ABC News Prime: Inflation at 40-year high; Jan. 6 hearings: What’s next?; Henry Winkler interview

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39 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Inflation at 40-year high; Jan. 6 hearings: What’s next?; Henry Winkler interview

  1. american print trillion of dollar last decade without any consequence. it is just a matter of time, the later it comes, the worst it will be. us dollar will become worthless

  2. Brandon and fellow commies are doing swell. Paid people to not work and produce goods AFTER there was a vaccine. At the same time, blew out 1.9 Trillion in spending to buy goods. Right…nobody saw it coming? LGB! And the 81 million Brandonites! Hope you enjoyed your freebie government "stimulus" checks. Now we're screwed.

  3. We're so spoiled to "OUR WAY OF LIFE" in America that it'll take a long time for people to realize that all of the advantages we take for granted are gone and never coming back. Time to do what we're not accustomed to doing: tighten our belts, heat up those leftovers, reconsider that new car, truck, SUV. Make meals AT HOME for a change; make do with your current iPhone; cancel that cruise and fancy vacation; hold on to that job; stop wasting; lose some WEIGHT; stop being wasteful; cut back on drinking; quit smoking; blow the dust off that bicycle; stock up on canned goods and water.

  4. henry winkler slipped by me as one of the small hats, I must admit. I do wonder though; when will americans wise up and realize that the vast majority of everything on television comes from one group that considers itself to be supreme to all others, chosen above all others, and is completely committed to fulfilling the prophesy of holy books that they themselves wrote, at the expense and detriment of anyone that isn't them. I don't get it.

  5. While it may not be the main factor behind the current high level of inflation doubling minimum wage is surely a major contributor. It ALWAYS is. This is why many of us have warned that you could raise minimum wage to $100/hour and it will still be near poverty wages was all other costs rise accordingly. Companies are not charities so when the cost of wages rise the price of their services or goods rise too recoup the cost of the increased wages. So go ahead, make minimum wage $50/hour. Just be prepared to pay $50/per gallon of gas and per gallon of milk.

  6. "By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens." — John Maynard Keynes

  7. So what’s a little inflation? At least we voted the former president out. Sure, the US economy was among the greatest ever under his leadership, but he hurt peoples feelings. And we just can’t have that!

  8. We must become an ULTRAMAGA country if we want to save our Constitutional Republic from the communists. God bless America. Defend the Second Amendment with your life because living as a slave of communism is worse than death.

    From an American who came from Cuba over 25 years ago

  9. Since Biden took office…. Record inflation, record fuel prices, record prices on everything, record crime, record hate crimes, record mass shootings, record illegal border crossings, Americans more divided that ever…. Democrat and media response….. nothing is Biden’s fault.

    Funny, when the Democrats / Liberal rioted, looted and burnt down cities across the country the Democrats demanded the police stand down. When the Democrats / Liberals held hostage an entire section of Portland the Democrats demanded the police stand down and refused to allow the military to intervene all while peoples business and homes were looted and burnt down but Democrats are outraged Trump did not call for more help at the capital.

    The hearing sounded a lot like what the Democrats did for 4 years and are still doing.

    The Democrats tried to overturn the 2016 election for 4 years.

    The Democrats supported and encouraged the Democrat / Liberals who rioted, looted and burnt down cities across the country. Democrats demand police stand down and did not send in the military to help.

    The Democrats attack and encourage their supporters to attack anyone who does not support them. Anyone who does not support the Democrats must be silenced. Anyone who does not support the Democrats is automatically called racist, sexist, homophobic. Anyone who runs in an election against a Democrat is called racist, sexist, homophobic and people will come out if the woodwork accusing them of sexual assault. All the Democrats race baiting, hate and division leads to more racism, hate and division and sends a message that it is OK to attack anyone.

    What happened on Jan 6th and what lead to it was wrong but the Democrats do the exact same thing and nothing is done about it.

    It takes a very very special kind of stupid to vote Democrat

  10. Yap and America only allowed to have a black president are a black chief of Justice not Asian-American not Native American or any other race for that matter that don't tell you what's going on nothing will hummm they don't care for no one they only care about covering their ass with children being shoot people being taken advantage of their going to be trouble in the white house 😉

  11. "Since I took office, families are carrying less debt; their average savings are up. A recent survey from the Federal Reserve found that more Americans feel financially comfortable than at any time since the survey began in 2013." Joe Biden – June 03, 2022 Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 10:48 a.m. ET.

  12. Dangerous!! Terrorists Electronic Harassment ( MIND CONTROL)

    The images that the TI (Targeted Individuals) is watching, also the images visualized inside the head, including thoughts and feelings, etc. are transmitted to the perpetrator in real time. (It is called the Remote Neural Monitoring)

    If you're V2K (Voice to Skull) Victim,there are many cases where you can literally have a conversation with the perpetrators.

    Apart from target's own will, there are also physical effect to control target's sight to see particular objects or things.

    Regardless of the surrounding circumstances,some Targeted Individuals start to hear Voices in their mind, which is known as the "V2K" (Voice of God / Voice to Skull), from a certain time.

    There are many reports that hearing "V2K" is irrelevant to the mental state of the Targeted Individuals at all and in most cases,and it continues for many years. "V2K" can be heard from the surroundings or it can be heard directly inside their heads.

    V2K victims also hear words and facts that they do not even know.

  13. Why is the West sinking itself into deep financial crisis and recession, when Ukraine and Russia are thousands and thousands of miles away? Is it really worth it or the sacrifice?

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