Elon Musk orders Tesla employees to return to full-time in-person work | WNT

The Tesla CEO reportedly sent an email to company executives that said, “remote work is no longer acceptable,” in a policy that was made public in reports.




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44 thoughts on “Elon Musk orders Tesla employees to return to full-time in-person work | WNT

  1. All employees should defy him and continue to stay at home with the slight difference of 0% work and we can all see how fast Tesla stocks sink 😂 (years of work cash can be easily made this way)

  2. He is disrespecting his employees. This is the modern world. I am a college educated professional who has worked at home for the past 3 years. I have been just as productive, and more so, than at any time in my professional life. I am happy. I don't have to get up as early. I don't have to pay the high gas prices to drive to work. I don't have wear and tear on my car. I gain more time after work. I get just as much done at work and then some. I am happy. Elon Musk is a billionaire who disrespects those who make money for him. It's time for those people to flip him the bird!

  3. My entire workforce is remote. We all work from home (or wherever we want), stay in constant contact, and are far more productive without wasting hours everyday in traffic. Some employers get it, some don't.

    Musk thinks an employee is doing nothing unless he personally is hovering over their desk. I call that bad management, and the manager is incapable of understanding what their employees are doing, and incapable of measuring their productivity.

  4. WFH should be determined by the type of work you do. If you need to be there physically, then of course it makes sense. But some jobs do not require physical contact.

  5. for someone who brags about innovation, use of technology and what not he seems to have a very boomer-like approach to work which involves a lot of micromanaging and need for control. his company, his rules, ultimately it’s up to workers to decide if they’re ok with it or not. the trend is here to stay and most people are very successful, productive and happier when they don’t commute and get to work in quiet environments. so he might have to deal with some employee turnover, but his company his problem. also, it’s not unexpected that a car manufacturer would want people to commute more.

  6. Elon was, and still is, very much in love with Amber Heard. With her recent legal loss to JD, and worldwide exposure as a lying fraud, I wonder if it has affected his mental state.

  7. Before you cheerlead Elon, know that he plan long-term plan is to have millions of works, all of whom will live in 500 sq foot Telsa houses, after working 14 hours everyday. And he has 0 compassion for any of his employees. But always simp for the billionaire, right?

  8. Idc what anyone says about Elon musk even if he were to be a savage to me I'd still take my ass straight To Work With a Big Boss he is. I Bow Down To any Cool Smart Bright Bothas like him that Contributed a lot For the World. Call me up Boss Man I need a Job 🌊😇☝

  9. With the new strains of covid back to work is not the right way to treat employees.. Rates of infection are rising fast.. Monies over peoples..sad..

  10. Peoples as a returing expat i participated in a repatriation seminar.. Ex was too arrogant to attend.. The jist of the class…1) your present employer doesnt appreciate you.. 2) statistical datta showed peoples get better jobs as they move out of old job..(that was intresting lot of graffs etc) 3) other companies are wanting the skills you have, they want you.. That was a great seminar.. So its time to move on to an employer that wants you and appreciates you.. Have a great day.. Tell musk goodbye..

  11. Employees moved to other states and ran up the cost of housing. Paid thousands over asking and waived home inspections. 🤢

  12. I remember "work from home" in 2020 – what I quickly discovered was that I could get away with doing two hours of real, actual work each day instead of eight and still appear to be "doing my job." I had all the free time in the world to spend time with my family, go fishing, hang out in the back yard, go to the beach – it was absolutely soul crushing to be informed that I would be returning to the office so I know how these employees must be feeling to see their gravy train come to an end.

  13. You can't build and supervise the assembly of EV cars/trucks, and resolve production problems, in a 10,000,000 square foot facility from home. Elon Musk, is the owner of Tesla. By default, he gets to set the rules. As the the owner of a highly successful businesses, I would say that his rules work rather well. Studies have also shown that creativity and productivity increase with co-worker interaction. BOTTOM LINE: This is America. If you don't like the job, quit, find another and/or start your own business.

  14. Makes sense — It's time for everybody to go back to work. I love the work at home types who have no empathy for those who do work away from home. The restaurant workers, police and fire fighters, factory workers, construction workers . . .

  15. I would have resigned for this much insult…lol… I know money is important.
    ..for many…..too much arrogance also not good….

  16. Hey, if you want to work at home, isn’t time for companies to reduce your salary or hourly wage? For one thing, you don’t spent for your travel from home to your office, work and vice versa.

  17. I don't understand why Musk, when implementing an employee policy, goes out of his way to insult his employees. For example, he implies that they are lazy and not working hard from home. He doesn't even try to hide his contempt for them.

  18. He's 100% correct. Everyone should be back at work. There's no excuses anymore. People have gotten lazy. That's all it is. Your not irreplaceable. But this goes to every employee. From the board room to the floor workers. Get back to work!!!

  19. As a Tesla investor with the vast majority of my life earnings in TSLA and someone who has been building OEM autos for over 25 years, I can say that Elon is dead right here. If you don't want to work, then stay home and go hungry, and do without, or go get a job with a Woke company that will pay you to laze around at home. If you are afraid then there is a vaccine for that. If you don't want to take the vaccine then that is your choice and your risk. Time to suck it up buttercup and get back to work and stop riding while the production line workers have to go to work. If you don't like it and you feel like you are so talented then take your lazy talent somewhere else. You can be extremely smart but lazy and still be worthless. We can all be replaced, sorry to pop your bubble!, 🤣🤣🤣 I am buying more TSLA because of these emails.

  20. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how.

  21. Billions given to Billionaire Musk to allow Billionaire Trump back on Twitter.

    Billions given to Greg Abbott to bus Mexicans to Washington DC.

    Billions given to Scammers for Covid initiatives.

    Billions given to Ukraine with no accountability.

  22. He's right! These lazy butts have to come back to work immediately! How dare they disobey him? They have to come back, bow down and beg for mercy, and start working their butts off.

  23. He also installed camera at the coffee machine so people can be watched to not waste time getting their coffee. Get your ass to work harder so he can be richer

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