Former AG Bill Barr testimony played during Jan. 6 committee hearing

“My opinion then and my opinion now is that the election was not stolen by fraud,” Barr said.


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28 thoughts on “Former AG Bill Barr testimony played during Jan. 6 committee hearing

  1. What a sickening spectacle trump is…a compulsive liar. If you’ve never known one, you may not understand. They are a dime a dozen, I’ve been exposed to them throughout my life.

  2. Miles Taylor, President Donald Trump's former Department of Homeland Security chief of staff says he believes that Trump deliberately tried to incite an insurrection on January 6 in order to invoke martial law as part of the “Insurrection Act," to stop the peaceful transfer of power. Trump called it his magic powers.
    "That is a heavy statement that should scare any American citizen."

  3. it isnt a HEARING when the other side shows up on video edited by the dems. duh. its just a show.

    Barr is READING FROM A SCRIPT intead of speaking his mind. this is all bullshit.

  4. Bill Barr is a Traitor to Trump and this testimony is proof of it. He didn’t look into Fraud at all.

    Look at 2000 Mules and Rigged 2020.
    And Suckerbucks donated 400 million dollars to ensure a Joe win with Ballot Stuffing and Ballot Harvesting in key states.

    And they succeeded in installing an Old Stooge. And look at the results!

    A collapsing Economy and Stock Market. Rising ⛽️ Gas prices to record levels to $5 a Gallon. Inflation at 10 percent and record Rent increases of 17 percent in one year.
    A Total Disaster!
    Thanks Suckerbucks!
    Thanks Joe!
    Thanks Barr!
    You despicable Lackeys!

  5. Whether Reps or Dems or Martians were behind it, AMERICAN DEMOCRACY went down the drain when surveillance cameras caught at least 2,000 people throwing in tons of extra ballots into the mailing boxes overnight, days prior to election results😉 & those were just the ones that were caught❗❗

  6. Bill Barr is like the DNC, more interested in working for foreign powers and hates America and Trump relied on him when he thought Barr was a patriot but I warned Trump, Barr associates with international gangsters and he is buddies with Pelosi who is a gangster, look at how California is being invaded and destroyed! So is NY, Trump tried to stop the invasion. Barr wanted invasions. He is a traitor like all the DNC leaders.

  7. What a piece of work Barr is he is now trying to wriggle out from under his rock a present himself as someone to be trusted far far too late for that a trump lackey through and through now found out for the world to see

  8. Why has Steve Banon not been arrested yet. He was threatening AG Galand the other, saying if Trump is indicated there will be war. That was on his show.

  9. Barr needs to be eliminated right there and then right in the heart so he shut the FK up….Barr is a 100% fascist narcissistic personality like Mussolini. Look at Barr psychologically his facial expressions his body movement in his laughter and smile another Mussolini… Mussolini when he got busted trying to escape with his young girlfriend the police waste no time to take Mussolini and his girlfriend outside and she started yelling and getting all stupid they shot her in the heart and then Mussolini started talking crap and shot him in the heart, and took them out to public and laying there dead the people came and stumped his face and kicked him all over his body and disfigured him you couldn't even recognize him he brought it up like a balloon. And then they hang them and they threw stones at them…. Imagine if that would happen to the women of fascist dictators politicians in the United States they are also liable for this criminal activity going on….

  10. Bill Barr is a corrupt paid off beholden criminal. The Democrats are quite literally wasting $Millions of our tax dollars with these proven false theatrics. And yet the media doesn't call it out for what it is (a corrupt partisan distraction from the chaos caused to our nation by the Democrats and the incompetent/ inept "Biden Administration".

  11. Why don't they talk about when Bill Barr a ,loyalist to Trump, spew fake fascist lies in , Sean Hannity, Fox News about the Democrats expanding mailing votes… Bill bar said that it will be, " the greatest rigged election in history"…. That votes will be coming from foreign countries what a psychopathic thought….

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