At least 246 mass shootings have happened in the US this year

ABC’s chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas on the surge in mass shootings across the country.

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39 thoughts on “At least 246 mass shootings have happened in the US this year

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  2. People out here say they really really want you to have an ID or Drivers license to Vote. Make buying a gun the same with background checks and mental health evaluations.

  3. Lol cmon clowns don’t blame the guns if so blame the cars with drunk drivers not the drunk big pharmacist gives u a pill that’s kills other organ parts so blame the pill or the doctor guns aren’t the problem lack of police training nd better parents is lacked

  4. Let's defund the police from the news and Gendercrats you are getting what you want. No law and order. If you want protection buy a gun to protect yourself and others. Police officers are put down on this news network.

  5. Maybe the president we have now is not the best to deal with gun issues since his son went unprosecuted for committing a gun felony

  6. Sounds to me like u have a Evil heart problem not a gun problem, over 400 million guns and 1 trillion bullets in the street and some how some way the overly majority of the maniacs were already looked at by the police or feds and nothing was done about it. I owned firearms since i was 21 now im 38, and never been involved in a single shooting. Same for millions of Americans. Start changing that evil heart humanity has or this is gonna be the new normal. By the way America doesnt need to be lectured about guns from criminals that left our firepower for the taliban and are also arming other countries so they can give guns to their citizens as well. #FJB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Majority of these mass shootings are done by so called law abiding citizens, and not felons! Felons can't defend themselves from these evil law abiding citizens whose doing all the shootings" Unless you arm ya self illegally, and chance not getting caught to defend ya self or put into America's systemic racist judicial system for profit institutions….

  8. We don't have a gun problem, we have a bullet problem. It's the bullet that kills. However, bullets are not protected under the 2nd Amendment! Problem solved. Make it illegal to possess a bullet, manufacture, or own bullet making machinery, or any sub- component of a bullet, casings, primer charge, punishable by 5 years in prison for the first offense and add another 5 years in prison for every offense thereafter!
                    SPREAD THE WORD, COPY AND PASTE!
                    TIME TO SEND THE NRA PACKING!

  9. Texas School Shooting… 19 Hero Pussies with Badges, Guns, Vest, and a Bat Belt full of toys… stood around with their thumbs up their asses while your children were murdered. What a Great Country.
    Uvalde Texas School Shooting… Rick gets pissed off… Strong Language!
    HERO COPS WAITED FOR AN HOUR TO ENTER SCHOOL – Screams Of Parents To Help – Cops Throw Mom To Ground (Rick Gore)
    Texas State Trooper Gives Interview & Excuses Defending Coward Cops That Let Kids Die – Earning Hate (Rick Gore)
    More Facts About Coward Cops Preventing Parents From Saving Kids – Hero Mom Ignored Cops (Rick Gore)
    Real Heroes From Texas School Shooting – 11 Year Old Smeared Blood To Survive – Mom Rescue Kids (Rick Gore)
    Pt 1 Of 2 – Third DPS State Police Interview On School Shooting – Actually Some Good Info This Time (Rick Gore)
    Pt 2 Of 2 – Third DPS State Police Interview On School Shooting – Actually Some Good Info This Time (Rick Gore)
    Kids Explaining Their Fear Inside Uvalde School Shooting – While 18 Cops Hid In Hallway – Outrageous (Rick Gore)
    More Facts Of Gov Colossal Failure That Got Kids Killed – Uvalde School More Cops Saying Cowardice (Rick Gore)
    Uvalde parents demand answers into officers' response during school shooting (CBS News)
    Rounds Fired At Uvalde School – Coward Police Chief Lawyers Up – Border Guy Borrowed Shotgun Went In (Rick Gore)
    Update 6.2.22 Uvalde School Shooting Investigation – New Info Coming Out Daily – Warrant Released (Rick Gore)
    UPDATE 6.3.22 – Uvalde School Shooting – Cops Threaten Mom For Talking To Press – Gov Blaming Gun (Rick Gore)
    Complete Failure of Texas Rangers School Shooting Search Warrant & The Judge Who Signed It (Rick Gore)
    This Is Active Shooter Training For Texas Police – Uvalde Police Lied & Children Died (Rick Gore)
    Back the Blue and your kids will be Dead too!

    Uvalde Cops Threaten Journalists For Asking Questions (Jimmy Dore)
    No Biden, Neither I Nor My AR-15 Want to Kill People Like You Send Others to Do (Reid Henrichs)
    Locked Up For Pepper Spraying Man – Court Playing Games (LackLuster)
    Detained In Handcuffs For Flipping Off Cop – They Never Learn (James Freeman)
    Armed woman stops CARNAGE in it’s tracks… SAVES 30 people with a LEGAL Firearm (Langley Outdoors Academy)
    Woman With Handgun Stops Mass Shooter With AR-15, Where Is The Mainstream Media? (Colion Noir)
    Joe Biden Questions Why Anyone Needs A 9mm Handgun (Colion Noir)
    Uvalde Police Chief REFUSING to Cooperate While SECRETLY Sworn-in to City Council (Robert Gouveia)
    Father Of Dirty Cop Is Head Of Internal Affairs (James Freeman)
    Top 10 Facts About Police THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW (Junkyard News)
    YOU’LL BLOW YOUR LUNGS OUT KID (Brandon Herrera)

  10. Republicans keep murdering us and our families. American patriots arm up and defend yourself and kids, republicans are coming for you.

  11. Bro I had gunshots behind my house every other day. Had guns in my face and I support the 2nd amendment. Stay free America. Stop these bad guys by using your American right to carry a weapon and thwart these criminal attempts.

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