Russian forces make key advances in eastern Ukraine l GMA

Ukrainian forces are trying to hold onto the strategic city of Severodonetsk, but local officials now say that most of the city is under Russian control.

What you need to know about Russia’s blockade of Odesa:

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26 thoughts on “Russian forces make key advances in eastern Ukraine l GMA

  1. If You believe the Western Media Narrative about the War in Ukraine, then you have already been Deceived !

    If anyone Doubts this Truth, please take a look at Professor Mearsheimer's Lecture on U – Tube Entitled: Why Ukraine is the West's Fault and Oliver stone Documentary: Ukraine on Fire. These are Good Places to Start !

    For a Deeper, Broader Dive into who really rules the Western World and who is Driving the Ukraine Conflict, please see any of Professor Noam Chomsky's Lectures on YouTube or any of his Many Books on American Political History. The Documentary Entitled: Money Masters is a Historical, Authoritative, Eye – Popping account of the Financial Corruptions of America and the Global Elites. The film is about 3.5 Hrs long, but is not to be missed, as it Removes the Mask and Reveals the Ugly Face of the Shadow Establishment and will Shock You to the Core !

    Seek Truth and best Wishes.

  2. And I will wake up more sleeper agents to do a mass shootings like the recent ones so keep on playing your games we will win no matter what I will access more sleeper agents to go shoot up a lot more places Russia’s number one we are everywhere you have lost this game

  3. Russia‘s number one I am using my mom‘s account my Russian comrades but keep on fighting to kill more civilians along the way kill all the civilians kill all civilians waste them all and show no mercy and anybody else it gets in our way we have more sleeper agents everywhere so army is big no matter what we will win Z And any Russian comrades like this comment I’ll be in Hawaii on a car town in any of Morrow my comrades out there come and meet up with me if you want

  4. We are ex-soldiers of SVNF (South Vietnam force). Please advise dear Ukrainian friends that you must use the strategy of dispersing forces to limit casualties due to Russian fire. and must dig. craters wherever you stop even for a few hours, and attack in a concentrated, lightning, constant motion to drain Russia's health as much as possible and by all means cut off its supplies. Russia. Please share this idea with your Ukrainian friends.

  5. It’s about time. Ukraine is a financial and military disaster. The us or un would absolutely decimate Russia if not smart bomb everyone leading it. The public is typically at least 30 or 40 years behind what weapons our government actually has, and a 1980 U.S. would decimate Russia if not just put a huge bounty on it. Their equipment doesn’t work, they are broke financially and as soon as Brandon gets voted out we will go to work. I’m sure Putin knows this and is trying to take what he can while he can. If there is one thing the us is good at it’s war. Usually the slow drawn out type to make money, but in life or death every treaty we signed has a little asterisk next to it. We could just starve the nation and cut off all resources, but hopefully it won’t come to that. The Russian citizen is as much a victim as the North Korean citizen.

  6. News host say Russia made some gains that's a flat our lied, Russia has land lock Ukraine and biden is still buying gas oil from Russia.

  7. The US and NATO threw both the Ukrainian and Russian people to the wolves to drive a regime change action against Putin. Putin isn't out yet, so the war must go on. I think NATO and the US underestimated the ability of the Russian people to see through their BS. Putin isn't going anywhere. This atrocity should be called off before WW III actually does start.

  8. Seems American intervention is really ramping up. Seems WW3 could really be ramping up. It's not if, but when Ukraine strikes deep into Russia with advanced weapons. If anyone in Russia makes a claim that the Kremlin or any part of Moscow is hit? We got a serious problem for a dangerous escalation! The Cuban missile crisis decades ago nearly started a nuclear war. This current escalation with Russia is far more dangerous. ☢

  9. Russia; why don’t you remove all of your artillery weapons; and tanks; and all of your other military vehicles from Ukraine soil; and make war reparations; and leave them alone; and never attack them again?

  10. I haven’t heard any middle class Americans supporting this war in person. seems to be a lot of internet support. I wonder if the US engages in online propaganda?

  11. Of course what's going on here is not important I'll never watch network tv again it has been completely corrupted
    Notice all the reporting is on other countries not our own corrupt problems right here they don't want us to stop it
    But sorry to say war is on the way!

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