Gun industry on reform efforts after mass shooting | ABCNL

Mark Olivia, spokesperson for National Shooting Sports Foundation, discusses the gun industry’s response to multiple mass shootings.

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25 thoughts on “Gun industry on reform efforts after mass shooting | ABCNL

  1. Crazy how a woman’s right over her reproduction rights will be abolished faster than assault rifles…shame on our country.

  2. Mark is playing around with words my friend, he want you to believe that all the folks who uses a gun to kill are crazy or have some mental issue, but in reality that is not always the case, in many cases these shooters are all sane!

  3. Lots of gun lobbyists as well in dc. It’s just heartbreaking otherwise. My middle brother sold our grazing property to a fabulous gun manufacturer. I was absolutely livid and my older brother shot himself. Yikes.

  4. In Colorado we have universal background checks and a red flag 🚩 law as well. Doesn’t matter. I wish it was better. We suffer as well with our share of many things happening. Shooters and such. Yikes!

  5. How much more background checks do we need? This isn't something new, there has always been background checks for firearms, but I guess those are either ineffective or outdated, so let's ADD more that in 10 years will become AGAIN ineffective and outdated. 🙄

  6. Young people today suffer from more mental health issues than any other generation prior, even though the medication to treat it is apparently better than ever. You gotta ask why are so many of our youth feeling depressed and turn towards mass shootings in the first place.

  7. Senator Ted Cruz’s proposed security measures legislation was voted down by Democrats because they wouldn’t be able to use the pandemic of shootings occurring during the Biden/Obama administrations to score political points and force the American people to give in to pressure to repeal the Second Amendment to the Constitution. This entire scenario reminds me of the Manchurian Candidate movie in which people are groomed, indoctrinated, mind controlled with MKUltra to commit crimes to bolster a political agenda.

  8. Biden nailed it in his speech! We need common sense gun laws in this country. I'm so sick of right-wing nut biscuits dragging this country to their extremist ends. VOTE BLUE IN 22

  9. Dems intentionally create and aid mass murder. They design "gun free zones" for unstable dangerous minds to commit atrocities on helpless, unarmed people. After they and MSM give killers their world fame and advertise heavily to set up the next tragedy. These sacrifices help these evil people create and disseminate civil disarmament propaganda. They don't tell you the # 1 weapon used in homicide according to the DOJ/FBI – "hands, fists, feet or other." Promises of disarming law abiding citizens to make the world is safer is all lies.

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  11. Guns have saved a lot more precious lives than they ever killed or will ever kill. Not Having a Gun is like a Bear without teeth or a Crow without a beak, so it cannot protect itself! According to the Guinness book, the worlds greatest Thu-gee killed over a hundred people by Thug-ing them and used no Gun. Iatrogenic diseases are 25% of our illnesses, but non the less we do outlaw Doctors or their procedures. George Washington said “The MARVEL OF ALL HISTORY IS THE PATIENCE WHICH MEN AND WOMEN SUBMIT TO BURDENS UNNECESSARILY LAID UPON THEM BY THEIR GOVERNMENTS”. AND, "We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precepts that each individual is accountable for his actions" Ronald Reagan

  12. F—ck your polls! Rights are rights. If 89% of Americans agree that your balls should get cutoff it doesn’t mean we should pull out the scissors.

  13. Universal National school safety bills.. are needed right now.
    Darryl Brooks Jr proved that you don't have to have a gun to commit mass murder.
    The BLm radical drove an suv through a parade. A car can instantly kill more people faster than any gun.

  14. Instead of gun control, people should be talking about how to get better security in schools, better services for mental health, and actually arming MORE law-abiding citizens. More gun control will just make law-abiding citizens easier targets. There is a reason criminals prefer to target zones with little to no guns like schools, hospitals, and areas with high gun control… It's just too easy.

  15. the absolute majority of mental health records are not accessible to anyone, nor should they be!! no one will get mental health if the government is going to put them on a list! hell I work in the field and I wouldn't put myself in that situation. so private mental health records is now violated so other people can have a gun?? hell no!! they act like mental health records that can be accessed by a background check is virtually zero. it's a non issue. almost no one is involuntarily committed… now he wants to involuntarily commit portions of the community for no solid reason so others can have guns. does anyone understand how high the bar is for involuntary commitment?? you can be floridly psychotic and wouldn't be committed if there's no concrete reason to believe the person would hurt themselves or anyone else. And if the system is so ultra sensitive that everyone who express anger in a therapy session is now committed against their will.. who the hell is going to talk to a therapist?? None of this in real life would work. that being said, any one who abuses an animal should be red flagged on everything!! and they should go to jail. period.

  16. Why don't we treat the right to own a firearm, specifically assault rifles, the same way we treat a woman's right to an abortion?
    1. Abortion: require mandatory in-person counseling prior to an abortion, then a 24 to 72 hour waiting period before you can have the procedure.

    Purchasing an AR-15: mandatory in-person counseling prior to purchasing a firearm, then a 24 to 72 hour waiting period before you can pick up the firearm.

    2. Abortion: mandatory counseling may include obtaining an ultrasound and/or fetal heart tone auscultation; provided material written by that state regarding abortion to include the ability of the fetus to feel pain, and be told that personhood begins at conception.

    Purchasing an AR-15: Mandatory counseling may include a background check, mental health evaluation, provided material written by that state regarding the use of an AR-15 to shoot people – the ability of the victim to feel pain and the agonizing death that will occur, and be told that they will be snuffing out the life of another human being.

    That's fair, isn't it?

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