Transgender families in limbo after Texas directive | ABCNL

ABC News’ Mireya Villarreal speaks with transgender families directly impacted by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s directive that investigates parents providing gender affirming care for children.

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38 thoughts on “Transgender families in limbo after Texas directive | ABCNL

  1. I find this straight up disturbing as hell. But not surprised that they bring God into this . Using a make believe idol to justify make believe sex .

  2. What a sick and twisted world we live in. My God! …Thank you Lord for Governor Abbott chasing down these child abusing parents!!!🙏❤

  3. So im definitely on the fence for how to handle kids who may think they're trans but saying that them taking hormones is abuse now thats to far. I feel like when you get laws like this it really hurts kids who are real victims of actual abuse.

  4. She should not move and try to get assistance from organizations. I get it all the time on FB that I should move from Texas to California because I'm pro-LGBTQ+. My message to them is that THEY leave because they are fake Texans. I'm an 8th generation Texan, and here we do right by others. What the governor and others are doing is wrong and is NOT Texas. Not at all.

  5. The ONLY REASON a child would consider SUICIDE is for the lack of LOVE and/or ATTENTION from the parents/ guardian!! When children are allowed these virtues they would be able to WAIT, until their young, inexperienced, minds are more formed and old enough to make such serious and permanent decisions, esp about going under the knife and changing body parts, hormones, etc.

  6. If you watch National Geographics it actually shows that certain species of lizard frogs and fish can you take from male to female and vice-versa for survival squid and octopus can also mute it from male to female some people are born with a male and a female chromosome but they're born either a boy or a girl is looking for a born hermaphrodites maybe they can do a genetic test to prove someone is born that way so that we can get these anti-trans laws reversed and protect our trans kids rights cuz it has been proven to be genetic not that they should be put through that but if it protects them it might be a good idea

  7. I hope we can shop this belief that its abuse to raise a transgender I am 42 right now and when I was a child I was transgender and later realized as an adult I'm non-binary and when my uncle force me to wear girls clothes when I did not want to that abuse cause me to develop post traumatic stress disorder command accepted that I was transgender and I later found out that I'm fluid it helped my mentality not hurt it she would my boys clothes and just pretend you got them from the girls section so that my uncle wouldn't attack me and I could feel happy and comfortable in the clothes that I felt fit who I was as a teenager I started liking girls and guys close I can tell you from experience it's child abuse not to allow your kid to transition in the parents are telling their kids become trans it's the opposite these kids are telling their parents that there are trans so how is it abuse when they're letting their child make the choice there are parents that are abusive and have forced their son or daughter to wear the opposite sex clothes kind of like in the Insidious movie where he was born a boy and wanted to be a boy but you kept dressing him in girl's clothes after her husband left I think to get revenge on men or something but most of these cases are not like that the children are telling their parents they want to transition and like that lady said she was trying to get her son to wear boys clothes but she realize when he said he was going to commit suicide that she was in the wrong and she needs to let him be the gender genetically born to be cuz it's been proven to be genetic what happens is the some people are born with Y chromosomes and the chemical doesn't kick in to make the male part grow that's why some girls feel like they're boys and vice versa there's boys who have an X chromosome but the chemical doesn't kick in to make the female part grow and that's why there's transgenders and it's harmful to force a child who is born with a chromosome of the opposite sex but it's physically not the same as their chromosomes cuz the chromosomes affect the brain development and females have asymmetrical brains and when they biopsied came in brains they were asymmetrical

  8. People and society convince these kids they need to change their gender, a boy that likes glitter and pink its automatically assumed he must want to be a girl or he is gay and vice versa maybe if we didn't label certain things as only for boys or only for girls they wouldn't feel like or want to become the opposite gender. Then you got alot of the parents that just want there child to feel/be accepted, so they are all for the transitioning, which is only making the whole thing worse. Being supportive is not always the best answer not just with this but with many things. If your kid wanted to do drugs you probably wouldn't support that so why would you support them taking all these drugs, hormone/testosterone blockers, medicine to make titties grow etc especially during such an important age for growth of the brain and body. And then they want there kids to play sports with kids of the same gender there child "chose" to be, it's not fair or right to make girls born girls play sports with and use the same restrooms as a boy who chose and decided he wants to be a girl or vice versa. Because ultimately they are not nor will they ever be what they chose to be. your biological makeup is not something you choose. Things like bathrooms and what gender sports team your on, what jail side to house you in, etc. should go by the gender you are by birth, not the gender you chose to be. It blows my mind that we won't let kids consent to having sex, or we say they can't consent because of their age that they aren't mature enough and what not but in the same breathe they are capable/mature and know enough to make a life altering choice as to attempt to change there gender.

  9. Don't think anyone that young wants to become transgender without being indoctrinated. Wither it was the media or the mother that did it that child will live in regret for their mother's abusive actions. No child that young should be able to make a decision like that nor should the parent support it since they don't fully understand the repercussions of it.

  10. Almost nobody grows up and becomes transgender naturally and of their own choice. Many are groomed to be that way by adults.

    This type of child abuse needs to be the focus, just as much as protecting children from illegally used firearms.

  11. So, reproductive rights for transgender kids is fundamental, yet reproductive rights for a woman seeking an abortion is not.
    The hypocrisy in Texas is huge.

  12. If you have a Y chromosome you are a male. If you cannot pass on your mitochondrial DNA you are a male. No amount of make-up, clothes, implants or hormones can change what you are. It you don’t know what your gender actually is, you are one seriously messed up person and all society does not have to recognize or enable your delusion. These are the scientific facts and Hollywood or YouTubes encouraging your delusion won’t change anything.

  13. Lady “states that were thought be safe for trans families are no longer safe” what states have come out as “trans safe zones”? Here’s a thought, instead of this supposed constant moving why not just move to California, win-win for everyone

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