Sandy Hook shooting survivors react to Uvalde school shooting

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz previews her sit-down interview with survivors of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.

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40 thoughts on “Sandy Hook shooting survivors react to Uvalde school shooting

  1. my mom has actually consider home schooling me and my siblings, I live in Texas and I had several lockdowns but the schools won’t admit we where in danger . A FOURTH GRADER brought a “weapon” at K.E little Elementary were my youngest siblings go to school to and called the child special.The Santa Fe high school my cousin went to got shoot up and like about 10-16 people got killed and the also called the shooter special and that he was on medication and he’s in a MENTAL HOSPITAL instead of being in jail!.Now the Uvalde school shooting it really truly breaks my heart my sister is the same age as does fourth graders and I couldn’t imagine Losing a sibling like that .

  2. What a sad and uniquely American problem. I hope you guys can make some change eventually, although I won't get my hopes up. Glad I went to school in Australia.

  3. Gun are good 👍 I like AR-15. If the school shooter was smart he should of had someone helping him. Imagine who much more could of died if he had help lol. With Sevan people the hole school could of died. Or he could of posiond everybody or burned them alive or runed them over with a car it funny that people believe guns are the problem they are not. More people they from crime then school shootings sow I don't care about the USA school shootings problems.

  4. This is news now tomorrow it’s will be forgotten again.. over and over again, it’s become common. We should have up the age to 25 to own a gun ,there should be a GPS on the guns sold today so they can be tracked once stolen, one gun owner,and high powered rifles should not be sold to the public, Criminal and mental background check.You’ll never stop them from selling guns , but we should be able to control what and when it’s sold to the public.

  5. love how we’re still doing absolutely nothing to solve this issue. it’s like the majority of ppl already forgot ab it. i honestly hate living in the US, the system is disgusting and the ppl in charge here don’t take action bc they care about appeasing their supporters so they can stay in power.

    (and to the conservatives, trumpers, gun obsessed weirdos, pls don’t tell me to move to a different country. it’s not that easy to just get up and move out of the country. if i had the ability to i 100% would move my family to somewhere like france, norway, or sweden.)

  6. that's why 4th of July a bunch of poc online have decided to boycott this country but no one is spreading and TikTok are in a hurry to ban anyone speaks of boycotting the country we aren't going out on 4th of July we do not purchase anything on that day we don't even celebrate from that day on it should be a large amount of us doing this that'll have an affect on this country but people don't care and TikTok has already caught on this protest comes from the racist mass shooting that occured poc don't want to be shot and if y'all want to see better in this country also join us it urks me that y'all don't give AF and keep letting it happen And this isn't limiting any race y'all can always join it'll be better for more people

  7. R.i.p Xavier, Amerie, Eliahna, Rojelio, Jayce, Uziyah, Ellie, Tess, Maite, Jose, Nevaeh, Maranda, Layla, Alexandria, Jacklyn, Annabelle, Jailah, Makenna, Alithia, Eva, and Irma

  8. Columbine, Sandy Hook… and more. Those survivors are proof that they never do anything about it. We’re just adding schools and lives to the list. It needs to be a country wide thing, not just those states that have the higher risk. Don’t wait for more bloodshed. Has compassion and hearts completely been lost with insanity of the world?

  9. Our high school this year had a near school shooting this past year. If you look up Burnsville High School news, you can look it up but that could have been a shooting and that is something that should never happen. I am going to be a sophomore in high school this September and that still lurks in my mind that what happened in March could have been another sad day for everyone.

  10. When the children who went through a masks shooting have had the time to grow up and speak out more than the representatives have or made more of a difference than the adults is America in a nutshell. A living nightmare that never ends.

  11. I still can't look at the pictures of Sandy Hook and Uvalde victims without tearing up. Im glad Sandy Hook kids wasn't in their class room that long with a killer, 4 minutes is how long it should take, but an hour or so is unacceptable. I plan on taking a trip to Uvalde and just see the town and the memorial.

  12. "Psychopath" keeps shopping the rifle & bullet legally, then they use it in town, school, workplace, shopping mall hunting kids, teachers and persons.
    Some politicians let it go. What do they expect? Bringing rifles to life everywhere for working, going to classroom, shopping, dinner to fight back? It's impossible!
    This is horrible time! 😐

  13. I was in the 3rd grade when the sandy hook tragedy happened and watching it be broadcasted on the news at that young age scared me to death. The days after was the very first time we had ever had any talk about lockdown drills in my county here. I started to develop terrible anxiety afterwards when I went to school, being scared to go because of the “what if..” of an intruder going in to hurt us. Fast forward to me being in 9th grade, watching the terrible school shooting of Stoneman Douglas in the news AGAIN, and coming to a realization that nothing has changed since Sandy hook. More so columbine.

    I’ve now graduated in 2022 from highschool, and it’s sad to say that I was lucky enough to not go through such horrifying experience. Students are supposed to feel safe in a place where they can learn and grow. Living in America is now not only fearing to go school, but fearing of the possibility of being killed at a shopping mall, nail salon, cinema, club, park etc due to a mass shooting terrorist attack. I won’t say I’m not relief of probably going through a mass shooting since I’m not in school anymore, because it can happen anywhere at any given time.

  14. So sad. Ban assault rifles. Every mass shooter used one it's a no brainer. No it won't solve all gun violence but it can curb mass shootings. For the love of God choose people over assault rifles. No civilian need an assault rifle for any reason. Full stop.

  15. omg they've all grown. I haven't seen them since the shooting. No child should ever have to go through that. it's sad because it's a trauma they will carry including the children from Uvalde. Is there a maximum number of kids that need to be killed by these weapons of mass distraction to STOP THIS MASSACRES?!?! Is like I am living in a weird planet that can't seem to wake some of these people. We shouldn't have to go through another school shooting since the Columbine shooting. This needs to stop, and we need to vote some of these sick people who don't seem to care…it looks like they rather hold on to power and greed than to do the right thing to save the life's of children. very sick. They need to ban those semi automatics, but it's like talking to zombies. they have no conscious. I hope people will go out and vote, even the people have never voted this is your chance to make a HUGE difference for the sake of the children and future generations

  16. Correction ABC, there are no assault weapons to get rid of as civilians have never had access to them to begin with. The AR-15 has nothing to do with assault it may look ‘scary’ but it’s like any other sportsman rifle and it’s type of ammunition is quite a bit weaker than variants the military use. Getting rid of guns will never be able to resolve this issue plaguing our nation we need to fix the divide our country has and improve mental health outreach and services as well as prevent certain individuals from obtaining guns in the first place.

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