Law professor: Congress only has ‘the power to persuade’ | ABCNL

ABC News Phil Lipof speaks to Cardoza constitutional law professor Deborah Pearlstein about the politicization of Jan 6., its effects on democracy and whether the committee presented a strong case.

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36 thoughts on “Law professor: Congress only has ‘the power to persuade’ | ABCNL

  1. Hahaha…we used to be a Super Power before dementia was put in the ̶W̶h̶i̶t̶e̶Crack House…alll those Democrats have kids on Ukraine company Board of Directors laundering this countries money into their own pockets. Making you Democrat voters even poorer with inflation…hahahaha😂🤣💦

  2. The doj should have been conducting their own investigation and prosecutions long before this the attorney general has sat on his ass and put the entire nation at risk with his delay. The only thing this committee can do is put pressure on the doj by bringing the evidence to light.

  3. The idiots at work. Really great snow job, not. The ridiculous leading the blind, leading mthe stupid. That's ABC and the dems in Congress. The real criminal is Biden, and you missed the greatest story eve. FOOLS.

  4. There are actually over 333 million legal Americans in this country , an estimated over 25 million illegals here in this country and less than 18 million viewers for the sham partisan political committee tried to prove what didn't happen.
    From the start claiming five police officers death caused by the protest.
    What a crock of 💩,the lunatics that hired the Defunct director of this smear campaign.

  5. Everyone knows the US Presidential election was just as FREE and FAIR as the elections in Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Equatorial Guinea etc
    That is just a matter of FACT.
    It is time for the GOP to move on and get ready for the next elections

  6. The democratic party believe that American Citizens are dumb or idiot? The democratic party believe that all American Citizens isn't seeing how the Joe Biden administration is terrible? The democratic party is trying hide the inflation, high criminality, high number illegal immigrant crossing the border, high gasoline price and others bad situation? The democratic party forget what the BLM and ANTIFA made and continue making harmong people, destroying business centers, hurt people and much time murdered people and now the democratic party is remember about january 6 making one big drama about trying to make that American Citizens forget all the bad things that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made!

  7. america is weird.
    your msm spent almost 6yr attacking trump.
    now the world on the brink of ww3 n global recession, yet your msm keep defending biden.🤦
    You elected an idiot, stop defending idiocy.

  8. My electric bill before this rigged election, was 0.0833 Pence for 1 Kwh for my night rate. My day rate was 13.883. Then Eric Coomer and Bryan A, Vordran went to work. Today my Day rate is 30.011 Pence for 1 Kwh, and 30.011 Pence for my Night rate. A kilo of rice in Britain before the US used 9 ways to tamper Dominion voting machines, was .95 English Pence. Today a kilo of rice costs 1.90 English Pounds. This will increase to 2.60 English pounds next month, that is July 2022. Trust me, we will remove all the leadership of the FBI, and we will drain the swamp !

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  10. Pls report CHINA Tang shan five mafia man sexual harrass women at a barbecue bar , and bloodyly beat the women, pls help Chinese wwomen

  11. Pls report CHINA Tang shan five mafia man sexual harrass women at a barbecue bar , and bloodyly beat the women, pls help Chinese women


  12. REALITY JAIL TV 2022.

    Stupid and the MAGATs and the whole cell block were dancing to the Jail Trump Rock!


  13. I have been told since moving to the South as a child, that "the South will rise again."

    What they didn't tell me is that the "South" would team up with the Nazis and Autocrats to do it…

  14. Not being able to afford food or gas is more important to 90% of the population than a bunch of unarmed idiots breaking windows into the capitol on one afternoon. Don't believe me? Watch how bad Democrats get thrown out of office in November.

  15. Leftist marxist atheists and media are the enemies of own country. Anti-nationals. Fifth columnists.

    Leftist marxist atheists support illegals over citizens. Insult tax paying real citizens. Disrespect elected leaders. Kill patriotism.

    Destroy individuals. Destroy families. Destroy trust, innocence. Destroy friendship, goodness, holiness, modesty, puriry, honesty.

    Support infanticide in wombs.

    Made beasts out of individuals reducing to below animal status. Made mockery of individual value. Made mockery of marriage. Made to distrust people. Make controversies out of nothing.

    Leftist marxist atheism curriculum taught in schools and universities that life is meaningless, purposeless.

    Atheism raised rebellious, depressed people, fatherless children depriving love and affection they deserve. Atheism brought lack of love, insecurity, stress, trauma, abuse, loneliness, lack of kindness, burning businesses, looting, attacking Police.

    In face of superior argument, the inferior argument becomes violent.

    Donald Trump vs low cognitive Joe Biden coverage palpable of bias. Dangerous selective reporting. Create controversies for no reason.

    How good it will be if controversies not manufactured in first place.

    Leftist marxist atheists are gutless to condemn Islam terrorists.
    But overt Christophobes. Attack Christians knowing their non-retaliatory stand. Imagine the majority community rebel.

    Atheists destroy the good work great institutions do or doing. But have no alternative or willingness or motivation or intention or reference to help or do themselves. Good at destruction, not construction.

    Living in prosperous cozy Christian foundational non-retaliatory countries and becoming celebrities.

    Atheists if you have spine go live and criticize Islam, and other religions in their countries and become even more popular.

    Atheists please show your credentials by moving to and transforming undeveloped country in to a prosperous country. Open borders. Illegals, Muslims, Islamic supremacist welcome. Zero rallies/protests against Muslims or zero legal actions if they are against LGBT or refuse to bake gay wedding cakes or refuse to sell pork. Zero investigations on Islamic institutional child abuse. Zero criticism of Muslim hypocrisy. Laissez-faire. Burning and looting businesses are peaceful protests, not crime. Christophia is constitutional right. Defund police to non-existence. Global cooling. Create utopia. Without copying Jesus Christ principles of equality, human value, human dignity. Then rest of world will have bragging rights to praise you and undying respect for atheism.

    Atheism already destroyed Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela etc. Atheism is proven failed ideology. Want to destroy every country.

    Have no morals as reference point, should have no right to make decisions affecting majority.

    Praise celebrities shamelessly cover their dirty deeds and critize every other.

    Discuss a problem with 'expert panel', blame vehemently all others, but ignore the root cause ie evil pre-existing in everyone.

    Have the conclusion written first to blame a target group, and then find favorable witnesses to pretend justifications.

    Atheism never produced a line that is comforting on a death bed.

    That's why I left atheism.

    Reject marxist atheism. They transform societies to third world country.

    And remember old times, original godly roots and foundations, there is profit in it. Each individual is fallen, broken to core already and needs healing, purpose, meaning, acceptance, forgiveness, hope, eternity which are available for free.

  16. During Trump's tenure, the US economy contracted at the fastest rate since 1946. The national debt under Trump increased by 39 percent. The annual deficit under Trump ranks as the third highest of any president in history. Since 1933, the US economy has grown at an annual average rate of 4.6 percent under Democratic presidents and 2.4 percent under Republicans. GOP tax cuts for the wealthy have never boosted the US economy. Ten of eleven U.S. recessions between 1953 and the present began under Republican presidents.

  17. The Jan 6th hearing sounded a lot like what the Democrats did for 4 years and are still doing.

    The Democrats tried to overturn the 2016 election for 4 years.

    The Democrats supported and encouraged the Democrat / Liberals who rioted, looted and burnt down cities across the country. Democrats demand police stand down and did not send in the military to help.

    The Democrats attack and encourage their supporters to attack anyone who does not support them. Anyone who does not support the Democrats must be silenced. Anyone who does not support the Democrats is automatically called racist, sexist, homophobic. Anyone who runs in an election against a Democrat is called racist, sexist, homophobic and people will come out if the woodwork accusing them of sexual assault. All the Democrats race baiting, hate and division leads to more racism, hate and division and sends a message that it is OK to attack anyone.

    What happened on Jan 6th and what lead to it was wrong but the Democrats do the exact same thing and nothing is done about it.

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