Jan. 6 investigation committee members lay out findings of ongoing investigation

Former President Trump remains defiant as he dismissed testimony from people in his inner circle, including his daughter Ivanka.

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30 thoughts on “Jan. 6 investigation committee members lay out findings of ongoing investigation

  1. Why don't you let the comments be up on the January 6th hearings? Are you afraid to hear what people really think or are you just so one sided you're afraid to hear it!

  2. This is evil what they’re doing to the stock market, to our #middleclass wealth. It’s disgusting. Then they have the nerve to send $40 billion to Ukraine. And now they want to kill our 2A god given right to own guns. They already attacked HIPAA and 1A during Covid. To hell with these assholes. This is soyboy communism and I don’t like it. #FJB #WEF

  3. Ivanka Trump was blackmailed to lie about 2020. Reinvestigate 6JanAssault and 2020! Plus, the Biden administration and other US Democrats want to lift sanctions on Putin's Russia, but they and their media dare to accuse Donald Trump and other Republicans of having links with Russia after that! This is how the Democrats fool the naive American voters. Moreover, the Democrats do not trust LGBT and BLM Americans to run the US War Department and intelligence agencies! I should add that Ukraine is still not part of Russia. So I am writing and reminding you that Americans better vote for Donald Trump in 2024! Voting Democratic is like watching a Hollywood movie Graboids vs Aliens or Traitor. (Do you know the Graboids from Tremors?) Americans, vote Republican! Moreover, the ruling Democrats lifted sanctions against Russian fertilizers! It's time to add that the NATO states are dependent on the supply of Russian titanium. The Democrats did not impose sanctions on Russian titanium exports to NATO states! Over time, the United States receives more and more circumstantial evidence that it is the American Democratic Party and the ruling British party of Boris Johnson, the ruling parties of Israel and the United Arab Emirates that are allies and servants of the ruling Kremlin oligarchs. But not the American Republican Party! The Kremlin cannot buy everyone, only the globalists. Remember that Russian oligarchs, their descendants and friends rest comfortably in the resorts of Turkey, Dubai and Israel through the fault and connivance of the Biden administration and other Democrats of America! (Without sanctions pressure, arrests, confiscations and expulsions.) Democrats are even afraid to throw out British ministers led by Boris Johnson and their families to their friend and master Vladimir Putin in Russia. (Expulsion with complete confiscation of money, property, securities and British citizenship.) The Biden administration is afraid to expel the current Israeli and Emirati governments to Russia, hospitably hosting the ruling Russian oligarchs and their friends in their states!

    The West has long bothered the Russians to impudently stick their dirty hands into Russia – politics, culture, traditions and more! The West has done a lot of damage to the Russians, who someday will take terrible revenge. The West has made many enemies, especially the US – not only the Russians! Do you think that only normal Russian patriots dream of chopping off the head of a CIA agent? In 1991, the Soviet army, police, special services, scientific, political and cultural elite betrayed the Soviet Nation, so the Russians were enslaved by America as a result of the collapse of the USSR! Russia paid America a lot of tribute and suffered terrible losses that have not yet been replenished. The West has not yet repented to Russia and has not paid full compensation for centuries of damage to the Russians! Moreover, the EU, Turkey and other states have not returned to Russia many missing and stolen Russian women and children – neither alive nor dead. (Since the last century, you can investigate this.) The criminals who kidnapped these women and children went unpunished with the full connivance of the local police, intelligence agencies and American Democrats, the fate of these Russian victims is unknown! (The same goes for Russians who are missing in the US and have no money to return from America to Russia.) You should also remember that Democratic President Joe Biden still hasn't said that the US is First. But Republican President Donald Trump did it for the glory of America! American teachers are not armed for safer schools because the Democrats are resisting this reform. Americans, Vote Republican! The Republican Party will solve many problems with the electoral support of the Greatest American Nation. The USA is the Greatest Federation and the Supreme Master of the world, all other states must obey America! The Republicans have the determination to do this, they are even ready to start a nuclear war in the interests of America and deport homeless Russian emigration losers back to Russia. (Why does America need these beggars, especially in today's situation?) Americans, vote Republican! Israel is a true ally of America, therefore the United States is obliged to recognize Cyprus as a legitimate territory and part of the Israeli state. But American Democrats do not even understand that for mass space exploration it is necessary to reduce flight overloads by making the trajectory of takeoff and landing of spacecraft more gentle! (This means increased fuel consumption and time.) Some of my friends suspect that Muslims are fake believers because they have not yet built a joint orbital mosque for the glory of Allah. (Special space station for Muslim prayers.) Even Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar, UAE and Indonesia! (“Tolerant” Democrats didn’t offer this to Muslims, so American Muslims better vote Republican!) The same fake Democrats of America, because LGBT rights are still infringed here and there in the US despite the wealth and power of the Democratic Party and media. Moreover, a woman has never been Secretary of War in Democratic presidential administrations with the connivance of American feminists and BLM! Therefore, we have the right to consider these feminists and BLM as fake human rights activists too. It is to be discussed!

  4. The Schiff family shared a house with the Rothschild family in Frankfurt in the later half of the 18th century. The Rothschild sons (the "5 arrows") went on to capture control of the banking markets in the major capitols of Europe, culminating in Nathan Rothschild's seisure of control of the Bank of England in 1815. Later, Jacob Schiff moved to the US and married into the Loeb family (and took control of Kuhn Loeb & Co., still one of the owning banks of the Federal Reserve … when you see 'Kuhn, Loeb & Co'., read: Schiff). He arranged loans (of Rothschild money, essentially) to J.D. Rockefeller beginning in the 1860's (I think) through the National City Bank of Cleveland. With that virtually limitless supply of capital, Rockefeller was able to create an oil monopoly in the US, making the Rockefeller family very powerful, and, since the Rothschilds had made similar moves to win the Morgans (banking) Harrimans (railroad), and other industrialists, bankers and congressmen into their court, this set the stage for the coup of 1913 – the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank System.

  5. Jacob Schiff was head of the New York investment firm, Kuhn, Loeb & Co. He was one of the principal backers of the Bolshevik revolution and personally financed Trotsky's trip from New York to Russia. He was a major contributor to Woodrow Wilson's presidential campaign and an advocate for passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

  6. ABC should change their name to All Bullshit Communist propaganda. These Marxists are following a playbook but you Americans are too dumbed down to recognize a Bolshevik takeover when you see it. Bolshevic? Duh…what's that? My point exactly.

  7. More lies and distractions as the Democrats continue their communist destruction of America. Biden shutting down the oil pipelines then blaming high gas prices on the Ukraine war. More of the same as they rig elections and then demonize and jail anyone who dares to protest while they stand down to those who loot and burn cities. Unbelievable.

  8. Political witch hunt.,,Trump hate…disgusting..where is Epps, why wasn’t the national guard brought in like Trump ask for..tired of democratic lies and hate…this should tell every American exactly why they need to vote against every democrat on the ballot…this announcer is so bias it’s disgusting…ABC is like Democratic Provda

  9. Sham…. bull 💩… one sided democratic conspiracy… no evidence. TRUMP didn't incite anything… Nancy Pelosi should have had security there… an didn't…. what a joke.. democrats have destroyed America… an our democracy. Prime time tv… they trying to lie to the people yet again… 2000 mules…. mail in fraud… we all know there's no 81 million for joe

  10. Elizabeth Cheney you chose to go with the globalist elites, that is your choice. You cannot blame anybody else for your career end, you took a chance, now you will have to start selling ice cream on street corners. Because we the people, not Trump, want the democrat 30 pieces of silver back. ( You not going to use our money to turn on us !! ) Let us see how your woke pals help you ? If you have any respect and dignity, give this money back to the people, this goes for the other fool who took the bribe as well. Lizzy, this is your own doing, do not blame anybody else.

  11. 🤔 Wondering —- A big question is “who funded the insurrection.” Douglas Mastriano — a white Christian nationalist candidate from PA — received $thousands$ from Martin’s bakery. Martin’s has operations in USA, Canada, Middle East, EU, and Australia. Did the money come solely from the US? Or did it include money from other countries too? Could Martin’s be using its overseas connections to funnel money into anti-democratic operations here in the US? [I’d skip those potato rolls if I were you.]
    #rachelmaddow #alivelshi #arimelber #msnbc #cnn #abcnews #nbcnews #cbsnews #pbsnews #yamichealcindor #amanpourandcompany #georgestephanoupolis #60minutes #60minutesaustralia #bbcnews #cbcnews #theguardian #buzzfeed #newyorktimes #dnc #thelincolnproject

  12. Ha! To totally BIASED Cheney, Kinzinger, Raskin, Pelosi & Schiff & Fake News— "Have you no shame!" — as said to Joe McCarthy that ended the 1950s McCarthy-led Red Scare witch-hunt in total Disgrace!!! Also Trump had asked for 20,000 Nat’l Guard to secure Capitol that was refused by Pelosi. Ask her why?! But the biased Dem Committee won’t let you!

  13. Congress acting far beyond it's constituted powers.
    Exercising supeana power far beyond legitimate legislative purpose
    This propaganda
    No time for real issues that matter to US

    Your Majesty, the people can't afford gas !
    Let them drive electric !!!

  14. why didnt pelosi order more security for jan 6 after being asked by capital sgt? why is the former capital police sgt not cooperating? why did 4 capital police officers commit suicide after the investigation began? why did capital police officers wave in protestors?

  15. They didn't "lay out findings". They just presented findings they thought would discredit Trump. Any normal hearing would include a response to the "findings" by apposing viewpoints. The Jan 6 kangaroo court is what it is.

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