Ukrainian armed forces show strikes on Russian military vehicles l ABC News

An undated video released by Ukraine’s armed forces alleges to show strikes on Russian military vehicles traveling a road in the Donetsk region.

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  2. In the modern war. Its not a good choice when u use tank to partroll ,move caravan ,or fight to undetectable troop. You just need 10 armed soilder with FCM-148 Javelin to bomb up a bunch of tank 😅

  3. Your title says, "Ukrainian armed forces show strikes on Russian military vehicles." I saw one vehicle in the whole column, and you showed that from two angles.. Everything else was just trees and dirt.. Farmers will have a heck of a time getting their fields back in shape when they return to farming.

  4. Doewes, Charles Gates and the Anglo-Saxons sponsored the German Nazis to destroy and subjugate the whole of Europe, and in the best case for the Anglo-Saxons to destroy Russia! American businessmen drove the USSR into debt in the conditions of the most brutal war since 41-45, and the USSR – in Langley! The generals of America watched how selflessly the Russian people are fighting on their territory, losing millions of civilians, Kursk Bulge, Stalingrad, Leningrad, the Battle for Moscow and many, many other battles! Russian Russian troops are already on the border with Germany in 44, and Hitler's troops are defeated, and victory is already in the pocket of the Russians, then the American oligarchy decided to steal the victory from the Russians in 44, so as not to lose their investments! it's just a pity for your guys, no matter what truth they fought for themselves, but the truth is that they fought for the wallets of the rich! never caring about your people at the same time!…

  5. 2003年3月20日にイラク戦争が開始されてから10年がたつが未だこの戦争の過ちについて十分な総括が国際的になされていない。












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  7. A Ukrainian lead a small country (22) to fight against (PK ) world no. 2nd Ukraine was supported by 43 nations against russia
    (43 vs1) deem defected
    A russian over excited over small land destroyed what was built 50 yrs invasion of Ukraine war damage any things above ground LEVEL, sick russian destroyed it army ,economy, every thing now reset zero good news
    A chinese oversees but over excited over COVID zero destroyed a country built 30 years with covid zero reset every things he oversees to base zero
    A Germany chicken oops was so selfish but excited to send old weapons to Ukraine to reduce ammo stock kept many years back that too stingy to scrap and unwilling to give
    A French excited to talk to Nazi russian attempted to talk without sucess only military strength will stop the invasion Russian put in is fueled by a sort of nostalgia for Empire' Sad only one w/o Intel in the world
    A US man old but wise giving weapons each week to Ukraine to fight the Ukraine invasion
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    A UN (united nei) visited ukraine was show with heavy bombing next to him, for him he like it no action after visit—-nothing just talk

  8. Let's go Ukraine spell out the devil of your land, remember God is with your heart. You're sampled of great courage of all times. Made the Lord bless you mr president. I preying for your people.


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    The mad dogs of man never repent

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  10. The Russian military weapons are a huge mass they're good at kill innocent people, period. Hi-tech war needs swift and accurate. Brain not muscle, go f*ck yourself idiots!

  11. OK, —– Ukraine Desperately needs a **"Thousand"** long-range Accurate M-777, 155mm Guns to equip all of Ukraine's BTG's ( Battalion Tactical Group) and Territorial Defense Brg's. with at least a Full Battery of 6 GUNS in order to Destroy the 3,000 plus, Russian (mostly short-range) Guns that are killing hundreds of Ukrainian troops and Civilians each day… Only the U.S. has "1,000" retired M-777s in storage Depots gathering dust… Call Biden and Congress and demand we Lend-Lease all the M-777s to Ukraine NOW.! "NO other" country has the number of guns needed to give…!!!

  12. Looks like the Russians have ADDED some high gears on their tanks in an ATTEMPT to outrun the Ukrainian 155mm shells, but that doesn't protect them against the anti tank mines!

  13. And they keep coming ,you dummies!What a bloody joke ABC!If we listened to your spin the Russian forces should have been completely obliterated

  14. No vehicles hit….but scared the Sh#& out of them, and probably helped them rethink their decision to keep fighting and instead head back to the motherland.

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