‘These kids are being marketed militarized weaponry’: Texas state senator | ABCNL

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Texas state Sen. Roland Gutierrez on investigating the police response to the shooting in Uvalde, and the potential for gun legislation at the state level.

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31 thoughts on “‘These kids are being marketed militarized weaponry’: Texas state senator | ABCNL

  1. Its frustrating to see them try to tell anyone with straight face that some new gun laws will fix this. We have laws against almost everything this clown did .. To think if that by adding a new law it would stop this? We have seen new laws in a bunch city's over past 20 years yet there becoming more dangerous cause criminals don't care .. Sick people ,mentally ill people are allowed to buy guns.. They have laws on the books and they don't use them! Its baffling and shows the hypocrisy of 34 congress .. I mean really you think ammo limits will be followed by bad guys? Grow up stop playing politics and harden schools and use mental health.laws on the books ..I mean the kid was on social media with bag dead cats .. That's not a reason to use the mental health law? Yelliw.flag laws almost every state has were cops can take ppl in on holds even for few hours so it gets in the system? We see this every time .. The NY city shooter was a racist who.was on YouTube spouting crazy news about killing white ppl just like the bhfflalo shooter both were on the FBI radar and nothing was done ..but he's by all means mess with laws that only good law biding people will fallow so we can do this all again in a year or so

  2. Time we get real… Build man trap doors at every school entrance . Make sure schools are as protected as these guys at fed buildings ..it seems silly this wasn't done back in 2013 and start working on mental health .. We have heard ljes about guns and others things ..we have had guns from 1940s to Gary and this is a last 25 year issue ..time to work on mental health and harden the outer schools ..lets make sure we protect kids over banks and other places ..300 million bucks is nothing when we can send 54 billion to start wars with russia

  3. why do humans cry when death is at there footsteps. and they bury there love ones. if they believe in god, they why should they be upset or angry. if they believe in god then why should they get upset, I would be happy if someone died in my family died so as to go up to heaven.

  4. Yet another inaccurate description of the AR-15 by anti-gun haters. These are not automatic weapons. You can not even purchase automatic weapons without a special license from the federal government. Its crazy how they will do full reports about disinformation and how.to combat it, when they are intentionally spreading disinformation.

  5. The cringe from the lady and the Texas state guy at 5:05 when she says you can buy automatic weapons. You have leftist morons watching this and believing now people are buying automatic weapons. To buy an automatic weapon, you need a very expensive license which takes a lot of credentials/ them/ reason to obtain. Even the guy at 5:06 is trying to cringe when she called AR-15 rifles automatics.

  6. I own guns and will too the day I die so no country/ government including ours will take away our liberates/ freedom or haul me off to Treblinka. To many times in the last 125 years have civilians died to not being able to defend them selves from conquering armies/ militas. Armenian genocide, Nazi's/ stalin era genocides/ Cambodian grnocide, multiple African genocides including the Rwandan grneocide in 1994 where in a 100 days 600,000k+ people were massacred, ISIS genocide in 2013-2016. America was founded by an armed resurrection against the British empire, the founders wanted to e sure Americans could fight tyranny should the day ever come. The left loves mandates/ lockdowns/ bans. The Iraqis did not like us barging into their homes, detaining people owing more then one firearm per household or owning machineguns and explosives, many rather died in a shootout then have us take their guns.

  7. Marketing towards kids? Really? America's infatuations with guns is a huge part of the problem. How do you explain the Las Vegas shooting? That guy was 64 years old and how did marketing to kids cause that? Every politician whether Democrat or Republican are a bunch of inept money hungry bastards who say things you believe will win you votes. At the end of the day, none of you care about the American people. I knew a long time ago when Sandy Hook happened and none of you so called law makers didn't do anything, that was the day i knew our votes do not mean anything.

  8. It's good to keep shooting, keep using guns because in the end America itself will suffer the consequences, that's for sure, if you think not then shoot and enjoy the pain

  9. What I believe and I’m going to keep saying it. The 2nd amendment has become an excuse and scapegoat to keep money in the pockets of elite republicans, gun lobbyists and NRA. They have and will always choose profit over kids when it comes to guns. If you can change the laws for abortion without effort, Why not the same for real mental health resources and common sense gun control?

  10. Transgender shooter,cops let kids die,parents arrested for trying to save their kids,government wants your guns not the criminals

  11. Deepest sympathy to all effected by what this evil young man did. The reporter made the comment that theres enough blame to go around but she never blames the young man who caused this tragedy. This State Senator and reporter are not being honest when speaking about guns. The reporter lied when she claims an 18year old can buy an Automatic Weapon, that is FALSE. The Senator talks about technology changing, I wonder if he ever carried a WWII 30 cal carbine which is the same principle as the AR style just with a wooden stock. These people are using a evil persons doing to benefit their personal agenda. Remember, this is our Republic if we can keep it and the 2nd amendment is a critical part of this Republic to protect its people from a Tyrannical Government.

  12. oh i forgot…if you ban one type of gun then whats next when they use a single shot rifle..you ban it next and then whats next…..a never ending drama…i guess the bible was right its the human heart thats deceitfully wicked and only God can change that…so why not throw billions of dollars to cure a spiritual problem when the problem can be solved for FREE if a nation and its leaders and people would quit rejecting God in their government and taking him out of SCHOOLs……could it be just possible that i am correct in this assumption??????…….

  13. are we really that stupid as adults these days……..yes most are………here we have hollywood and TV spend countless hours making movies and tv shows that glorify murder and such and always using guns to hurt and kill instead of protect and used for fun and games…then we have parents who allow their kids and teenagers to watch untold 1000's of hrs listening to songs and watch videos that promote murder, killing, rape and all kinds of immoral behavior and then we wonder why this is happening?????..lets see then ..we have john doe who listened to around 5000 hrs of his favorite song that talks of killing cops and calling them a MF…..do you think it might be possible that he has been mentally persuaded and desensitized somewhat…….guns are not the issue…….if it were not a gun it could be a knife or other form of destruction used to hurt and kill…….you can find on the internet how to make a bomb if needed…..wanna shut down the internet next and blame it…

  14. Not enough funeral homes Jesus Christ what a world we live in , ghost guns coming out in the most rapid time ever and we’re doing nothing to stop it just insane. Of course frustration. Their should be more…

  15. Age under 21 must get school, parents approval to buy weapon. If he is dropped out, he needs shrink session and signed paper and community leaders ok like a priest or rev.

  16. Military grade weapons are illegal for citizens already tho. So not sure what they mean but “militarized”. Obviously kids these days don’t have the mental capacity or maturity to respect firearms due to the way they’re raised. I think the legal age to buy any firearm should change to 21. Maybe then with some maturity and life experience kids will be ready to handle a firearm.

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