Biden gives primetime address on gun violence | WNT

In the wake of the latest mass shootings, President Joe Biden addressed the nation on Thursday night and urged lawmakers to “do something.”




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47 thoughts on “Biden gives primetime address on gun violence | WNT

  1. Enough is enough? How about enough of giving criminals a free pass. I don't care if it is with a gun, carjacking, looting, etc. HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE! It seems our politicians are just doing the opposite.

  2. Joe Biden (yes, creepy & sleepy) first trapped Donald TRUMP and then finished him off. Then he has PUTIN trapped and he will FALL PUTIN like he did TRUMP. God has given us a great gift in PRESIDENT BIDEN.

  3. The same guy who armed terrorist in Afghanistan wants to deny citizens the right to defend themselves, Gotta wonder which side he is on.

  4. Biden is currently arming other countries but want to disarm us. Funny how all these shooting are happening right before midterms. Gun control doesn’t work just look at Chicago. More ppl shot and killed over a weekend then in most of these mass shootings yet somehow the media just completely ignores it. And they have the strictest gun laws in the country.

  5. We Can't Seem To Come To Terms With The Facts About Gun Violence Across America!!!..It's Daily & Deadly…It's Causing Death & It's Also Costing The American People An Unbelievable Amount Of Money 💰…We Understand WAR Is Expensive …We've Spent 4O Billion Dollars On The PROXY WAR In Ukraine 🇺🇦 Already ….The WAR On Gun Violence Is Being Funded By Taxpayers For More & More Law Enforcement Emergency Medical Services & Insurance Companies Have To Charge Everyone Who Has Healthcare More To Pay For The Uninsured Who Are Filling ERS & ICU Units & Wounded Gun Victims Often Need Medical Care For Months Years & Even The Rest Of Their Life!!!!!..Why Can't Mitch McConnell & Kevin McCarthy Agree With The POTUS Joe Biden On Domestic Issues Like Gun Violence Yet They Have Voted To Send 40 Billion Dollars To UKRAINE 🇺🇦 95% Of Elected Republicans In Washington DC Support $$$$$ For UKRAINE 🇺🇦 BUT Will Do NOTHING TO GET GUNS OFF THE STREETS OF AMERICA 🇺🇸 🤔?????….WHY WHY WHY!!!!!..#SCREAMBLOODYMURDER #voteblue #everyzip #everyelection

  6. I would like to see forming a competing NRA organization of pro 2nd Amendment gun owners & military veteran heroes. The difference is they believe in protecting children and gun safety legislation. Current GOP are so afraid of their NRA score going down which signals they are against the 2nd which is ridiculous. This new organization will give gun owners and politicians another choice not to be 100% for NRA and never ever speak about gun safety but for making changes while protecting the 2nd amendment.
    This will erode power of the NRA and finally get us common sense gun safety legislation. Spread the word

  7. The destruction of the World Trade Center began under the manipulation of terrorist cells, fanatical assassins. These incarcerated souls did not need car bombs but bomb men or devil dolls. These suicide dolls gained access to planes turning them into weapons of destruction. Now look, the same terror demons controlling dolls right now to kill children. Kill a child? Not. But murder many children at the same time in different parts of the country. At any moment these incarcerated souls will strike again killing innocent people for a demonic cause, terrorism. If this act of shooting innocent people and killing them isn't an act for terrorism, then I don't know what is. It is obvious that they have a lead behind these puppets, controlling them in treir killing missions. Cowards🤬!!!

  8. Is not the guns, or even the rifles, because even a tooth pick is a assault weapon, are not the video games, is our satanic American evil Zio-Communism and our Zio-Banking system ideology and their secret and treasonous agenda at work giving our American children and retirement funds to a evil racist Zio-Nazi Ukrainian regime and leaving ours schools unsecured, is our American, British and EU two citizenship demonic Big Pharma Mafia Mentally Ill Mass Murdering Psychiatric Pills, is our Street Drugs Infection, is our wrong American system of bringing up and raising our children from still confused children parents. Is the lack of our father figure in our American homes. Is their evil agenda and plans for the total destruction of our. American Constitution, Democracy, People, Christian Religion and Values. America is being damaged and hurted. God save America, our children and Christian family values are doom.

  9. Biden took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.
    Anything that infringes on the peoples right to own and bare arms is a direct attack on the Constitution.
    So by Biden supporting gun control, he is no longer upholding his oath of office and should be removed from office immediately.

  10. Lawmakers better make sure that innocent law abiding citizens better be able to aquire a gun to protect themselves. Anything less will not change anything, criminals will be armed and citizens will match that with their own guns .

  11. They do this all the time for years , remember ?? At this point I think they are trying to trick us into buying weapons so they can have their race/ class war lmao

  12. Also what politics do gun owners belive in has a lot to do with crime and shootings. Hunters can become violent as do "sane looking and acting". People can snap in minutes and go insane. Anyone with pro life views (anti abortion, conservative, anti contraception ) could walk into a pro choice protest and start shooting. They could seek out family planning institutions such as Planned Parenthood and shoot abortion doctors. Members of known conservative religious groups have deep hate towards LGBTQ and liberal sexuality can buy a gun and shoot at sex stores, sex conventions, pride parades, gay bars, adult entertainment venues. Protesting in or around a church is not violent. Bringing a weapon is. The Catholic Church had Aids activists and gay activists protest at and around their church but mostly they were arrested for "criminal tresspassing" even though they weren't violent and they did have a right to free speech and assembly. No one shot anyone. Racist Conservatives shoot at black churches, sikh temples, synagogues, Hindu temples, Buddhist temples. White Supremacists, Conservative Religious organizations, anti LGBTQ should not be allowed firearms period. They should have that marked on their id's and/or drivers license, passports,etc. I know how conservatives will reply so let me say if you have hateful and disgust at people you deem less worthy of living, then you have no right to buy weapons. Let people live happy lives and mind your damn business. Don't like someone, keep the hate and anger to yourself and get counseling and therapy so "weird and queer or strange people who don't dress, look, act, eat, believe/not believe like you" become your hate target of violence. I'm a gay white loud proud atheist male and if my being threatens you, keep the hate to yourself.

  13. Distract driving kills 3000 a year, that is like a mass shooting every day. The next time you grab your phone remember 8 will die today because of them. 21 and strict background checks should be needed to by them. FJB

  14. I would hope that the government would just begin to enforce the laws already on the books, a gun can be 3D printed by anyone now, it is a different world, arrest the criminals already.

  15. Sign an executive order. Have a public access to gun owners backgrounds, including citizens like myself to see who owns guns, their political and religious beliefs, age, sex, birthdate, ssn, address, phone numbers, emails. Owning a gun should not be right nor a private own. The public has a right to know who owns guns. I should be able to find out what people own guns. Mental health records should be public info. We can find out about inmates, sex offenders at the click of a button but we should know about mental health records.

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  17. Joe Biden gave the Taliban billions of dollars worth of weapons and he wants to try to take mine every time this man opens his mouth I’ll go buy another gun or rifle that’s the way I stay safe in my own home

  18. The second amendment only gives us the right to a well armed police force so we need not buy guns. How is it that a switchblade knife is more illegal than an assault rifle. Wake up and use some common sense.

  19. Yes, Enough is Enough. Stop talking about Gun reform and do something about the boarder, economics of the country, gas prices, and the mental health of the people in this nation.

  20. We all need to make this right we all have to work together protecting our self’s is one thing but it doesn’t take a full automatic ar them are war guns period

  21. 269 American mass shootings so far this year in the only country on Earth that has school shootings .

    The US constitution has been amended 27 times. Do not believe people who say it cannot be amended.

    American parents protest at school meetings about? A: School shootings B: Masks


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  24. Major General Paul Eaton (ret), former Commanding General of the Infantry Center at Fort Benning and Chief of Infantry.
    "Those opposed to assault weapon bans continue to play games with AR-15 semantics, pretending there’s some meaningful differences between it and the M4 carbine that the military carries. There really aren’t.
    The military began a transition from the M16 to the M4, an improved M16, some years ago. The AR-15 is essentially the civilian version of the M16. The M4 is really close to the M16, and the AR-15.
    So what’s the difference between the military’s M4 and the original AR-15? Barrel length and the ability to shoot three round bursts. M4s can shoot in three round bursts. AR-15s can only shoot a single shot.
    But even now, you can buy AR-15s in variable barrel lengths with Weaver or Picatinny rails for better sights and aiming assists like lasers. Like the military, but w/o the bayonet.

    But our troops usually use single shot, not burst fire. You’re able to fire a much more accurate (deadly) shot, that way. Note: you can buy our Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight on Amazon. So troops usually select the same fire option available on AR-15.
    That is why the AR-15 is ACCURATELY CALLED a ‘weapon of war.’ It is a very deadly weapon with the same basic functionality that our troops use to kill the enemy. Don’t take the bait when anti-gun-safety folks argue about it. They know it’s true. Now you do too."

  25. If the Left succeeds in having their way, then every moron who has voted for these Democrats deserves what is going to happen to them at the hands of their government and at the hands of the criminals who will ignore the law.

  26. He divides people and doesn't know what he says. He is lying to the American people about many things that are going on. Open your eyes and look you will see.

  27. The Democrat creed: "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." – Rahm Emanuel

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