Inflation is Biden’s ‘top economic priority’: Secretary Buttigieg | ABC News

George Stephanopoulos interviews Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on “This Week.”

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45 thoughts on “Inflation is Biden’s ‘top economic priority’: Secretary Buttigieg | ABC News

  1. Secretary Pete Buttigeig . Do you know Secretary that here in Canada we pay by the galon off fuel ……….between 9 and. 12$ a gallon . So , ask the American to look around them , when you pay your gallon around 5. Or 6$ dollars . What is your chance , we would. Like to pay 5. To. 6 $ a gallon . Actually we pay 2.22 $ by the liter . That makes approximately 10. To 11 $ a gallon .
    Jean-Pierre Fortin
    St-Charles Borromée QC Ça

  2. The spokesmen for the Biden administration have taken their queue from old man Joe and have blamed everyone but THEMSELVES. This bullshit will wear out and they will ALL be removed!

  3. Yo it’s disgusting and shameful acts he should hide it not declare it , stop shooting at men , it degenerate and indecent…. what a pervert society

  4. It’s very strange how Democrats keep pounding their drum about low unemployment when everywhere I look local businesses are all hiring and can’t get the help they need. Most restaurants are closed 1-2 days a week that used to be open all week.

  5. Let's not forget that the biggest payouts in the markets don't come from great performances but rather it's great promotions. Stay invested, diversification for streams of incomes is very important

  6. Democrats were trying to nominate avenati stormy for president vp, no wonder Americans life is in shithle under these incompetent idiots

  7. Secretary Bootybuddy was so busy breastfeeding his baby, and fluffing his boyfriend that he didn't have time to make sure American mothers got their baby formula. Worst administration in American history.

  8. Biden says you "US Citizens" feel better today – how about the main voting population, retired – how do you feel now that you have lost 50% of your value / retirement funds, gas cost over double, food double, housing cost and interest rates out the roof, crime – all better right.
    Inflation – All Time high in US History.
    Fuel, Diesel that moves America – Highest in US History – DOUBLE – Remember Biden said he was going to shut down Fossil Fuels.
    Transporation / Production / Farming Cost up 100% due to Fuel Cost "Diesel" – this is just passed onto goods cost which you "US Citizen" pay…
    Supply Chain Issues – never in the past have we had such issues with supplies, store shelves are empty / critical items gone or in very short supply – and with Fuel Cost so high, Truckers, Truck Companies are parking their trucks that will only add to the Supply Issues…
    Taxes – Joe looking to raise Corporate Taxes, where do you think Corporations get money to pay their taxes "The sale of goods" so if taxes go up, the cost of your end goods goes up "Inflation" – Biden does not understand Economics…
    Interest Rates going up to all time highs which will just add to the Inflation as it will cost you more to purchase.
    Joe going to pay off College Student Loans – 30% of the US population / making 70% pay for people that can't pay their debt – what do you get for free, do you get a check if you went to Trade School, or if you paid your college debt off in the past, what check will you get?
    Border WIDE OPEN – Criminals just walking in, drugs flowing into our country harming our children, uncontrolled illegal immigration adding to the US deficit – No Border, No Nation – not enforcing the laws on the books…
    Crime out of control – DA's allowing criminals out on the street same day or days after committing a crime, Biden allowing this, US Citizens are not safe, Biden and his crew Defunding / Restricting the Police from doing their job…
    Stockmarket crash – if your are retired, or looking to, well just keep working or go back to work, Biden does not care, you have lost half your funds thanks to Joe and his miss-management of the Economy.
    Your Children – Forced CRT / BLM / Trans Sex Therapy / Trans Education being forced onto them at Schools without Parents Knowledge or approval – you have no rights, only the Teachers do….
    International Standing in the World – at the bottom / Nations will not return calls to Biden…WOKE Military has shown Weakness and we now get no respect…Thanks to Joe..
    This is Biden's World that we are living in……….

  9. If you limit the supply of energy and the demand increases the prices will rise. Quite simple!
    People can see this. Thus Biden's approval rating is quite low. I am waiting for the mid terms to remind the democrats of the reality.

  10. Thanks God for Joe Biden; now Jimmy Carter does not have to be worst president in the last 100 years.
    Inflation and fuel at a 40 year high, aliens at our border!!! LGB

  11. The government should use my tax dollars to pay for the household needs of others? Uh, no moron.

    Let the oil companies produce energy again without being over regulated and inflation will go down. This is 100% the fault of Biden and the progressive environmental terrorists who run his administration.

  12. I agree 100%. Bidens top priority IS inflation. To RAISE inflation as high as possible. Why else would Democrats want to pass a $1 TRILLION DOLLAR RECONCILIATION BILL and RAISE TAXES. This admin needs make a list of everything they want to do and then do the exact OPPOSITE.

  13. What a f'king pathological liar !!!! The Republicans are coming for you and you are dead in the water !!! Tell the truth and set yourself free or suffer the consequences from all your lies !!! It is your choice !! Americans sees right through you !!!!

  14. I Am sooo pissed

    You see all these democrats candidates fck things up, the only one Andrew Yang who knows what he is talking about got no job in this administration. This is so messed up!

  15. Poo rub pete and husband on the street asking , do you know where any gay clubs are? me saying I don't think we can club em here but we can drag um like in Wyoming.

  16. Sanctions were the last weapon that the White House threatened against Russia, and pride does not allow admitting that sanctions harmed Europe more than Russia. There was an expectation that Russia would be pointedly punished and put in its place, but this did not happen, and now the sanctions machine has been launched and will work hysterically until it finally destroys the European economy. The White House will not be able to stop and admit its weakness

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