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Verdict reached in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial

Depp and Heard lobbed abuse claims at each other throughout the weekslong trial.

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  3. If you guys are wondering who made the 2nd 911 phone call from the JD apartment on May 2016, its Raquel P. (the Adam Waldman statement about Amber Heard and her friends tried to scam JD and the police. You hear the 911 recording, Raquel P made the call! And btw, Adam Waldman is right!) please listen to the incredibly average YouTube channel. You also can her the tape recording of the Australian finger! Please please listen! You can hear the 911 phone call made by Raquel too!
    #amberheard #johnnydepp


  5. I'm certain the only issue with the verdict form was that the jury left Amber Heard's Punitive Damages blank, but had to at least write $0.

  6. The $7million, was Amber Heard's undoing. I believe, she did not expect Johnny's team would have done thorough research to, WIN☺👍

  7. Absolutely not U, real victims of DV! Had a big win the real victim of abuse was finally revealed. I'm a DV SURVIVOR Amber acted like my abuser I saw myself in him so I know it was a blessing to TRUTH

  8. OMG unsubscribing from this channel … ABC thinks the public is stupid! TD!

    Who Wreaked AH's life??? The JD, the jury, the judge, and or the court system? ABC gets a TD on such poor reporting!!! ABC you have perfected and distorted this case, you lose all credibility!

  9. This is not against real victims. This is not a setback for women, this is a setback for liars. Women are not all sociopath liars all of them. Please!!

    I can't believe the face you have to twist the facts.
    Finally, someone said here that it was evident that amber lied.

  10. You know what kills me is everybody has been watching this trial. And the horrific abuse that Amber heard is trying to allege is totally fake. So me myself being a survivor I’m grateful for the fact that real victims should get a verdict on their side. Amber Heard lied and everybody saw it. But you’re going to continue to act like this destroys women’s rights. Know this calls out a liar and when a man is abused he finally gets justice. I don’t understand why main media continuously spins the narrative when millions and millions of people were watching this trial. This is why People are beginning to stop watching main media and going to alternatives. Because people like you.

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  12. Can't believe she's considering appealing, according to media…so she gets another chance to defame him…and herself? Why??? After 6 years? She said she only wants him to leave her alone…seems he has, right?

  13. I wonder if today we'll hear any speculation that the case was lost in voir dire.
    For example, if it's true juror #7 was the foreman, he was said to be one of the more obvious Depp sympathizers. Was he also the type who would persuade other jurors to his interpretation of the case?

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  16. This was an intense journey for everyone involved. I want to shout out a very loud CONGRATULATIONS for these incredible people. For Johnny's amazing, badass legal team and for the perfect job they've done. For the judge, for all of her patience and profesionalism. For the entire jury and their attention to details. For Johnny himself, for having the courage to expose so much of his private life and for being the beautiful, talented and kind hearted man that he is. I am SO HAPPY for him. He showed the truth to the world, cleared his name and he's finally free from such a heavy burden that he was carrying, free to move on and SHINE. ✨
    Congratulations to everyone!
    Faith in #humanity and the #law restored.

  17. This bs Amber did not have evidence, she had fake photos and none of her witnesses said they saw Johnny did anything. Stop pushing your false narrative

  18. I am from Indonesia ,he won the court i am crying n happy he deserve it and he will always be the captain jack sparrow in our life forever..

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