Russia claims control over parts of Donbas, Luhansk regions of Ukraine | ABCNL

ABC News’ Britt Clennett breaks down the latest developments from Kyiv as Russia is continuing its advance through Eastern Ukraine.

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31 thoughts on “Russia claims control over parts of Donbas, Luhansk regions of Ukraine | ABCNL

  1. Looks like they will take most of the Ukraine and leave the western part for Poland and who remains in Ukraine to try to control. They should of honored the Minsk Agreement.

  2. Once privatization vouchers were introduced, most of population was still extremely poor (it's around fall of Soviet Union, economy crisis). Well, imagine you are stuck in apartment that you don't own (you can't own in Soviet Union, government owns everything), you don't have liveably paid job, government just fell apart due to regime and barely can control ongoing chaos. One day out of sudden you get this gold coupon, but you can't do anything about it. You need money. You talk to people and find out that certain individuals form entire criminal families and hunt for these vouchers as the way to gain their influence and, well, become rich. Suddenly owning this voucher becomes a risk for your life as you might be the next in the list of such criminals. They will hunt you and first offer money, then if you don't agree will attempt to blackmail you instead until you pass it over. What's the point in coupon if you're about to die from hunger anyway? So you sell it. That person who got your voucher might be among those oligarchs today. Russia was always dark…

  3. The west needs to provide ukraine with everything it needs to secure a decisive victory over russia. It is the only hope for peace.

  4. After 19 years since the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, has the West forgotten this war?
    The Iraq war is said to have resulted in 1 million deaths the difference is russia have weapons of mass destruction

    A message to the future generations never make russia feel threatened
    the difference between "looking dangerous" and "being dangerous".Russia
    describes military doctrine as defensive military doctrine. With regard
    to nuclear weapons specifically, Russia reserves the right to use
    nuclear weapons: in response to the use of nuclear and other types of
    weapons of mass destruction against it or its allies,in case of
    aggression against Russia with the use of conventional weapons when the
    very existence of the state is threatened
    Russia has the World's Largest Bomber
    As of 2022, the Federation of American Scientists estimates that Russia possesses 5,977 nuclear weapons, while the United States has 5,428; Russia and the U.S. each have about 1,600 active deployed strategic nuclear warheads.
    Russia has the most nuclear weapons of any country, at 6,257. Of these, 1,458 are active, meaning they are already deployed, 3,039 are available (can be deployed if needed) and 1,760 are retired (out of use and awaiting dismantlement

    How do Russian nuclear weapons compare to the rest of the world?

    Russia – 6,257
    America 5,550
    UK – 225
    France – 290
    China – 350
    Israel – 90
    Pakistan – 165
    India – 156
    North Korea – 40

    When you tell the truth it's always gonna be controversial.
    sar Bomba, (Russian: “King of Bombs”) , byname of RDS-220, also called Big Ivan, Soviet thermonuclear bomb that was detonated in a test over Novaya Zemlya island in the Arctic Ocean on October 30, 1961. The largest nuclear weapon ever set off, it produced the most powerful human-made explosion ever recorded.

    Russia's Tsar bomba: World's most powerful nuclear weapon of mass destruction. The Tsar bomba exploded about 4 km above the ground and reportedly produced a mushroom cloud 60 km high
    However, the Soviet Union developed three AN602 physics packages at 101.5 megatons (Mt) and these are more powerful than the Tsar Bomba, which was downscaled to 51 Mt before being used RDS-220 Vanya.

    it was modified to yield 50 megatons, which was estimated to be about 3,800 times the strength of the U.S. bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II

    The declassified study from the scientists at the Los Alamos laboratory, published in 1947 had first shed light on the question that how many nuclear bombs it would take to destroy the world. According to the study, it would take about ten to a hundred 'super nukes' to end humanity

    plus see this NATO attack:
    14,500 have died in Libya
    165,000 have died in Afghanistan
    224,000 have died in Syria
    1,200,000 killed in Iraq
    It did not shock anyone.
    None of these countries received approval.
    Russia's killing of 200 Ukrainian troops came as a shock. Human pain overflowed.

    Does NATO have any right to blame Russia at all

    The 10 Most Powerful Nuclear Bombs

    RDS-220 Hydrogen Bomb—"Tsar Bomba" (50 Megatons)
    B41 (25 Megatons)
    TX-21 "Shrimp" (14.8 Megatons)
    Mk-17 (10 to 15 Megatons)
    Mk-24 (10 to 15 Megatons)
    "Ivy Mike" H-Bomb (10.4 Megatons)
    Mk-36 (10 Megatons)
    B53 (9 Megatons)
    Mk-16 (7 Megatons)
    Mk-14 (6.9 Megatons)

  5. The lady has no idea, she sits in Kiev and listen to Ukrainian propaganda 24/7.

    West weaponry is no salvation. Look at Afghanistan. 

    Its very very expensive and no country can keep giving them that as disposable stuff indefinitely.

    If they dont change their tone Russia will take all of the East South and probably some West all the way up to Hungry.

  6. It's good to give Ukraine the MLRS rocket system, but give enough of them, because that's what is needed to stop the Russian army and take back the occupied territory (at least important parts of it). And tell Russia they will get longer range missiles (300 km in stead of 80 km) if they hit targets in Ukraine that are deeper than 100 miles from the front lines.

    Let them have 500 M1 Abrams tanks (that's only 1/7 of what the USA has in non-active storage), 500 M2/M3 Bradley IFV's (only 1/6 of what the USA has in non-active storage), 1.000 M113 APC's (less than 1/10 of what the USA has in storage), 1.000 Humvee's (less than 1/20 of what the USA has in storage).

    Let Ukraine have the Reaper drones.

    Give long range surface-to-air missiles (for better defense against Russian airforce, also for protection of railways, roads and bridges) and give more howitzers. Give Ukraine the Polish MIG 29's.

    And of course keep providing Ukraine with Javelins and Stingers.

    The Ukrainians want to fight and they will fight, but hey need the weapons against the mighty Russian army.

    ONLY when they are strong enough, Putin and his regime will start with serious negotiations for peace.

  7. LAZY reporting and too cowardly to provide a comment, just facts not critically examined. Yes we must support Ukraine self defence but supplying weapons is not enough to stop or stalemate the war.

  8. Ukraine is losing the war. We can see mass surrender and desertion. The most important thing is that Ukrainian professional army including elite Nazi units like Azov regiment suffered unsustainable losses and you can't do much with conscripts (most of them are really unwilling to fight for the regime). Ukrainian army will be done by the end of the year. It’s obvious for any honest military expert. “I think that the war in Donbas is turning in favor of the Russians. They do not put the whole mass of combat power there with infantry and tanks. They have gathered their artillery, and that is how they succeed. Russia has a hell of a lot of combat power, much more than the Ukrainians. And there is no way the Ukrainians will ever destroy or defeat the Russians. And I will say more, the Ukrainians will never have enough combat power to drive the Russians out of Ukraine” Stephen M. Twitty, former deputy commander of US European Command.

  9. Why are people fighting in Ukraine when Putin is in Russia? RAISE PUTIN BOUNTY & STOP THE WAR.

    Why do Americans shoot 44 other Americans each day? PUT THE GUNS DOWN.

    Why hasn't Trump been charged with treason? JAIL TRUMP.

    Why does America ignore 1,034,284 Covid deaths? WEAR MASKS & VACCINATE.

  10. Ukrainian soldiers are the modern nazis, people need to fucking wake up and do some serious research on what's happening over there its fucked up,
    So many reporters have been killed just because they where exposing the true to whats happening…
    Look up GANZALO LIRE he explains everything whats going on over there and has been kidnapped by Ukrainian soldiers, some of news outlets in America gave hes where abouts to the soldiers so he can be silenced don't trust anything these news companies are telling they part of the problem in this country…
    The 1% are coming for you and everyone else….

  11. You know looking at the western news it's as if Ukraine is winning but somehow it's Russia that is advancing and grabbing territories.

    Care to explain?

  12. ❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Highlights of Russian Military Operation in Ukraine on June 7, 2022

    ▪️In the northern Kharkiv region, fighting continues in Tsupivka, Velyki Prokhody, Rubizhne and Ternova.

    ▪️Svyatohir'sk is fully liberated by Russian troops.

    ▪️Russian Armed Forces units advancing from Izyum have entered Bohorodychne and are fighting on its outskirts

    ▪️Fighting continues in Severodonetsk: although some ZSU units retreated to Lysychans'k, there are still pockets of resistance at the Azot plant. Russian Armed Forces units are fighting north of Borivs'ke, pushing ZSU out of the wooded areas.

    ▪️ DPR People's Militia units have entered the southern outskirts of New-York with fightings.

    ▪️ ZSU assault groups are preparing for counteroffensive on Marfopil'.

    ▪️ Russian troops have entrenched on the northern bank of Inhulets river near Bila Krynytsya and Velyke Artakove.

  13. why they never congratulate them, always condescending and try to crap on their victory…wtf, its very toxic behaviour, I never such things for Iraq or afgran even if USA lost

  14. Russia will liberate every single square centimer of the donbass. This does not mean that they dont want a bonus by conquering more and eliminating ukrainian militarism and aggression. Some people underestimated Russia, huge mistake.

  15. Russia is winning, albeit slowly. 'Slowly' was to be expected initially, given all the billions in weapons funneled in to muddy the waters. But they'll continue slowly gaining ground regardless, and now they've gained total momentum. So funneling in more weapons does nothing but leave more blood on our hands and prolong a losing conflict, instead of responsibly accepting the situation for what it is on face value for once, and politely pressure Ukraine into signing a peace deal now before Russia annexes even more land and more lives are lost. I was well aware this eventuality would come to face months ago, not sure what everyone else was smoking. Probably was due to all the bullshit fake news and misinformation you watch and absorb as fact, without researching it properly first. To each his own though.

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