What states are doing to address gun control l ABC News

Lawmakers in New York and California are pushing for tighter gun laws.

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  1. And who said gun "control" (taking guns from law abiding citizens only) has any proven link with reduced criminality? All countries in the world with the highest homicide rates are gun "control" countries. Is your objective to increase the homicide rate?

  2. With mental illness of political government of human will as central authority instead of God's will, defend citizens from evil of political government

  3. According to the Bible/Scriptures… God never gave the RIGHT for Civilians/Public to own Swords (Firearms), only for Soldiers, unless War broke out, that God allowed Civilians/Public to bear Swords (firearms) to defend their Nation… (Matt. 26:52/paraphrased) "Those People (Civilians/Public) who LIVE by the SWORD (firearms) will DIE by the SWORD (firearms)." Facts and Truth…

  4. We have all the leading tech companies and research universities in the world and not a single one of these geniuses can come up with some product that could stop mass shootings. Imagine if Elon and Zuckerberg focused on this instead of pointless self-driving cars and the metaverse

  5. Yesterday another mass shooting in the news, where is Ted Cruz? He suggested the solution is to secure the school doors how about other doors? Can he also secure the hospital doors, the supermarket doors, the Walmart doors, the night clubs doors and all other places all over USA where mass shootings are happening. I think we need to turn our life into an air port security checkpoint.
    Remember the Gladiator game? They give a sword to the good guy and a sword to the bad guy and watch them killing each other, allowing weapons ownership to the whole population over 18 of USA will increase the fight between the good and bad guys and the victims numbers will be massive.
    Bad guys and mental ill people exist all over the world and the bad guys who have access to guns illegally also exist all over the world but because the guns are not allowed to the whole population all over the world the gun violence rates are way way less comparing to USA. Those who obtain guns illegally do not waste their precious hard earned bullets for mass shooting to kill the innocent kids or random people going for shopping or partying but rather they use the precious hard earned bullets to benefit them personally and for a specific target and a specific enemy unlike USA where you go to a store buy a beer and a gun for your spare money and if you are having a bad day you just go shoot random innocent people like a psychopath,, What a shame
    Guns should never be available that easy, you have right to own a weapon if you are old enough, have a great back ground check, have a medical certificate about your mental health from a professional psychiatrist. And have a very good reason for why you want to own a weapon such as owning a house, farm, business, living in a bad neighborhood. Owning a gun must be a very difficult process. you can have a gun if you really a very good guy. And a small gun not a riffle or a semi riffle because we are not in a zombie war. And from what we see every single day my question is, did the gun in the hand of a good guy really stopped the bad guy? If this is right we wouldn't have seen all these mass shootings and gun killing every single day.

  6. Look I love America we are the last free country in this world. We do not need to ban guns; we need to raise the bar on purchasing. You should not be able to purchase a weapon under the age of 21 especially an assault rifle. Period. Once 21 then you should be eligible to purchase; alot of these mass shootings are 18-21 year old kids. You cannot buy alcohol in certain states until you are 21; which is more dangerous?

    These idiots doing these mass shootings are just giving the government what they have been wanting for decades. The more power we give the government; we are looking at a steady pace of totalitarianism.

  7. New and more gun laws bring us closer and closer to law abiding citizens resorting to armed insurrection to justifiably maintain our constitutional rights.
    Ask your local leaders if they are sure that's the tree they wanna bark up???

  8. Because clearly, the inanimate object is the problem. This has nothing at all to do with mental health and its relation to social media, perhaps even stemming from the huge economic downturn caused by the horrible handling of the pandemic we just went through… Jesus, these people. Cannot wait to take advantage of a tragedy. Virtue Signal Nation.

  9. Criminals… politicians… paid TV liars / actors… all of them want you disarmed and vulnerable. why? they are salivating with greed for your stuff. "you will own nothing and eat bugs". they already told you what is NEXT.

  10. Hunter Biden lied on his application to carry a gun. He said he didn’t do drugs. Didn’t abuse drugs. Hunter has a license. Oh he slipped through the cracks.😂😂😂.

  11. If it increases the exodus of people from New York and leads to their State defaulting on their debt I support New York doing stupid things.

  12. What states are doing to address gun control…Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this important issue. States are linking up with satanic organizations such as, NGO's, media, politicians, celebrities, crisis actors, and police in order to commit well thought out false flags involving guns. These false flags will generate public support that will allow to removal of the 2A.

  13. Republican logic: We need guns to protect ourselves from other people that we are happy to give guns to.

  14. People will use the excuse of why don't these other countries have mass killings. They have. The thing is these other countries are smaller in land mass and population than the USA. On top of, our crime rate is very higher. On top of, drugs are rampant in our streets with more coming over the borders daily. We all a whole multitude of different people from various backgrounds with issues. America is a melting pot and a melting pot can explode.

    Guns have been in the world for centuries. Before guns, people were hacking each other to death in the masses. We are never going to stop murdering each other. Murder is banned yet it still occurs. All we can do is prevention. Prevention by protecting our own. If you don't want to defend yourself…that is you. Reality will hit you but will leave you carried to your own grave.

  15. 20 minutes before you posted this another shooting occurred in Tulsa. 4 are dead. Why are you not covering this?

  16. I hope so enough is enough. And stop the killing. People sure stop buy gun in the store or a gun show. Especially man and guy buy gun in the store.

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