Gun violence surges over the weekend with shootings in Philadelphia and Chattanooga

As America experiences a wave of gun violence, an ABC News poll finds that 70% of Americans say enacting gun laws to reduce violence is more important than protecting gun ownership.

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41 thoughts on “Gun violence surges over the weekend with shootings in Philadelphia and Chattanooga

  1. Guns are for hunting animals not children. Teachers should strike when the Fall semester starts if Republicans in Congress are still blocking gun control laws by then. Second Amendment states a well regulated militia has the right to bear arms. Did a well regulated militia massacre children in TX or people in NY or people in Philly or people in Chattanooga or…? – A gun owning Republican

  2. We in America have more problems and red tape adopting a cat or getting a drivers license than finding a gun and killing kids. Since a gun is far more dangerous than a cat or driving, we should make the process of having a gun much more secure and difficult. However, just because this makes common sense, I am sure no Republican will support it.

  3. It’s just a simple problem that we need to solve with laws. Ur putting yourself in a bubble blaming it on something and anything else besides the obvious. Even if it was mental health or just people’s problems we are from healing that and right now what we need is a way to resolve things properly. Besides just trying to pick at and pin down something that just keeps going and going that is humans are messed up. Instead Let’s just do some practical gun control. Right?

  4. Am I the only one who thinks parents or legal guardians of anyone that is even just shooting off a weapon on ANY SCHOOL BUILDINGS GROUNDS especially, and is not limited to just schools, but ANYWHERE!! BUT I think making their parents, (and in some cases spouses if a shooter is married), but they should be held accountable too for their child, or spouse, be held accountable,maybe even complacent, and/or culpable!?!!??
    Hear me out on why, bcuz I wanna know if I may have a valid idea and that my point is something you agree with. I am serious, and also curious if it's something to push for?? Or if you completely disagree, say so-PLEASE!!
    Because not only would my thought on this matter would mean taking a different approach vs trying to make our rights be more difficult if not restrictive on those rights currently in place.
    But also even with the laws that are in place currently and had only time and time again only proved to be pointless bcuz a gunman will do whatever illegal activities required in order to get ahold of a gun, including making a ghost gun being possible!! Adding more restrictions does nothing to stop them. Period. They find ways to get ahold of whatever weapons they seem necessary. Hell, even on the terrorist level, they only get ahold of whatever weapons or their components illegally.
    Would they still go through with it knowing even if they killed themselves in the end of it all, or got severely injured maybe killed. But no matter their outcome, would they still go through with it knowing that if they do, their families can & will get prison time??!? Like, there'd be Some cases where if the family/spouse rose a red flag to get their weapons rights suspended and if it escalated and even after their weapons were taken, they got more illegally and the family/spouse told authorities they fear that the individual is a danger to their families and the public, and told and tried warning authorities, and there's proof they tried to stop it from happening…..
    You see where I'm going with this I would like to think folks. And as possibly a drastic of a potentially new enacted law as it may sound at 1st. But do you honestly think it just might be an option to try and just may even stop even just one public shooting from happening?!?
    Plus, our gun rights won't be everyone's punishment for others' actions….. 🤷🏼‍♀️Just sayin…..

    P.S. Plus, if something like my suggestion would be passed, versus putting restrictions. It won't make people feel forced to obtain those same restricted weaponry and their components illegally or figure some whole nother way of creating by exploiting loopholes like ghost guns & kits etc were made using 3D printers were thought up.(plus, personally, I think people underestimate slingshots and catapults….but that's just a whole nother topic.)

  5. Stop calling it gun violence when it's actually thug violence. Gangbangers shooting each other account for more than 80% of "mass shootings". C'mon America 🇺🇸 wake up. Wise up. We have a country to save!

  6. So everyday shootings that we've been talking about for years that we were told didnt exist in the communities of Chicago, NYC, Houston, LA, Atlanta are now being labeled mass shootings?? Holy agenda fueling word salad batman.

  7. There are two classes of people who don’t get the obvious, politicians and the media. This isn’t the guns fault you morons! It’s the criminals… maybe be about punishment at home and in the courts. Geeezzzz. Duh

  8. The firearms industry makes 23 billion dollars a year. I'm sorry these guys will not give up that kind of money, children be damned. If you are a woman considering having children perhaps you should reconsider. If you do decide to have children, I advise you all to get good life insurance on your child. Funerals are expensive.

  9. That is what happens when you elect idiots elections have consequences start throwing these district attorneys judges in jail watch what happens to the crime when you do that these people are idiots and Joe Biden is the number one idiot and a compulsive liar for 47 years his son is a crook that should be in the penitentiary he's a felon that should have never had a gun why is he not in jail people need to start paying attention who they elect or there will be consequences but look on the bright side no more mean tweets by the way you're fake news you covered for Joe Biden look at your ratings

  10. Congress won't do anything. The government buys firearms and accessories from private companies like colt, trigicon, and magpul. The US Government doesn't manufacture the weapons and gear they use, so they need these companies to stay in business. Congress might make it a little harder to obtain a gun, or make it cost more but they can't afford to ban anything. Thats why members of Congress haven't started selling the stock they own in these companies because they know they aren't going to ban anything. They're personally invested in it also.

  11. If people could sue the ghosts of the 10th century Chinese for inventing gunpowder I'm sure they would, one issue is that the media gives infamy to the shooters which on some level fuels them to 1 up the ones before them, another perspective I have is they need to kill the suspect so there's no surrender & live to see another day bullshit, it should be well known that if you pull something like that you'll be taking a dirt nap, lastly I seldomly watch the news but when I do it feels like there's more questions than answers, as far as the who what when why & how, it should be definitive but I'm just never fully satisfied with the information, I stopped watching the news 15 years ago other than the weather & I noticed how much better I felt so I think I'll stick with that program, if something big happens I'm sure I'll hear it from my family & friends, rant out🤪☮️

  12. 🙄school let’s out every year and the gang violence spike goes up. Like that wasn’t predictable. And then goes down as school goes back in. Consequently when it’s really cold it goes down as well. So I guess we should let the climate freeze in the name of children 🙄

  13. Why things are getting bad and crazy making people go crazy is because people are fed up with all the high inflation, Covid viruses. War and our Government who has not gave us any help in over a year now WTH !!!!!!!!!!

  14. 200 a year is sad but statistically it doesn't matter for most people. Eating healthier can save 700,000 Americans per year.

  15. Yeah, because all this gun violence is being committed with legally-owned guns right fake news? Start cracking down on CRIME and CRIMINALS and you won’t have to infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

  16. If guns are the problem please explain how millions of gun owners ( myself included) have multiple guns and NONE of those guns have ever walked out of the house on their own and gone out and killed someone ? Explain that ? FYI… one of my guns is a black scary looking one that as ( whoopie falsely claimed turns people to dust ). Even that one one has never killed anyone ! Is it because they are faulty ? should i see if the warranty on them covers not killing people on their own ? For the life of me i can not figure out why they are not doing what dems say their main purpose is !!!

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