Uvalde shooting causes fear for Texas teachers | ABCNL

Zeph Capo, the President of the Texas American Federation of Teachers, discusses concerns and safety of school halls
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46 thoughts on “Uvalde shooting causes fear for Texas teachers | ABCNL

  1. People said COVID lockdowns will cause mental health issues. Stop selling weapons in America, you have the Mexico border right there. You will see an increase in weapon smuggling for sure. Those obeying the laws will be at the mercy of those not obeying the laws.

  2. I'm against teachers being armed as well. Teachers already are policing their classrooms but arming them raises the level of everything in the classroom. I think of all the teacher vs student interactions in the classroom. What if some of those interactions are escalated to shots fired. What if a student somehow gets an older/weaker, etc teacher's firearm. Just too many reasons not to have that in class. But I think we need armed security with cameras on points of entry and they need to paid like police officers if they are expected to run in and not wait.

  3. "He's so smart! This guy is so brilliant!"

    No. He's regurgitating the same bullshit that we've heard anti gunners spew for decades. Take right from others while doing nothing to fix the problem. This guy is a joke and so is anybody who thinks teachers are the "heroes" of society.

  4. The gun violence archive considers any shooting with 4 or more injuries as a "mass shooting." Then they make claims such as "over 200 mass shootings this year" even though most of these are gang violence or domestic disputes. It's a dishonest, garbage resource serving no other purpose than to push a narrative.

  5. Counseling is not enough! WE need to get tougher gun laws and help people with mental illness. The stigma is still here, and parents will not get the help for their own children, if a teacher suggests that mental illness may be an issue with their child. I am sure this gunman had a record in school. Teachers document all of this, only to be ignored about our concerns. Administrations and parents do nothing to help these kiddos who obviously need it, if they are acting out in classrooms. Everything this guy said was on point. I am one of those teachers who has gone through the thoughts of quitting too much, this school year. I am sick of the disrespect from admin, parents, and society. It FEELS like parents don't have any concern over their own children's success, when their kids show up with no school supplies, no jackets, no homework, no food, no hard work ethic, no manners, no perseverance, no competitive edge, and no esteem. It is sad to see that society has given up on our future generations and dropped the ball. We are already seeing the effects of this on the young men and women who are working in jobs, but feel entitled to that job. No one owes them anything, for existing. A hard worker is the one who should receive the benefits. A lack of skill/ will should be fired, or never hired. I am sad that my own children are growing up in this kind of world. It disgusts me more and more every day.

  6. If we DON'T have the RIGHT to force someone to die, we DON'T have the RIGHT to force someone to exist either.

    Unless parents are unaware or lack freewill, they are to be blamed for a lot of things in society.

    People need to stop being so self-centered and bring children into existence without their children's consent and expect them to grow up and not be the bullies nor be bullied, not be a killer nor be a victim, not be a rapist nor be raped, etc.

    Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get your children’s consent to have them before having them, you WILL NEVER get their consent to have them therefore you SHOULD NOT have them. That’s common sense and logic but parents are too selfish and self-centered to give a fk. If you still choose to have children, anything that happens to your children or what they do to others, you’re responsible for it because they have NEVER asked to be here nor be who they are in the first place.

    Extreme pain, torture, and death are also inevitable in this world and there's no way out anytime we want without pain either. If people don't want to go through pain and try hard to avoid it, why would you put something you supposedly love and care through it for any fking reason??? That is hella cruel and narcissistic af.

    Parents are therefore the ones that ultimately hurt and kill their children by bringing them into existence and should be charged/rehabilitated.

  7. Every school shooting brings the GOP closer to their goal of eliminating public education.
    If it looks like theyre doing everything to make sure this keeps happening, its because they are.

  8. Scott Peterson, the condemned
    School Resource Officer at Parkland who did not go into the high school bldg to try and find and kill the killer,
    he has been charged with criminal neglect (a felony in the state of Florida) and is to stand trial soon.
    If found guilty, he could face a lengthy jail sentence. My question is: how are those 19 officers that stood outside that classroom for 45 minutes while little kids from inside the classroom were desperately calling 911 and while those officers heard the killer sporadically firing his weapon,
    how is THAT any different from
    Scott Peterson? Since Columbine
    in 1999, and the disastrous response
    from the Littleton Police Department
    where the officers never went inside the school to try and locate and kill
    those two shooters, the well-known and well-publicized tactical response to an Active Shooter situation is for the first armed officer on the scene to immediately look for the killer and try as best they can to either kill the shooters or at least try to engage them so their focus switches to having to play defense rather than on continuing their rampage. All 19 officers in that hallway deep down know that procedurally the correct
    move is to follow the protocol that all
    LEAs in America have trained their officers to do. It even says it in the law enforcement training manuals that if you don’t think you would be able to solely be the officer to immediately look for and neutralize an Active Shooter, “you should find another profession.” I understand the 19 officers were given the order from the Uvalde Schools Police Chief to treat the situation like a barricaded subject
    they would try to negotiate with. But
    the hope to negotiate with the killer
    no longer applies when the officers
    hear the killer sporadically continue to fire his weapon from inside the room where there could very well be students shot who are bleeding out and literally only have an hour to live
    if they don’t get ER treatment within an hour. These police should’ve bypassed the Incident Commander’s
    order and attempted to go into that classroom immediately once they heard the killer’s weapon go off from inside the classroom because what is the killer firing at if not a student?
    The killer is not going to waste bullets by shooting at inanimate objects inside the room. Logic should tell the officers that the killer is either aiming
    and shooting students who are still alive or students who’ve been wounded who are hanging on to life and he wants to finish them off.
    Logic should also have told those officers that if the killer happened to be shooting the door itself that the officers were waiting outside of,
    that this is a guy who doesn’t want to and never cared about negotiation with authorities, if the officers are having to move away from the door because the killer is making Swiss Cheese out of it. No. All these dudes should either be charged with
    criminal neglect, particularly with the fact that the students were all 8, 9, or 10 years old; babies essentially, or at the very LEAST should be terminated.
    Because I’m not seeing any difference between Scott Peterson and the 19 officers. Scott Peterson was brandished the “Coward of Broward”,
    had to relocate to rural North Carolina
    with a house in the woods away from
    “civilization” and even in that secluded
    area in a state he’s never lived in before, all he gets from his nearest neighbors is a “Hi, how are you?”.
    Beyond surface pleasantries . . . nothing. Obviously they are keeping their distance from him (socially) so to speak. Nobody wants to be associated with someone who is a
    coward who even former President Trump called him a coward on national tv, who could’ve possibly saved even a couple student’s lives had Peterson gone in to that bldg and
    tried to locate and neutralize the killer,
    being the only person at that time with a loaded firearm in his possession.
    I think the names of those 19 officers at Robb Elementary need to be made public, just like Peterson’s was. It’s only fair. If you want to make a case that some of those 19 officers were Border Patrol who drove 60 miles and did not arrive at the school until approximately 45 minutes after the first officers showed up, I completely get that and agree that those late-arriving Border Patrol agents (or ANY
    law enforcement official arriving very late to the school) should not be
    “lumped in” with those early arriving officers and should be given a pass,
    if not praised if they were indeed the officers that went in and addressed the killer. Sorry for lengthy post.
    If you’ve made it this far, I really appreciate it, even if you disagree completely. Thank you:)

  9. Gee isn't it the media that pushes Fear on a daily basis. Do you realize how much better and stronger America would be without the medias lying bullhorn.

  10. It makes all the sense on not arming teachers, that responsibility needs to be with a security/police professional on school grounds. However, gun free zone schools refusing armed security/police that demand more gun control laws in a lawless defund the police society is far from common sense and shows no concern for the safety of students. 30 plus years ago my high school had a full-time armed cop on duty that was hired after a stabbing incident, both the teachers and parents welcomed the hiring of an officer because it made sense.

  11. Re arming teachers, why would the school be required to provide the training and ammunition and the gun? The key is to remove restrictions that prevent teachers arming themselves. I know plenty of teachers that shoot in their off hours and would happily concealed carry if they were allowed.

  12. Re arming teachers, why would the school be required to provide the training and ammunition and the gun? The key is to remove restrictions that prevent teachers arming themselves. I know plenty of teachers that shoot in their off hours and would happily concealed carry if they were allowed.

  13. My heart is so hurt and broken about this and the government doesn't care about the lives of kids mothers grandparents fathers teachers blacks police anymore this so horrible 😢 💔

  14. Does he. It know we do background checks and this kid passed. Does he not know that your car insurance only covers accidents? It doesn’t cover your criminal misuse of the car.

  15. Why does this video not reveal that police did NOTHING for over an hour? This guy talking is basically pushing gun control. Why not tell that the hero of the mess was Sra Gomez, a mom who went inside the school, alone, and rescued her two sons?
    The behavior of the officials here is highly suspicious. Where did the 18 year old get the estimated $8,000 to purchase all his equipment?
    Maybe he was dealing drugs? If so, who did he get them from in the first place- to whom did he sell them? I smell a big time cover up in this one. Someone hides something. Inaccurate, misleading reporting. 🇺🇸

  16. The last thing the Teachers Union wants is a bunch of armed good guys hanging around, especially now that the "Teaching" profession has surpassed the Priesthood as the number one profession for Pedophiles. (Makes sense. Predators stalk prey where it is…)

  17. They wouldn’t work without masks and vax being mandatory but not worried about not having armed security and better security measures?

  18. Too late for some, but the practice of propping up schools' exterior doors is quite common…..the "it's not my job" attitude will continue to be practice by school staff from keeping schools safe.

  19. This incident was planned and carried out by the Democratic left using the "Black Hand", so that they can use this incident against the people's Constitutioal Rights and the Second Amendment. The Democrats is no longer working for America, they work for our enemies. They are helping them by destroying our country from within, in return to fame, riches, and wealth.

  20. Anyone that believes that arming the teachers is the right thing to do is missing a few bricks. If we arm the teachers with guns we will have to pay them twice as much money because they’ll be doing two jobs.

  21. What teacher is going to want to be held liable for accidental deaths (friendly fire)??? What happens when a non threatening student gets caught in cross fire and gets injured or killed?

  22. Instead of having signs on the doors which read, “This is a gun free zone”, there should be signs which read, “Our staff is armed”.

  23. I think Texas should let citizen's volunteer at school's to patrol outside of the school's as long as they have a LTC along with criminal and mental background check's before the can volunteer and that they have to go through training so many live fire classes and what to look for!!!

  24. Amazing how Texas can restrict abortion but can’t do a damn thing about guns and gun control what a bunch of idiots. You people in Texas are a bunch of freaking idiots

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