Uvalde school shooting: Tracking a changing Story

ABC News pieced together what happened the day Salvador Ramos allegedly killed 21 people at Robb Elementary School, using maps, video evidence and information from law enforcement.

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35 thoughts on “Uvalde school shooting: Tracking a changing Story

  1. The door didn’t lock most likely because the teachers were bitching that they had to walk all the way around they made the anti or unlock the doors so they can enter and leave straight to the parking lot as they please

  2. Even in this video, the shooter is named or labeled as “a man” many times as if it was unsure who the police and witnesses were seeing, and witness statements are not solid and they seem very unsure as to their whereabouts during the incident like it’s hard to know if they were in room 111 or 112 during incidents. Stories between witnesses and police do not match up at all. Seems very suspicious.

  3. As long as American voters keep voting for politicians (primarily GOP politicians) that resist all attempts to introduce proper gun controls at Federal level, kids will continue to be decapitated and torn to pieces as a result of being shot using assault weapons like the AR-15. Every vote in favour of a politician unwilling to do anything to prevent these mass shootings by tackling the root cause of the problem, being the insufficiently restricted availability of these guns, contributes to and is partly responsible for the deaths of every child that is slaughtered like the kids in Uvalde. Ultimately, in a democracy, the voters and indeed those who don’t vote, are ultimately, at least in part, responsible for the actions or inaction of the people in power

  4. Uvalde PD is worthless. They career means nothing and they're families are an embrassment! It must be so heroic to save the children of Uvalde Elementary schoolike a bunch of cowards huh?!

  5. So what I’m hearing law enforcement were running around like children in a playground while the shooter shot these kids …

  6. the 19 cops that was in the school and did nothing should all be fired the one in charge should be fired the chief that told them to wait should be fired none of them should be able to work in law enforcement again ladies had to sneak around the cops to go in and save their kids .and them saying it wasn,t a active shooting bullshit plus how many of the kids would have lived if they went in right away .i,m sure a ten yr old shot time is crucial .

  7. Police are cowardly making the same mistakes over and over. How should we feel protected with this still going on. Yet no real solution in sight..

  8. All the fucking range theatrics, gear, and all the attachments possible on their rifles, but zero fucking balls, these cops are cowards, they left those kids in there to die, hid outside like fucking twats while kids were getting shot, disgusting.

  9. At 1143 the school put on their Facebook page that they heard shots and are now on lockdown I haven't heard anyone talk about that. Why? At 1143 they were in lockdown so that screws up the timeline

  10. 19 officers to one man and they couldn't have killed him before he killed so many innocent people, they were already in the building and they left!

  11. Even if the shooting situation was over, it was still the wrong decision. There were traumatized kids that needed to feel safety in there and a gunmen that should have been taken out immediately with how dangerous he is.

  12. Why become a police officer if you’re not willing to risk your life for innocent children being shot?

  13. Cops ready to harm someone when youre sitting in your car over a ticket, but when a real threat comes they go what do I do?

  14. It's another Columbine where police waited outside while the shooter was completely free to continue his killing spree. It certainly wasn't their finest hour.

  15. Imagine being an officer told to group and wait before entry and hearing 77 minutes of shots, knowing each one ended a child’s life. And they waited… and waited…

  16. All of the seen cops or agents should be fired. f*** em! they didn't do their job and it's what happens to someone who is not willing to do his job. All these "tough" men with big guns and body armor scared facing the threat- which is their job- is just ridiculous!

  17. These cops did exactly what the police did on the colombine shooting they were all outside just hiding behind their cop cars while the students were being murdered . These police need more training .

  18. I watched for a couple of minutes till it was obvious the delay killed most of these kids. How can these policemen ever look in the mirror ever again. It’s so incredibly sad 😢 😢

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