Pilots reportedly fall asleep on international flight l GMA

Two pilots reportedly fell asleep on an Airbus 330 from New York City to Rome last month with as many as 250 passengers on board.

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  1. I fall asleep probably about half the time I’m flying. But luckily I fly left seat in an A320 so there aren’t as many passengers. And in my defense, it’s only because I’m really, really high most of the time. Hell, the plane basically flies itself. I keep that sucker in managed mode and when I hit cruise altitude I basically just play Nintendo Switch until it’s time to start the descent. Sure I get a few missed approaches from punching in the wrong ILS frequencies, and yes, I get a few go arounds because I’m attempting to land on active taxiways like Harrison Ford, but most of the time, I get us down safely. Sorry but if you pay Spirit 21 bucks to fly from LAX to LGA, you probably shouldn’t expect us to be sober or conscious for the WHOLE flight.

  2. Aren't there flight attendants who check in every once in a while? That would seem to be a good idea when one of the pilots is on a designated sleep break, especially in the periods just after takeoff, before landing, in inclement weather, and during turbulence.

  3. As all the other comments are saying they better not scapegoat this on the pilots. They are probably veteran pilots why were they not given enough time to rest between flights?

  4. Pilots are overworked and exhausted. Pretty sure all these planes have loud alarms that trigger at the slightest signs of trouble.
    Not saying this is a "good" thing, but I can see how this happened and bet it happens a lot more than we know.

  5. Meh, I'm a pilot that we fall asleep all the time. The cockpit alerts wake us up. and we set timers to wake us up anyway, so no big deal. Normally we take shifts napping, but sometimes I wake to find my copilot snoozing away. What people need to realise, is auto pilot is flying the plane up here. We only engage in manual flight during take off, landing and rough whether or get ready to engage if needed in busy airspace. Be happy your pilots are having naps as better than being extremely tired when landing.

  6. What is the big deal people I was at commercial airline pilot for 40 years 40 years I used to take naps all the time no problem these planes are capable of flying themselves the only thing I got to do is set my alarm clock to 1 at what time I want to wake up and that's about it so there's nothing wrong with a little nap time you know pilot work very hard you got to understand that people and these plans are so Advanced nowadays you know they can make entire and burrito or a cup of coffee for you if you really want it

  7. Did the pilots have a fair opportunity to rest before being responsible for hundreds of human lives? If the passengers were aware of how tired the pilots were, would they still take the flight in the first place?

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  10. ABC News, how about doing your due diligence and showing a proper A330 aircraft. The photos you show are of the A320.

  11. One thing that an airline Captain gets really pissed off is that "when he wakes up from a nap, the First officer is still asleep".😁

  12. How about we address how overworked these pilots are?! That’s what happens when you force unsafe work conditions.

  13. This is extremely sad but he shouldn’t lose his job Less pilots today more than ever that’s probably why he’s tired .

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