Biden addresses the nation on gun control

President Joe Biden implores Congress to reform gun laws after another mass shooting within a four-week period.

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30 thoughts on “Biden addresses the nation on gun control

  1. lmao
    yea let's just follow the second amendment
    Just let 8 years old kids pick up the gun from walmart and let kids take their guns to the school
    Let's gurantee kids' right to own a gun
    I guess we found the key to solve the overpopulation issue
    and I'm sure this is what peopole against the regulation want
    If you think mentally illed people shouldn't be excluded to have gun, why shouldn't the kids be allowed to have one?

  2. Sedition, insurrection against the Constitution and citizens. No gun control…

    These folks in Congress have become seditionists against the Constitution and this must be the line in the sand or we lose the republic.

    One more piece of anti-gun legislation and we might as well admit we no longer follow the Constitution and then the government loses all authority to exist.

    Shall not infringe… Infringe on one amendment infringes on all and makes congress and the president criminals.

  3. More mass shootings on Joe Biden's watch than all other presidents combined.
    Gave 85 billion in military weapons to the Taliban.
    Shipped thousands of unmarked weapons to Mexican drug cartels.
    Traded five of the world's worst terrorists for a deserter (and they now run the Taliban)
    More Fentanyl deaths than all presidents combined.
    More terrorists coming across the border than all presidents combined.
    It's way past time to overthrow this unelected dictator.

  4. What idiot would blame a hit and run fatality on the car and not the driver? Everyone supporting gun control. It is a right, it cannot be banned. Setting aside the Constitution is not the answer. Gun crime is a criminal problem. They need dead children to provide the emotional pressure to ban guns. Where is the "school security act" 23 years after columbine? Tough and enforced drunk driving laws aimed at the criminal made the roads safer, not a ban on cars.

  5. It's amazing when a guy that left 300,000 guns in Afghanistan for the Taliban is lecturing gun laws in United States…

  6. A deranged WOKE California Democrat has been caught near Judge Kavanaugh's house, plotting to murder him with a gun and a knife.
    When will BIDEN BE CHARGED with instigating this blatant ACT OF INSURRECTION?

  7. San Francisco's WOKE Democrat pro-criminal DA was just thrown out of office. L.A.'s WOKE Democrat pro-criminal DA is about to be recalled.
    America is finally saying enough is enough. THROW "ALL" DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE IN THE MIDTERMS.

  8. Hows that "war" on drugs going? How many deaths have we had from drugs including children? My calculations tell me many many more people are dying from drugs than guns.

  9. But there is a proven solution that can be easily applied in place of "gun control" — it's called LIABILITY INSURANCE — the type of insurance that is required for our cars that covers bodily injury or property damage. Are guns less dangerous than cars?… The government just has to mandate liability insurance for guns, just like for cars, and let the insurance companies deal with the rest. And what the insurance companies are good at is estimating the risks.

  10. I believe there needs to be laws to force all people that own guns to register all their guns in persons and those that face lying and not registering their guns, need to be thrown in jail for some years for not registering all their guns

  11. Im all for 21 to buy a gun, background checks which gun stores already do by the way. Im Even for a 7 day hold.
    Im not for Red Flag Laws as an ex girlfriend or whatever can just screw someone over and basically ruin their life, or an unnecessary officer involved shooting could take place over a fake report and officers being on edge. No I dont believe we should ban semiautomatic rifles or large magazines. That really hurts the farmers trying to eradicate thousands of hogs destroying their land. Parents pay attention to your kids, kids stop bullying each other, this is a giant mental health crisis due to abuse by family and other kids being just evil to each other. Banning these rifles which some people spend thousands on is going to create civil war and riots we dont need. And it doesn't solve the problem. Two 15 round 9mm pistols is 30 rounds in a class room at close range the same devastating events can and will still occur. So are we going to ban the 9mm standard capacity daily carry self defense tool? 21 to buy a gun is going to have an impact, and kids under 21 who do a crime with a gun, hold the person liable who allowed it by giving them the weapon or not locking it up. Give someone 10 or 20 years who forgot to lock up his or her gun and the nation will start locking them up better. Thats so rough though, its telling citizens the government has control on how you keep your personal property. IDK, but I am for 21 to buy a gun. Yes in the military blah blah blah, in the military these lids are supervised by trained professionals. So thats a BS argument. Im a Republican but this needs to be addressed.
    21 to buy a gun, 7 day hold, And federal background checks are already mandatory so stop bitching about that.
    Thats compromise and your not crapping all over people's rights.
    No Red Flag Laws, that will cause alot of pointless problems and officer involved shooting over phony reports and high strung officers and confused home owners that were falsely reported on.

  12. BAN ALL GUNS! That's the only gun control! NO assault rifles! NO pistols! NO let's raise the age of assault rifles! You're just as dead as an adult or child whether you're 18, 21 or 101 when you're shot! How asinine that if age is raised we have to wait until that age for another damn mass shooting! BAN assault rifles, shotguns, pistols ALL GUNS! You DON'T have the constitutional right to shoot people to death! Get a damn home alarm system where your kid can't accidentally shoot themselves unlike your unsecured weaponry you have hoping someone breaks in so you can shoot! Teach your kids how to handle life without resorting to violence and stealing so they won't do it as adults so you don't need a damn arsenal! But America refuses! There's no such thing as a responsible gun owner! NONE! Your paranoia makes you hide behind a gun hoping something happens! Your kid shoots themselves accidentally, or shoots up a school with your pistol or assault rifle and all you care about is you getting in trouble! Find a sane hobby! You don't need to hunt! You don't need to murder squirrels with gunfire to show how tough you are! You don't need target practice at the range shooting the head and chest of a person with a bullseye and call that fun! It's sick! Ban all guns! Biden refuses! Shame on all the politicians who refuse! They can stuff their thoughts and prayers where the sun don't shine as we wait for another mass shooting!

  13. Gun violence, see how Army Rangers SMOKED Some Crips and got them out of the neighborhood. This action led to a major state round up of gangs who kill others every weekend for drugs and territory. This is too simple for biden and his simpletons to comprehend, I'm not advocating anything, just passing along what was sent to me. As for the young psychopaths who murder their fellow students, they can easily be identified by either their strange behavior, or being victims of bullies. Those schools ignore these obvious signs of potential catastrophe because it's not really their problem untill…

  14. Schools need to teach what the Bible is and about who God is, when schools first began like 3,000 years ago the main teachings was to teach God, love and sin..

  15. I feel for the lose of all these people that passed and pray for their family's, but it don't make sense that mother's can kill there babies up till birth and even after birth, guns do not kill people they are not a living breathing beins, it's people that kill and have nothing to lose..

  16. There is no work going on. They are going to launch the S.A.F.E act nationally. It has been soft launched in New York, for the past decade since the Newtown shooting. It works so well we just had the Buffalo shooter. Politicians will stress you out, and rob your wallet. Don't give these globalists one inch.

  17. What happens when we stop realizing that Lyme Disease has built itself hardfastly as an acceptable result 🤔?

    Plain language summary

    This study was performed because a recent study on Lyme disease (LD) and suicide showed 26% of suicidal patients with late stage LD were also homicidal.

    Violence and homicide rarely have a single cause, instead there are many contributors, deterrents, and acute triggers.

    Many infections and the immune reactions to them can be associated with violence, including those transmitted by ticks, lice, mosquitos, and so on. The evidence supporting the association between infections and violence is from evolutionary concepts, epidemiology, historical perspectives, case reports, animal studies, brain chemistry, brain immunology, brain circuits, and medical literature review.

    In this study, inactive charts of Lyme patients were reviewed and analyzed for aggressiveness, homicidality, and homicide.

    Most aggression in these patients was associated with poor impulse control, sometimes triggered by intrusive images, thoughts and emotions; sound or other stimulation and frustration, and the resulting aggression was invariably bizarre and senseless. In this study of homicidal Lyme patients, it was found that the average patient diagnosis was delayed by 9 years.

    Lyme infections caused a broad spectrum of clinical findings identified in this study that can collectively be associated with homicidality.

    #LymeShooters need Lyme testing.

  18. He needs this as a distraction to keep peoples minds off of the disaster he has made. $5.00 gas, inflation out the roof. It just seems like good timing. Just like when COVID hit, good timing Democrats, good timing indeed.

  19. Those rows and rows of crosses are soldiers that fought for this country that you Sir, are f'n up!
    If parents knew what the hell their kids were doing, this wouldn't be happening. Also, when you have a govt on tv that is angry and yelling racism because they cant get a vote on their merits, things like this happen

  20. Biden’s crack-head son Hunter lied on federal forms when purchasing a firearm. His sister-in-law (with whom he was having an affair after his brother Beau died) took the gun away from him and threw it in a trash at s local mini mall. Secret service covered it up.
    Maybe Joe should start with the person he knows who broke federal law to illegally purchase a firearm. Start there.
    Didn’t think so.

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