God be with the families and reveal the truth to the world 🙏🙏🙏
    Thank you lord for answering my prayers 🙏 🙏🙏

    Please release this comment on your show and to the world 🙏🙏🙏

  23. I'll tell you how to prevent it, take all the foreigners out of this nation and clean it up. Oh wait, instead we're giving losers reparations. Or is it a kid and an ounce of crack or Fentanyl? Now these kids parents and the ones that didn't get shot best start finding a good lawyer to arrest and get bank off the police chief and his panzies called cops that aided in this event.

  24. I hope that some officers will be criminally convicted for that, They refused to help dying children a few feet away from them, despite the fact that there were dozens of police officers armed to the teeth with bulletproof vests. They didn't help them as they were bleeding to death and this is so sad.

  25. EVERYONE WANTS TO BLAME SOMEONE. The only one to blame is the little bastard that did this. HE picked on someone smaller than him. The weakest link. Didnt even pick on someone his own age, size, whatever. Just stop

  26. I really hope not but being someone who has them myself I really think he may wind up struggling with PTSD & trauma nightmares from this.. I can’t imagine what he saw, heard and felt.

    Wanting to protect the kids and not being able to move due to injury, having to watch kids be slaughtered and blown to pieces one by one.. like people need to realize The magnitude of the injuries these specific types of weapons create. These weren’t just your average bullet injury, these children especially considering how small they were would’ve been blown to literal pieces. That’s why parents had to give DNA to try and identify their children because they were so mangled, that’s also why a lot of these parents aren’t going to be able to have an open casket because these kids were so mangled.. I genuinely can’t imagine the pictures that are playing in this man’s head I feel so bad and I wish him all the love and the fastest recovery.😣💔

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