Ukraine calls for more aid as fighting intensifies | ABCNL

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is calling for additional help as Russian forces intensify their attacks in the Donbas region. ABC News’ Britt Clennett reports from Kyiv.
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42 thoughts on “Ukraine calls for more aid as fighting intensifies | ABCNL

  1. Cheap ass and scared country send them bigger and farther shooting artillery with long range missiles for Russia's territory. Let Ukraine beat on them for a while then NATO should tell Russia it time to roll up your tent and head home with your tell up pudding's ass

  2. Okay does anyone not remember they have recieved over 40 BILLION in aid …. And they don’t have enough ammunition or guns???

    where did it all the $ go 🤔 ?????

  3. All of this bullshit that every mainstream channel and YouTube channels are promoting will blow back at them they're cheering on a war that ukraine isn't winning its making it worse for them everyday and zelensky keeps asking for more aid and still losing know when to give up and you'll end this faster that way don't lie to the public and let them down after you've lost because you won't be able to spin this after

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  5. This has got to stop America!!! When will you be happy biden? Enough is Enough!!! Our $ has helped them make this longer than it should of!!!

  6. A couple of hundred years ago is really the same as now, the past creates the future. Stop being scum to each other.

  7. SOA/WHINSEC-trained soldiers are the military muscle that keeps in place a system guaranteeing profits for the elites—and exploitation for the poor. Many immigrants to the United States are victims of U.S.-sponsored military training and atrocities in Latin America.

  8. This war will be a great down fall for russia and any other nation who defis the armies of the living God .many who survived the holocaust are suffering due to Russian and world the leaders who chose to follow. make me sick all of you are weak spinless cowards should be you on the front lines sad when a poor working class man sees this great evil you sit in your throwns built on our backs blood an guts terrible May the lord render his just weight to you in his perfect time . To all who are suffering cry out with a loud voice to the lord he will hear and will speedy answer ur prayers he will forget not one nor dose he slumber just wait on the lord all who trust in him he is just to keep his promise . He will bless those who bless the an curse them who curse the this is to all gods children which ye are stand strong thur him nothing is impossible . Not our will but thy will be done

  9. Ukrainians, you think you are fighting for EU, so the entire EU and the world has the obligation to support you? Well, don't fight for others, no one asked you to do that, save your own lives. EU and US just use your people to F RU. At the end, either they get their high or they cannot keep on and pull out, either way, when they are done, they will ditch you like a used condom.


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  11. UKRANIANS! are the victims from both, NATO! and Mister Putin. And without forgetting the dagger at their backs, or the very corrupt, Ukranian Politicians.

  12. We could come out cheaper if the UN would just take putin's ass out It's the only way he's gonna stop .Take him out Osama Bin Laden style Ukraine needs to be able to start bombing Russia . So the Russians know what it feels like to suffer like they keep making the Ukrainian People feel .

  13. The most we’re going to send our javelins and be lucky 1500 is enough if you can’t put 1500 javelins in the right spot then we just shouldn’t use them at all next step you’re going to receive 556 learn how to shoot them we got a lot of leftovers from Vietnam considered a gift 40 mm thumpers old fashion old fashion but they work on shot reload and last but not least we still may have a few old tricks up her sleeve say maybe a couple dozen thousand shells for your howitzers other than that we’re not sending over high-tech equipment

  14. Posted on Telegram by Amir Tsarfati: The Russians are destroying the weapons depots, which the Ukrainians are receiving from the West, here tonight from the attacked city of Mykolaiv (near Odessa). Powerful sub-explosions.

  15. I don't want to sound messed up but the U.S should stop providing aid. We already gave them what they need. Ukraine is not part of NATO

  16. I support Ukraine, they remind me of ourselves. They need help and we need to stay supportive. How would you like it if this was happening to you and someone told you, oh sorry go ahead and die, it is too expensive for us. How selfish!! Where were you complainers when Trump was spending Mercilessly and stealing your tax dollars? At least this is a good cause. We need to grow up. Talk is cheap, action wins wars. Ukraine deserves to continue to be independent and not under Evil Russian Control. I am surprised at the non caring people that call themselves Americans.

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