2 former officers break down the police response to the Uvalde shooting

Former NYPD chief of detectives Robert Boyce and Jarrod Burguan, the former chief of police in San Bernardino, break down the police response to the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

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36 thoughts on “2 former officers break down the police response to the Uvalde shooting

  1. Aren't the Texas Rangers members of law enforcement? What do you think they are going to do to the officers who were on the scene? New LIES, or just a continuation of the lies already spewed out?

    I keep hearing this crap about it turned into a "barricaded subject" Since when does a barricaded subject continue to fire in a school full of elementary school kids? I guess we're going to be told that ALL of the law enforcement on site just happened to be deaf. Wonderful!

  2. Transparency is something mayor and the police chief are claiming after they showed cowardice in response to the massacre in the uvalde school, trying to justify their actions, the only transparency they have to show is resignations without controversy and just step down, do the right thing and show transparency to the people to ensure public integrity!

  3. Just stating a Fact that no one has said anything about; Everyone one of the victims including his grandma are all minority even the teachers. I think a higher feeling of better them than me had to go through their minds. Parents tried to rescue their children with all their love and was stopped because the cowards didn't want to be exposed!! Freaking hateful police department 😡

  4. so you have criminals in the schools committing crimes, then you put a police officer in the school and the criminals are beginning to get arrested and it is complained about? ridiculous…

  5. I don't know why the police officers from that school did not have keys to the classes I feel at all times all those officers shouldn't have master key to all those classrooms I feel they were just there to take there checks just there for the money sad.

  6. This chief must be related to Joe and Hunter.

    If he didn't have a radio, how did he call for more equipment. If he wasn't the incident commander who was called for more equipment and who did they call, normally the subordinates ask the incident commander and the IC assigns procurement duties.

  7. They should all be fired without pay…What can be done ban these weapons for citizens that don't deserve too carry them, these weapons should solely be for military or police officers. This was cowardness and many officers with physical or mental instability, shouldn't be officers…There is no excuse for them not too enter, even putting themselves in harm's way,their jobs were too protect,no matter what they could've shot him through a window…He should have been stopped before entering the school…

  8. There are two things this country will never have: Decent healthcare and gun control. Those cops and especially the police chief now city f*ucking council member FAILED. Thats it, they FAILED. They FAILED becaause they were afraid. There is no legitimate excuse they or any of the ignorant cop defenders in the comments can give as to why nothing was done until it was too late. Lack of equipment is no excuse as a BP agent went in with little to nothing. Lack of funding is no excuse either as they had plenty of officers on the scene just standing around. This isn't the first time this has happened and it sadly wont be the last either…

  9. The reason people hate the police so much 🐖isn't that they catch criminals it's because police make everyone appear to be criminals while removing food from tables and extorting hard-earned incomes from the innocent with the justification that it's up to the judge to sort things out! (Police volcanically destroy lives and families for profit and it is dead wrong!)
    The fact is Qualified Immunity was Satan's greatest gift to protect the police from personal lawsuits and is the primary reason our nation has such volcanic justifiable hate for the sovereign police! It's beyond the time the police are licensed rather than certified and carry their own liability insurance saving taxpayers 23 billion dollars annually from valid lawsuits against bad cops!
    – Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022

  10. The most important questions is , were the lives of the Nineteen young inocent Children and their Teachers Not Worth the lives of police officers had they been in the class room and being shot and killed . Would those Nineteen police officers that were on the other side of the class room door standing in the hallway and KNOWING that their fellow officers were able to make several 911 calls and said we desperately need your help , would the order to wait for reinforcements have been Obeyed or would each of those police officers risk their lives so that other lives may be saved . The Answers to those questions are self evident , so why was that sacrifice not extended or just given too the Children and their Teachers .

  11. Please quit calling it a failure. It was calculated and everyone knows it. Will you really be telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Please don’t insult us by calling it a failure.

  12. There is absolutely NO GOOD REASON OR EXPLANATION for not doing the job they were trained for, sworn to uphold and paid to do!!! This all is WAYYYYY BIGGER THAN MOST EVERYONE KNOWS AND WOULD BE ABLE TO HANDLE IF THEY KNEW WHAT THE AGENDA IS BEHIND ALL THESE SHOOTINGS

  13. Garland calls it a review, not an investigation. I believe I heard that the mayor requested a review because a review does not end in charges. The anchor woman keeps calling it an investigation.

  14. I know for a fact, unfortunately, that Officers in the schools make a difference. I live in NYC. They greet you at the desk. I am somewhat grateful and sad at the same time. I feel safer for my kids.

  15. Uvalde School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo Is a COWARD, DISGRACE AND A LIER! THIS MAN helped cause the death of those innocent children and teachers! (In my opinion) MY GOD WHERE ARE THE REAL HEROS!

  16. This is just insane!! This should not even be happening so why blame the police?? Blame your fucking idiotic idea USA that you have some kind of right to wear guns from a law hundred yrs ago. Hahahaha, if I would obey to a Swedish law fro 1800 I wouldn´t be alive, would have been hanged or something..

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