All Aboard The Struggle Bus! Recap from NPK Race 3, 4, and 5

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Recap from NPK races 3, 4, and 5 (Maple Grove, New England, and National Trails). Rough start to the season

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Author: rafaelnieves72


26 thoughts on “All Aboard The Struggle Bus! Recap from NPK Race 3, 4, and 5

  1. I enjoyed seeing you all at the Ohio race didn't feel like waiting in line to talk to Sean random you seemed down when I asked you how's it going and all you said was not good well I'm here to tell you it's going to get better I predict by the end of the year you'll have one of those little gay ass $13 trophies they give out so keep on struggling even a blind squirrel will get a nut occasionally God bless and take care

  2. Haha your fans are not fair weather fans. They fallow y’all because y’all’s real af, and that’s all we want. Don’t be fake and only show success, we’re just want to fallow y’all livin life , regardless of room still in the trophy case.

  3. Always happy to see content. I know it’s got to be super hard hell I have a tough time taking pictures on Christmas and vacation. Thank you for loving your fans the way you do. Phantom thank you for taking care of us here on YouTube!

  4. Getting burnt down for 13 seconds pisses people off but getting burnt down for 3 minutes could have hurt someone but getting burnt down for 3 minutes is sweet to some people but it pisses you off to get burnt down for 13 seconds I am a big fan of the 405 and also a big fan of Justin swanstrom I know a lot of people don't like Justin because he has too much mouth and I get it but burning him down for three minutes was not funny that could have killed him if something would have happened to that motor and that would not have been sweet but one thing I can say about Justin and his team they put in a lot of work and they are not scared to put in the work I don't think there's any other team out there that could have wrecked there car and burnt up and had it back at the next race 5 days later but him and his team did that's the reason why I like him and his team because they put in the work and also they are good at what they do and they are good for discovery and I am a moron too and I rock with the moron nation and I am a big fan of Murder Nova I've been a fan of him since season 1 but y'all keep on digging and grinding and hopefully yall will bring home a trophy this year

  5. Ride or die with the "Moron Nation" You will have a break through, I feel confident… but If it was easy, everybody would be doing it…

  6. Shawn might doing the driving and be the household name, but without you, 187 Customs wouldn’t have the reach it does. If that means the vids are just you talking or working on stuff, that’s still 187 in my eyes. The struggle bus can be real, keep grinding the season, and good luck in Kentucky.

  7. those are called" bandwagon fans" jump on when your winning and off and ditching when your losing. same as when there mom takes there hotpockets away.

  8. Man, I don't know about anyone else, but when the NOVA makes a clean run Shaun's office is a busy place, exciting as all hell. Thanks for the great video, glad you can do what you love. Keep it up guys. 👍🇳🇿

  9. Quit beating yourself up It will turn around for you guys and we will be here to see it happen. You think you have it bad, take a look at Clay Millican this year he's really got it bad.

  10. Man… If only the big guy Big Chief can come out and work that laptop, Prantom work on that Nova and get the YouTube vids out and Shawn just focus on being the best damn racer that he is! Im sure you all will succeed!Sorry just wishful thinking… get um next time morons 🤙

  11. you guys will get ut right, we are all pulling for ya. great content! we all love when your kicking it out every week but most of us understand it's hard with everything you got going on! good luck in bowling green!

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