Jury finds both Depp and Heard were defamed, but awards Depp more money

Host and legal analyst at the Law and Crime Network, Terri Austin, on the verdict in the Depp-Heard defamation case and the ramification it could have on both of their careers.

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26 thoughts on “Jury finds both Depp and Heard were defamed, but awards Depp more money

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  4. OPINION: If Depp had sued Disney for dropping him, Disney’s lawyers would have laughed and said “where’s the contract?” (Bc there wasn’t one). Watch yourself ABC. You’re bias is showing.

  5. A win for HONESTY. She was a lying, shameful, destructive woman. Anyone hiring her in the future is an idiot. Now stupid programs like The View and Oprah and magazines like the trashy People will get their fill of her.

  6. Shout out for ABC for reporting this story like it is… unlike most of mainstream media. Maybe they’re changing it up after catching backlash from regular folks that watched the trial and could see the verdict was totally justified. I curious to see if the rest of mainstream media follows suit and start having the conversation that needs to be had. The mainstream media are all bitch ass and are ignoring the big ass pink elephant in the middle of the living room. This is exactly why power can’t stand social media because regular folks have a voice and they are controlling the narrative and not being led.

  7. tHEY defamed themselves. Im not sure which is worse, their Ego for thinking the public needed to see them air their personal trash, or the public for wanting to SEE their trash.

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