Tulsa suspect targeted doctor because of pain: Police | ABCNL

ABC News’ Aaron Katersky and ABC News’ Alex Presha have the latest on the Tulsa mass shooting.

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36 thoughts on “Tulsa suspect targeted doctor because of pain: Police | ABCNL

  1. An allergy to fiber glass left me 100% black blind in one eye with hives from my scalp to the sole of my foot down my left side. Before it hit my eye, he should have given me polychrome eye drops. he took a second to see me and called out next. I was blind for 6 wks. If I didn't get my sight back, I would have sued him! If I had a gun, good thing I didn't.

  2. are no why doctor in state are agressive gredy and most of them need some more training example dentiste. to fix one teeth dentiste need 1009 dollars.or he sugjeste to take you teeth.doctore are more qualifier in law than technic of medecin.us soon you go to doctor they make you sign to pay the high bill and you get redponsable if you get hurt.
    coding the bill gloves toilet paper 100 glass of water 50 ect

  3. Wow. We truly have lost our way and I see us heading to a much darker place. It’s not about legislation, it’s about understanding and forgiving. We lost our way with God and we need to find a way to go back with God. Because Satan is having a hell of a time here.

  4. Doesn't matter. He wasn't in pain when he went to the gun store and carry out that heavy gun when he bought it. This is a serious act of rage and violence, mental issue is the problem here not guns.

  5. The US has got it well worked out ! The rest of the world watches and thinks – Ah so we have had it wrong all this time

  6. My dad was poisoned by a government aerospace companies negligence it ruined his life,my life almost killed him 3 times, been bed bound for 14 years they only gave him about 12 grand after a decade of lawsuits which didn’t even cover the medical costs and I would NEVER a shoot up that plant even though it ruined our lives NO ONE deserves to die for an accident that ruined your life even if it was their fault

  7. Why is it that if a cop kills someone it’s the cops fault but if a criminal kills someone it’s the guns fault???

  8. So how will the pistols in the Republican party respond to this latest one….what's the answer…..got it …. arm the doctors as well as school teachers. Arm everyone. I hope sense prevails.

  9. Oh, the many people who live with chronic back pain, both after surgery or those who haven't had surgery. Living with chronic pain is very tough, but this is the first I have heard of someone who actually acted out this way toward his doctor.

  10. Someone part paralysed my leg for months and pain for years through a spinal deep injection going wrong. Im on some of the highest dose gabapentin. Tramodol, amitriptaline etc , i didnt think 1 minute of revenge on the doctor that damaged me. (,i had the procedure successfully 4 times before)

  11. We must call Repugs out
    for what they are. . . .
    "Cowards" and "Cowardly"
    are the most apt $tickies!!
    Pleease, Hammer it in, till
    they grow some backbone.

  12. Now this dude surely looks to be totally out of his mind. This is a classic case of a serious mental illness and it shows all over his face — government and medical centers placing too strict control on pain medication prescriptions are proving to be deadly for doctors and medical staff… The same or a similar incident happened in minnesota.

  13. soooo… age restrictions are the solutions? 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣 hilarious how these politicians manipulate people so they can hang on to power and serve their masters. money and the gun lobby.

  14. The healthcare system along with the insurance has become a very stressful experience. Sometimes operations are being pushed because they're more profitable. In all fairness they have gotten better on many of these operations especially the back surgery. Workman's comp and family medical leave act also make this situation complicated. If I speak the truth about disabilities many people have milked the system so they don't have to work anymore. The right to privacy is only Make Believe. Along with the other problems in the country I believe America is reaping what it has planted.

  15. this is the war on drugs. how do you like it.. restrictions and regulations regarding effective pain medication played a role it seems.no good guy with gun nor any thoughts our prayers saved anyone.

  16. Back pain my a&&. He had some pretty good moves to get the guns & ammo and head off to begin his human-hunt….. Soooooooo much back pain -BS.

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