Capitol Police officers share Jan. 6 experiences at public hearing | ABCNL

At Thursday’s hearing, Capitol Police officer Caroline Edwards and documentarian Nick Quested both shared their first-hand accounts of their experiences at the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

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43 thoughts on “Capitol Police officers share Jan. 6 experiences at public hearing | ABCNL

  1. When the blue lives matter people defend the mob that hit a cop in the head with a fire extinguisher on camera, theyll tell you its a 'hoax' in an attempt to avoid prosecution.

  2. So the only person killed was a protester, by the Capitol Police… and now the Capitol Police are out with Fake Media telling how horrible and dangerous it was and an entire scripted Fake Media Hollywood produced TV show to promote this BS narrative?
    You are Fake News.
    Go look at 2000 Mules. The people had a right to be angry…. but then… where is Ray Epps?

  3. My electric bill before this rigged election, was 0.0833 Pence for 1 Kwh for my night rate. My day rate was 13.883. Then Eric Coomer and Bryan A, Vordran went to work. Today my Day rate is 30.011 Pence for 1 Kwh, and 30.011 Pence for my Night rate. A kilo of rice in Britain before the US used 9 ways to tamper Dominion voting machines, was .95 English Pence. Today a kilo of rice costs 1.90 English Pounds. This will increase to 2.60 English pounds next month, that is July 2022. Trust me, we will remove all the leadership of the FBI, and we will drain the swamp !

  4. REALITY JAIL TV 2022.

    Stupid and the MAGATs and the whole cell block were dancing to the Jail Trump Rock!


  5. BLM and Antifa killed 36 people last summer. They threw explosives and tried to burn down a federal courthouse. They burned down buildings with people inside killing them. They shot and killed police. They concrete sealed a police precinct door shut and lit it on fire with police SEALED INSIDE. Kamala Harris bailed out two attempted capital murderers for trying to kill cops. Now insane leftist are shooting up stores and attempting to assassinate supreme court justices. These people are deluded, deranged, and completely INSANE. You pieces of human trash in the media pushing this are begging for a civil war with the people who have more guns than people in the US. I pray to god you wake up from your cognitive dissonance before it's too late.

  6. "That's one of the problems that the Democrats are going to have to confront. Not just that most people have moved on. They got to the condemnation stage two years ago. So they're trying, as The New York Times said, to reframe their argument for the midterm elections. The Times was referring to Democrats telling them that. But the question is, will it work? Because unlike other commissions and committees historically, this one doesn't have any other side. So even with like Pearl Harbor, with Watergate, with our wars during the Bush administration, it was all bipartisan. And sure, that makes for a messy scene, that makes for people pushing back, but it also gives it an authenticity that was entirely missing yesterday. The fact that they edited quotes like that, just really was quite glaring, you're not even trying to look like this is any type of true investigatory proceeding."

    – Johnathan Turley, attorney, legal scholar, writer, commentator, and legal analyst in broadcast and print journalism. A professor at George Washington University Law School, he has testified in United States Congressional proceedings about constitutional and statutory issues.

  7. Honestly I could care less about these stupid hearings. I need the Biden administration to do something inflation and gas prices!! The quality of life for the majority of Americans is deteriorating by the day. Stay focused on what is important to nearly every American and stop milking this Jan 6 BS!!

  8. Funny, when the Democrats / Liberal rioted, looted and burnt down cities across the country the Democrats demanded the police stand down. When the Democrats / Liberals held hostage an entire section of Portland the Democrats demanded the police stand down and refused to allow the military to intervene all while peoples business and homes were looted and burnt down but Democrats are outraged Trump did not call for more help at the capital.

    The hearing sounded a lot like what the Democrats did for 4 years and are still doing.

    The Democrats tried to overturn the 2016 election for 4 years.

    The Democrats supported and encouraged the Democrat / Liberals who rioted, looted and burnt down cities across the country. Democrats demand police stand down and did not send in the military to help.

    The Democrats attack and encourage their supporters to attack anyone who does not support them. Anyone who does not support the Democrats must be silenced. Anyone who does not support the Democrats is automatically called racist, sexist, homophobic. Anyone who runs in an election against a Democrat is called racist, sexist, homophobic and people will come out if the woodwork accusing them of sexual assault. All the Democrats race baiting, hate and division leads to more racism, hate and division and sends a message that it is OK to attack anyone.

    What happened on Jan 6th and what lead to it was wrong but the Democrats do the exact same thing and nothing is done about it.

  9. The January 6th insurrection was a violent attack on the US Capitol carried out by Trump supporters that left five people dead and 140 police officers injured. Property damage was $2.73 million. So far, 816 Trump supporters have been arrested by the Justice Department with many pleading guilty to seditious conspiracy.

  10. Let us real Americans make this perfectly clear! Us Americans that don't belong to political parties the whole world allegiance to God country in the US Constitution! That's real Americans that know history no propaganda know that vanguard and black rock which is largely owned by the rothschilds and Rockefeller family speed up propaganda daily all across America on every major media outlet!
    Us real Americans that number in a hundreds of millions no that the Democratic party and some other Republican party members have committed treason sedition coup d'etat against American people in the US Constitution!
    Usual Americans watched for 2 years as a Democratic party control BLM and antifa and allow them with impunity to burn down small businesses police stations murdered hundreds of trump supporters took over sovereign US Territory for Chaz! We also know that Susan Lisa Rosenberg which is a convicted domestic terrorist for bombing the Capitol building back in the eighties also has a foundation called the Rosenberg foundation which laundry's money for millionaires like solos dates and Zuckerberg which thing goes to her Rosenberg foundation down to blm's ACT BLUE then give me a 50% of those Percy's go directly to the Democratic party! We watched FBI become agents provocateurs and tell people that they need to go into the capital we watch BLM and a chief of members record themselves on January 6th working with FBI the Capitol Hill Police to dress as Trump supporters into perpetrate acts of violence against the capital! You saw the Capitol Hill Police lower the barricades screw up the people and point it the interest is to the capital building telling him to go go go! Us real Americans so as Schumer and pelosi deny Trump national guard security for January 6th multiple times! We saw the evidence of ballot harvesting of videos of democratic voters that are charge of counting the votes dump Trump ballots into dumpsters run pedo Biden ballots multiple times through their machines! We watched as dead people boat yeah all evidence gets swept underneath the rug until 2,000 mules came out with a irrefutable evidence of treason and that the 2020 election was stolen n we also know that the satanic New world order globalist members masquerading as Democrats as elected officials committed treasonous criminal act after treasonous criminal act! We have watched every major media outlet live to the American people for decades! We watch every single one of you lie about these experimental mRna Gene transfer shots that will never tested is shut down the American people's throats and now hundreds of thousands or sick and dying over a thousand professional athletes around the world have dropped dead on the field! We watched as the treasonous White House in the domestic terrorist DHS completely opened her Southern borders at the time of 5 million a day to transport children and fighting age males into our country under the cover of night! We watched as the same domestic terrorists DOD State department in the White House leave thousands of America truth behind in Afghanistan to be slaughtered after giving the Taliban and isis every Americans biometrics! The turn around and give the Taliban and isis over 400 million dollars in American taxpayers money along with hundreds of billions in brand new aircraft armored vehicles weapons software equipment! Well actively preventing all rescue attempts to get our boys and girls home! We watched as the same domestic terrorist in DC flew in Taliban and isis fighters with their families into our military bases! We watched as the same domestic terrorists allowed NATO to be headquartered on our soil which is a treasonous act! We watch them blatantly and heinously disregard the US Constitution! We've watched the department of agriculture give the ranchers and farmers offers that they can't refuse! Give him over 3,800 per acre to destroy their crops but if they refuse they would lose their livelihood their farms the ranches! How to create a manufactured food crisis! We watched as the same treasonous domestic terrorists in DC Force doctors and nurses to lie to the American people about these experimental mRna shots! No receipt exactly what's going on and we will hold every single satanic new word order member masquerading as elected officials of federal employees and news anchors accountable for their crimes and just following orders will not save you because we are having another Nuremberg trial for the treasonous crimes in the crimes against humanity that has been petulating since last January! Just following orders will not save any of you treasonous criminals

  11. Nov 2020: 81 million votes highest in US hisstory for Biden – beat Obama more than 10 million votes in 2014
    2022: Disaster – what is wrong with American people???

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  13. I just want to know how many of these protestors crossed state lines. I have heard rumors of state line crossers and even habitual state line crossing, and crossing state lines should be deeply investigated.

  14. This was an attempt to overthrow the government. Antifa is just an idea. Those Nazis in Ukraine don’t count as Nazis because they have a Jewish president. Trump colluded with Russia. It was totally normal for all of the most important swing states to stop counting and then all of a sudden get a bunch of batches of votes that were 100 percent Biden until he had just enough to win. BLM has given millions back to the black community and done amazing things to help black children. Covid can’t be spread during protests or if you are vaccinated. Jussie smollet almost got killed in downtown Chicago just for being a black man. Thanks for watching ABC! 😘

  15. I guess this is the “uniting the country” Joe campaigned on. Seems his purpose is to divide us more and more. Finger point some more , blame people, have trials, hold hearings- all while America circles the drain. This is not the way to lead

  16. Officer Harry Dunn's testimony was my favorite. He accused the president of being a "hit man" and told the rioters: "I voted for Joe Biden" before breaking down sobbing and being consoled by other police officers.

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