Uvalde investigators seek to access gunman’s iPhone | WNT

Authorities have issued their first search warrant to seek access to an iPhone that was found next to the suspect’s body and hope to find clues to his motive for the attack on Robb Elementary School.




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30 thoughts on “Uvalde investigators seek to access gunman’s iPhone | WNT

  1. So you have the off duty Border Patrol cop without any of his gear allowed in luckily, you have the arrested mom, Angeli Gomez, who jumped the fence to go after her kids (and successfully rescue them) but the teacher who called her husband who was on duty(?) wasn't allowed in? According to other news reports Gomez was threatened by cops on her previous probation status worsening if she spoke to the press….there is a whole lot more that needs to be talked about in regards to hypocrisy and cowardice in our society….which is why the same cowards pray the press stays focussed on punishing the general public with lecturing and gun control legislation…Im not a gun person and i hope i never hold a gun in my hands….but that doesn't mean i don't recognize the manipulation of the news narrative by all the vested interests behind the scene….it's the nature of that deception, all of this lies that indirectly lead to creating screwed up people like Ramos….maybe that's an oversimplification…..but I'll spare you on my theory about the hostile foreign government psyops to further destabilize by creating these Myanmar, Hong Kong style manipulations to weaken the freedoms we've all obviously taken for granted. Beijing is brilliant in that they know most Americans don't even know what freedom to live as INDIVIDUALS really represents….and that's why they're so willing to throw it away for whatever little security they IMAGINEwill fix psychos like Ramos….omg did you see the interview with the grandfather playing dumb? MOTIONING to the house while saying he didn't know he kept them there….if he shrugged his shoulders one more time….I mean everyone will lie and play dumb bc if they don't they'll become a target….people need to be more interested in finding answers than looking to punish

  2. Goddamn,….they are literally milikng selling this fabricated event even harder than they did for the fabricated Shady Hyuk in Newtown. The Uvalde P. D. literally HOSTED ACTIVESH00TER TRAINING just two months ago at the local high school to prepare for this week's scheduled exercise at Robb Elemetary.  We've known all along that Obama, Obiden, and Eric Holder first launched these DHS exercises back in 2007 with Virginia Tech that the lobbyist-controlled mainstream media promotes as gun control propaganda. So, the real question is,..who dies in a scheduled DHS drill?

  3. Gun shootings are happening for 2 reasons. First, the Family break up planned by the left. Second, this useless administration !!

  4. Shame on the Uvalde Police Department for standing around outside and harassing distressed parents while their children's lives were being ripped away from them. Hope these pigs live the worst lives imaginable.

  5. The full blame is on the shooter. PERIOD. The next blame is on those around him that KNEW he was planning something and had real issues. The next responsible parties are those who SOLD HIM ALL THAT AMMUNITION and did NOT NOTIFY LOCAL POLICE. What is wrong with people?

  6. Wow her story has change so many times. Wow can't even believe people … You know she changing her story so she won't get sue for it

  7. Blessed are the peaceMakers for they will be called the sons of God Jesus said.

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    Creation is broken because of sin. But God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.
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  8. Do you know for sure you would go to heaven if you died today?

    First, realize God loves you. John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
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    Please don't put this decision off my friend. God does not promise us another day on this Earth.

  9. Are the local cops investigating themselves?!?!?! Where's the FBI?!?!!? Those 19 should be buried alive under the coffins of the massacred kids…. And the chief can go under the teacher's coffin.

  10. What the Pho? How pretentious this government is! The CIA hacks into children’s brains. Make prostitutes out of them. And they need some kind of “court order” to have access to a shooter’s personal data? Ha ha. Shameless!!!!!

  11. People are so dumb trying to blame someone for this tragedy, only person to blame was the shooter and no one else, he’s the one that did it.

    Cops have no legal obligation to protect anyone and that’s the law, not me saying it.

    It’s funny that everyone wants the cops to run towards what very well could be their deaths, I understand their hesitation, even more in these times that police have low morale.

    the teacher was not no security guard either

  12. Then I heard two accidents but the second had more people, Then came those saying, Help us that we may
    save them. The word of the Lord came to me saying "NO, They are All Dead and All will Be Dead soon. The flesh
    will not be saved, give them Absolution to those who will receive it and Save the Soul."

  13. Let’s hear it for the great job by the HEROES at the Uvalde Police Department who stood idly by, refused to do anything to stop this tragedy & then fought with parents who tried to take matters into their own hands. Great job officers. 🤦‍♂️💩

  14. I've posted this to a couple of vids with no reply and I'd really like to know if this theory .makes sense to anyone else or if I'm just over-thinking it. –
    He(the fat chief of school police I forgot his name) is not the uvalde police chief. He's the guy in charge of the 5 school cops. He shouldn't have been in charge of a tactical action like that to start with. What makes sense to me is if he wasn't in charge of that police action, the d.p.s. was. And they are making him the patsy for their mistakes. Think about it. He hasn't been making any statements, highway patrol and rangers have. And the changing narrative is coming from them. Everytime. This would explain why he is still getting accepted on the city council and nobody is pushing him to resign nor has Abbott fired anyone. Also explains kinda why he doesn't seam to actually feel any remorse for such a huge loss of life on his watch. I bet he is getting forced or bribed to go along with it til it blows over. Probably why he says he speaks to d.p.s. everyday and they say he hasn't. I bet he is gonna be made to look worse than he ever thought he would. I dunno. But to me, this theory makes alot of sense as to why he is acting like he is. He is taking the fall whether he realizes it or not. I think the D.P.S. oughta be investigated on this one. They answer directly to Abbott who is a p.o.s. and this is an election year so he ain't gonna rock any n.r.a boats or do anything to lose trump's nut job maga base.
    Edit – I forgot to mention that in the first press conference the highway patrol Capt/spokesman, Which is who would be the lead if it was indeed a d.p.s. operation, remember he got frustrated with the reporters asking about who was lead and he blurted out "it was the wrong decision! Of course it was the wrong decision!" That felt alot like the equivalent of saying "yeah, I f-cked up!". I'm willing to place cash money on it was his wrong decision not the school police chiefs

  15. This is so retarded. Yea let’s give up our rights so the shitty police that didn’t save the kids can save the day with pointless info

  16. The teacher leaving the door open is not smart at all when if it does automatically lock it still has a lock on it and I would have used it without thinking twice

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