Caroline Edwards testifies on Jan. 6 attack on Capitol

The U.S. Capitol Police officer told the House select committee, “It was carnage, it was chaos, I can’t even describe what I saw.”

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48 thoughts on “Caroline Edwards testifies on Jan. 6 attack on Capitol

  1. Lmao the more they exaggerate this, the more tax dollars are getting wasted. War..give me a break. Riots in cities are 10x more violent.

  2. Officer Edwards is either lying thru her teeth or she lives and works in a fantasy world. The only person killed that day was an unarmed woman protestor. Ashley Babbitt was gunned down by Lt. Michael Byrd who shot her from behind a barricaded position. He would be the only cop to fire and kill an unarmed US citizens that day. Soldiers engaged in war, would struggle to take that shot, thinking it would be an act of cowardice.

  3. There is no doubt that the rioters fought Police and that Police were injured and those responsible should be held accountable. My problem is the insinuation that any officers were killed, that she describes the bloody mess that she was slipping on all the blood yet with 14,000 hours of video footage not one video. There is a video of LT Michael Byrd shooting Ashli Babbitt and not actions taken, he didn't warn her, she had no weapon, she was barely 5' 6" tall and posed no immediate threat. How about Risanne Boyland being beaten by Capitol Police officer Lila Morris while unconscious. Right side of video 0:36
    In contrast MSM has repeatedly stated that 5 officers were killed in the riots. Officer Sicknick was bludgeoned to death by rioters when the coroner report states he died of a stroke and had no signs of blunt trauma. Officer Sicknick even called his parents the evening of the 6th and said he was fine. 4 other officers committed suicide, 1 on Jan 9th 21, 1 on Jan 15th, 1 Jul 10th who wasn't at the riots and 1 Jul 29th.

  4. Going with a white woman cop is a good idea. Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson & Greg Gutfeld had to shove their racist bullshit back into their asses & clench their cheeks.
    Their verbal constipation spares those who suffer from their shitty breath.

  5. Gimme a break… She fell down and hit her head. Was nothing like all the Federal and State Officers attacked during the BLM and Antifa riots. They were sprayed in the face, lasered in the eyes, beaten literally, and had molotov cocktails thrown at them. They had cement poured behind the exit doors of the Federal building hoping to seal them in while they set it on fire every night. Fortunately the cement had not set and they were able to get out. Businesses were firebombed and destroyed. WTF is she whining about? This is her job! When are those in the BLM and Antifa riots, who caused more than $6B in damages, who caused the deaths of a number of people, some children, going to get a hearing????

  6. What a crock of horse manure, no one cares what happened to this lady, boo hoo… there was no insurection, election was rigged, Trump won, Cia Antifa combo pied pipered those good folks that day, all a nothing Burger…

  7. Drama Queen's 2 minutes of fame before she retires for good… A real Police Officer…… NOT… Really I'm suppose to believe her story.. Full of Democrat lies… No injury but her terrorizing account leads me to believe she should have some injury… Not even a paper cut… I bet she's a Dem too… Is she really a Police Officer or a Democrat puppet… Who wrote the paper that she's reading… All STAGED ALL FAKE… This is the Democratic way… LIES AND DECEPTION… THE MID-TERMS IS NOT TO FAR AWAY… Remember the gas prices, food prices, Afghanistan pullout, China's rise to power all thanks to the Democrats and BIDEN… This is the Dems last chance before the Mid-Terms

  8. This is so much harder to watch to than Daddy Tucky Karlsky talking about 'tourists' on Fox Snooze. Officer Edwards is a hero. Thank you ABC for broadcasting what actually happened.

  9. Why was she even down there as security??? To tell angry people to settle down? She was overpowered and never should have been there. That's not a job for her, not sorry to say.

  10. I am newly a republican and very pro police. I don’t care about the politics, I care about anyone , white or black rioters attacking our boys and girls in blue. On the front lines.

  11. A nothing burger as usual from the left, after the midterms your going to see lots of real cout cases, lots of military court cases, military treasonous court cases, and lots of people from the left and the right going to jail. Mainly the left though.

  12. Even though those protesters were wrong to storm the Capitol build, sorry to say this but Officer Edwards should have been assigned to a desk job OR two other officers should have been assigned to protect her.

  13. Caroline Edwards didn't and could not possibly testify because it's not a courtroom, it's a kangaroo committee like the kangaroo court impeachments 1 and 2.

  14. Portland police officer told the House select committee… Woops that hearing didn't happen. Maybe Seattle police officer… no wrong again, I know Chicago police officer…nada. Atlanta, no that was where the 8-year-old girl was shot. I'm confused all the fires, burning police cars, dead children, sort of blends together, which one was the Capitol, compared to all the others it had to be really-really bad to get i's own special hearing?

  15. Caroline Edward's you're a joke…. "capital police officer". Worked "hundreds" of disturbances … yeah ok. See your testimony was well rehearsed.

  16. Everyone pay attention ,close as to how they are doing this.
    Having the hearings and airing it during prime time. It's all theatrics….

  17. Imagine if it was an actual insurrection as it should have been and not just a mostly peaceful riot that the liberals are blowing out of proportion. Liberals are ok with riots as long as it fits their narrative as we saw with the BLM looting and destruction. Sadly liberals are so misinformed they don't know what an insurrection is. If it were a true insurrection many politicians would have hanged that day and the swamp would be drained.

  18. A war scene? I wonder if she's ever faced an actual riot? Doesn't look like it, locally we faced rioters whom we could not take action against because the mayor ordered the police chief to not take action in "fear" of backlash and bad publicity hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to already struggling businesses all in the name of BLM? Several officers injured , was called every name in thw book. You dont see me cryibg about it. Part of the job.
    If she's this shocked from an "insurrection" she needs a new job….

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