Authorities investigate killing of retired judge

Officials called it a “targeted act” and a possible case of domestic terrorism.




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31 thoughts on “Authorities investigate killing of retired judge

  1. They want this to go away that judge was doing something he had no business doing to that person and they said that individual so that the crime would not be looked into further they don't want you just to look bad

  2. Real killers would have had silence on their guns they are setting that person up somebody that simple would not have the knowledge to know who that judge was

  3. I am very surprised more judges on killed there are some of the most corrupt people in the world there will be more killings of judges cops DA's because it comes out everyday that they are team out to put poor people in jail

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  6. It’s a disgrace that a retired judge’s brutally murdered in his home. May he Rest In Peace. Lodging appeals to a higher court is always better than holding grudges against the rest of the world. I wonder whether the deceased ever received death threats before the unfortunate incident. Had he sought protection? Is the American justice system falling apart?

  7. I had a close friend (now Deceased) that was ex CIA and he confidently told me that the CIA are masters at mind-control and mind programing and that they program people to do massacres. This is used to influence and direct public opinions towards agreeing with gun-control. What a vicious and evil form of covert-control!
    I cannot see any reason why two of my ex Cia friends (unknown to one another) would say this, if there was no truth in it.

  8. This is the same Michigan militia known for their shenanigans at Michigan Capitol building, Staging a overturn on Jan 6th and being arrested for attempting kidnapping plot on Michigan Governor

  9. you have to remember. Pretty much every judge is just a pension whore. They get great pensions. Why do you think these lawyers run for judgeship? They are all just lawyers looking for an easy gravy train position. Until they run into the wrong guy. Then they get their ass handed to them.

    No sympathy. Sorry motherfucker.

  10. These agencies are reporting that the royal family in England were gunned down members including the queen and that Charles I'm wondering why it's not on the news right now this is big news my God someone finally got the Evil Queen

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  12. Notice that this "judge" wants a federal law to build a bigger and higher wall between those of her class, and yes it is a fixed class, and the People who these elitist morons feel nothing but contempt for. And note that we already have a wall separating them from us–but they want to make it, and the Class Based Thinking that is behind it, formal and official. Jesus! Look at this! They grew up, went to the finest schools, and still never arrived at any true grasp of the meaning and significance of that New Republic that we call "America" and which they are so busy destroying.
    Indeed, if we were living in a science fiction film all of these morons would be dressed up as peasants, transported back, and dumped onto the streets of King George's England to fend for themselves! And wouldn't that be a just, as well as compassionate, sentence for these proud, condescending, and moronic elitists who are so busy adulterating the American Republic as designed? JWC

  13. May 💚God 💚Be 💙With💜 Everyone 💚Always 💙Much 💜Love Blessings 💚Always ☺️ ✌️ 🙌 🎇 🌈 💯🌐💙💚💛💛❤️❤️💛💛💛💛💚💚

  14. Peace💜 and❤️ Blessings 💙Too💛 My💚 Brothers❤️ May💙 God💛 Bless 💜Everyone💙 Always💛 May God 💜Bless ❤️Everyone 💛Richly with💜 everything💙 they💛 need Always💚 Much ❤️Love💛 Blessings ❤️Always ☺️ ✌️ 🙌 🎇 🌈 💯🌐💙❤️💜💜💚💚💜💜❤️❤️❤️💙

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