Gun control activists set to hold first ‘March for Our Lives’ protest since 2018 | ABCNL

As activist and gun violence survivor Ruquan Brown prepares for Saturday’s “March for Our Lives” in Washington, D.C., he said he wants to see American citizens and politicians “commit to love.”

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42 thoughts on “Gun control activists set to hold first ‘March for Our Lives’ protest since 2018 | ABCNL

  1. They still think guns are killing humans…..instead of people. A gun without a person to pull the trigger is harmless!! The ignorance is incredible !

  2. Gun control failed yet again. We will never give up our guns. It’s what protects us from tyrants like the communist democrats.

  3. Not very many protestor for a country of 330 million people. They can't even get 1/10th percent of Americans to come out and support their Anti Freedom gun grab. Rally was a dismal failure. Why are they wasting our time with news on such pathetic turnout.

  4. Ending violence that is perpetrated using firearms can be achieved without new laws that violate the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding gun owners. Enforce the laws on the books and new laws wouldn't be needed! Prosecute criminals who commit crimes with guns and put them away instead of giving them a slap on the wrist. Get fathers to stick around and raise the kids they sire together with the mother of the children. Those and a few other measures would be very effective in ending not only violence perpetrated using firearms, but violence in general.

  5. If you believe that the current call for additional gun restrictions will end with only reasonable measures being enacted, you likely do not believe in the adage, “give them an inch and they will take a mile”. If you believe that enacting new gun laws is cure-all, you likely do not understand the concepts of causation; actual or otherwise. If you believe that enacting new gun laws surpasses enforcing those currently on the books, you are likely uninformed about both proposed and existing laws.

    If you think that students and everyone else will be safe should this country ever become one in which only the police and military personnel possess guns, you should think again. If you trust the federal government to do the right thing in such a scenario, I would point out that there are no term limits for Congress, the federal tax code is a joke, federal spending of taxpayer money is out of control, many a millionaire in the U.S. is an elected servant representative [I am being kind, politician] who wasn't rich until he/she was elected to office, many a politician has been convicted of wrong doing related to their elected office, the political parties attempt to divide rather than unify, there has been no meaningful campaign reform removing any money let alone dark money from the process, political parties tell you the Russians and other countries attempt to influence our elections but fail to be honest and admit the many false promises they make and the lies political advertisements tell is exactly the same thing, and many a politician has attempted to tell you this is the worst country on the planet when so many world citizens are telling you different by coming here. That just names a few things.

    If you trust today’s politicians and today’s federal government more than the founders of the nation who crafted the greatest form of government and drafted the two greatest documents written by humans, one of which enumerates your rights as an American citizen, one day soon you will no doubt regret the power you ceded to them by allowing them to limit those rights.

  6. Sick kids/adults will always find weapons of all sorts, guns knife's cars trucks airplanes WHATEVER to do stupid things and kill !!! We don't have a gun problem…we have a Stupid People Problem !!! Worst of all, democrats refuse to have armed security in our schools and their "Gun Free Zone" is a massive stupid joke !!! They wont secure our borders why secure our schools right. Guns kill knifes kill driving cars through kids in a parade kill… to many sick people, and it runs deep in the democrat party even, they promote violence Schumer, Waters, Pilosi… damn near all of them !!!

  7. Nobody’s taking my guns.
    These people marching are full of it. Decades of gang violence in inner cities with hundreds of thousands dead, where were these white knights?

    All I hear is Bill Burr’s snarky joke about joining a group.

  8. read up on CIA brainwashing techniques. Read up on the Nazi disarmament
    of its people in the 1930s. then, good news, you won't have to be
    ignorant all your life. once this Marxist government has your guns
    confiscated you'll be lined-up in FEMA camps for 'processing.'

  9. Sheeps marching to have their rights and liberties to be taken away. “Those who trade liberty for safety deserve neither”- Benjamin Franklin

  10. Lmao one moron said we not trying to take your guns. Just the military one's. Well stupid that's taking our guns. The whole facts are criminals will still have guns. Do these idiots think criminals are going to go to a store and get a background check. 🤷 What is wrong with these morons. You think the cartel the Cripps the bloods buy in stores or care about background checks. Lmao get the hell out of America your to stupid to live here

  11. Guns are here to stay in this civilization for many more years; stop fantasizing about the "snap of your finger" removal, please. Every time in history when a people are wholly subjected to their government's mercy, it has always resulted in tragedy. The issue is not guns. It's people and the desensitization of mental illness for the past 45+ years, don't let these recent tragedies exploit you.

  12. Cant pass a single law that will prevent people from breaking laws….we can protect our schools the old fashioned way……its ok Liberals….you can thank us later because without people loving America you would arlready be taken over and be delt with by China.

  13. If that's going to protest they should be protest for reparation for foundation black Americans that's what black Americans should be protest for

  14. The Majority of American Christians, TRUSTED their FIREARMS to defend themselves and their families from the BAD GUY with the BIG GUNS, rather than TRUST God with all their Hearts, Minds, Souls, and Strength… not knowing that they can still DIE anywhere, and anytime without the BAD GUY with the BIG GUNS coming at their house/homes.
    Matt. 10:28/paraphrased… Christ said, "FEAR not those who can KILL your Body but can not touch your Soul, rather FEAR God who can DESTROY both body and soul/spirit in hell."
    Matt. 26:52/paraphrased… Christ said, "Anyone (Public/Civilian not Soldiers/Cops) who LIVE by the SWORD (firearms) will DIE by the SWORD (firearms)."
    Luke 22:36/paraphrased… Christ said, "if anyone (a person) who has no SWORD (Words of God), must sell their CLOTH/GARMENT/SHIRT (status and way of life) and buy one.
    Proverbs 18:10/paraphrased… The NAME of the LORD (God) is a STRONG TOWER (fortress/shield of protection), the righteous MAN runs into it and is SAFE."

  15. Omg. I thought this rally was about all of us trying to survive through the Biden administration! Was I surprised! People need to pull their heads out of the sand and protest this messed up world we are living in now, not guns. Back in the 70s and 80s we never had to worry about active shooters at school.

  16. I'm sorry some folks don't get it. All they can see is what's in front of their faces. Beyond that they pay no mind. They just get in line and follow the closest person to them. If you take away gun rights, they will begin taking other rights that don't meet their political agenda. Surely we don't want to give up our rights to protect ourselves and our families. Surely we don't want violent, crooked police and criminals being the only ones with guns. You set a precedent when you rob us of that constitutional right. One that will snowball out of control. I can't see them changing our constitution for people who don't like it. I say you're wasting your time protesting against gun rights. But hey have fun with that.

  17. USA No-Go Zones and Lack of Prosecution and Accountability of Violent Criminals Justify Gun Ownership. People will remain free to defend and protect themselves, their families, their homes and properties, and way of life. The USA is different. We have many no-go zones within many cities. google ; "Chicago weekend shootings" or Philadelphia, or Houston or Baltimore or Detroit or Memphis or St. Louis. The solution to the problem is found in the hard data. And they want to take away people's rights to own legal guns so we become victims of illegal, unaccountable, gun users…Stand up and keep your rights and freedoms.

  18. The RNA and Gun owners believed that the 2nd Amendment was created for the purpose of checking or limiting the power of the Government to ensure the rights of the people or their welfare as they have taught their members and claimed… History will prove that they are WRONG…

    The 2nd Amendment was just added and passed/ratified in 1791 and was not part of the "original" Constitution, more than 15 years since the Independence was declared in 1776.

    Why added?… because the 13 Colonies or now a Newly Independent Nation called the Americans has still an ongoing constant war/battle with Britain that ended only in 1812 and other neighboring territories.

    In other words, the 2nd Amendment was created during the time of War and not of Peacetime, and not for the purpose to limit the power of the Government to ensure the right of the People, but because of the "IMMINENT WAR" that was constantly going on at that time, that is why the 2nd Amendment started with the Statement… "A well MILITIA"… what is a Militia?… it is "ALL able-bodied (public) CIVILIAN Eligible for Military Service… The root word of MILITIA comes from the word MILITARY… For Example, in WWI and WWII, American Civilians were randomly selected to serve the Arm Forces of America, they were called MILITIA… after the World War ended, MILITIA goes back to being Civilian Citizens… Facts and Truth

  19. What they should do is outlaw murder. Say what? They already did that and the criminals still break the law?! I'm sure a mentally unstable person would love to kill people, but draw the line at an illegal weapons charge on top of all the murder charges 🤔 🙄 pull your head out of your donkey and see the world around you. Research what other countries disarmed their population and went on a killing spree against their citizens that weren't compliant… f ing 🐑

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