Democrats, GOP at odds over passing stricter gun laws | ABC News

ABC News Congressional Correspondent Rachel Scott reports on efforts to pass gun reform legislation in Congress on “This Week.”

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33 thoughts on “Democrats, GOP at odds over passing stricter gun laws | ABC News

  1. fun fact, the ar15 is not an assault weapon, or a weapon of war. The ar15 has never been used in any war or by any military ever, but if the Gov ever tries to go full authoritarian on us it might be.

  2. Ok go ahead and take all our 2A rights away. But I want armed guards 24-7 like politicians, gated community with armed guards 24-7 and bullet proof armour vest and clothes with a concealed weapons permit and weapons like politicians. Why do they and their families have the very best elite security and no one else does? Their kids have protection and private schools. Notice these alleged school shootings do not happen in private schools!?!?!

  3. Guns are for hunting animals not children. Teachers should strike when the Fall semester starts if Republicans in Congress are still blocking gun control laws by then. Second Amendment states a well regulated militia has the right to bear arms. Did a well regulated militia massacre children in TX or people in NY or people in Philly or people in Chattanooga or…? – A gun owning Republican

  4. The problem with the US is they are brainwashed from infants that their country is the greatest in the world bar non, they are indoctrinated to think everyone is a criminal, everyone is against them, and the government don't care about them, they are told that their constitution is the bible and they are should all live it to the letter, bull shite, look up the difference between ethics and morals, just because you can does not mean you should, every country has a constitution but the US is the only country that swear by it and resite it word for word in schools and colleges, it's just like a massive cult country and if it doesn't happen in the US it doesn't happen, do you think there are countries that live peacefully without firearms, with unarmed police, children not afraid to go to school, people not afraid to go shopping, or go to a medical centre, your country I's backward, guns should be in gun clubs and on firing ranges, not In homes, cars, back pockets, purses, backpacks, etc ffs innocent kids 😠 😡 your all fooking nuts, 2nd ammendment is just an excuse for legal murder it's disgusting

  5. Most guns used in shootings are obtained illegally im confused how people think banning guns will solve anything its literally easier to get a illegall gun then it is to get a legal one. So oblivious this is America if someone wants something they will get it regardless

  6. The people , for lack of a better word, who run the world want to disarm the American people because the American people will not like what the reptilians have in store for them , genocide for starters.


    Alright Why TF do we have all theese Uzi’s or AK47 or rapid – hard hitting guns. We only need a handgun S I M P L E many just want it for fun is Fun worth 8000 people dead from gun violence?

  8. If the Biden's, the Obama's, the Clinton's and the Left are serious about gun control they must first ban Hollywood from making, promoting or playing extreme gun violence in all movies they make from this day forward and also ban any previous movies from ever being played on TV or sold in any form whatsoever from their achieves again.
    As well as that all video games that depict ANY gun violence whatsoever must be banned, fullstop.
    Now if any of these b/s scumbag Leftie Politicians aren't prepared to do that, and we know they are not going to, knowing that the glorification of gun violence sells just about 100% of all movies and video games coming out of Hollywood, who are in bed with this lot, then we know what their game is, and it has nothing to do with restricting gun violence.

    Guns have always been available but then the last few decades it's become much much severe it's not the guns.

  10. Once the Secret Service, ALL Congress security, law enforcement & the military gives up their arms, I will think about it. UNTIL THEN SHUT THE F UP!!!

  11. You Democrats are so useless and such failures at everything you do. I'm not a Republican and I do NOT like Trump, but you Democrats are so bad that you are going to force me to actually vote for Trump if he runs next election. I'm not alone either. You are doing everything you can to put that creep back into power.

  12. Everytime we navigate this issue its always during a time of reflection on un-necessary mass casualties or election time talking Scare points). And every year finger pointing goes on between the parties. GOP as the party of 'Status quo – slow go-and party of NO" does nothing. All they do is blame their nemisis the Democrats and point to the constitution. Then the Democrats look to piling laws on and the Republicans always and i mean ALWAYS say 'We already got laws for that"-Well…they failed and will continue to do so. Now people on both sides can agree on the mental health issue but thats just talking points. Our mental health care for what little it is would be deluged with people being forcably entered into a defunct system, people would be reporting people in mass and the psychology field would be burdened with raising these red flags….In the end since we as humans cant get this together it looks like the guns got to go or just accept the status quo. We could solve this but leaf blowing it to another soft spot isnt the answer. we could lock down our schools but the cost is immesurable. To me it looks like there is only 1 solution as many other countries have done. I say this sadly

  13. My mind is blown at how "the greatest country in the world" still can't figure out that regular ass citizens don't need 1000 rounds, high powered assault rifles, and other military grade weapons. What does one do with that many rounds in a machine gun besides kill people? And why are kids allowed to buy weapons when the frontal cortex and rational decision making parts of their brains don't fully mature until the age of 25? Y'all acting like it's complicated and no one has the answer and yet this is exclusively an American problem 😀

  14. It's so sad. The US can largely fix the problem by getting rid of all auto and semi-auto rifles, all handguns, set magazine capacity to 5 rounds, and ban ammo/calibres not needed for normal hunting. It won't happen of course, and the US sick gun fetish will continue to result in the carnage that is unique to the US.

  15. Its gut wrenching to support gun rights when gun owners have this affinity for shooting people over minor tresspass or property crimes. No one is killing the cdc employees. Or judges. Or prosecutors. Or trump and biden vaccine lover richie riches. The wrong people are being slaughtered.

  16. Rep Chris Jacobs is a hero.Resign because the party is blinded by a prob just a couple mil in donations per rep over seeing light in truly being pro-life.

  17. All of the world's problems are cause by human beings.
    Ecological disasters and endangering various species and plants.
    Wars, famine, pestilence, and death.
    Violence, hatred, racism, sexism, discrimination, homophobia, etc are all created and instituted by human beings.

  18. How about they fix our fuel and water problems. Run the country. Stop thriving for power and money for themselves or fire them yesterday.

  19. Just vote those losers out I mean they are 90% of our problems if you don't believe me just listen to that blonde skank from Georgia watch what happened on January 6 2021 it's obvious take the trash out and get this country back on it's feet before it's to late and those losers ruin our country there nothing but miserable people that blame anything but themselves just look at them I mean diaper Don is the ring leader so Lock him up where he belongs if you don't we no longer have a country how can anyone do what he has done and not face conceqense if he's not held accountable for his actions on January 6th because your afraid of his followers just watch the tape of January 6th do you really think these idiots could run a raffle so they might do something stupid because they are stupid but it won't last long and we can get Republicans to be Republicans again and have both sides work together to do there job and fix the mess people like Ted Cruz Jim Jordan Georgia big foot and countless others have done to literally destroy this country and divide it's people it shouldn't be red and blue it should be red white and blue we are Americans first and I haven't forgotten about your baked bean teeth turtle face Moscow Mitch I hope your miserable ass rots in hell and it's not far away for you what 5 maybe 7 years just remember I'll be waiting for all of you 👹👹👹

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