Armed man arrested near Justice Kavanaugh’s home charged with attempted murder

A man was charged with attempted murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for allegedly making threats against his life and showing up near his Maryland home armed.

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33 thoughts on “Armed man arrested near Justice Kavanaugh’s home charged with attempted murder

  1. This makes me feel great. At least now the elites know that they cannot act with impunity. Someone will be driven enough to find them. It would've been something special if this plot went successful.

  2. Lmao Jan 6th was an insurrection versus literal first degree murder plot. Socialist Democrats are shaking ( mostly cuz they now have to take one of their puppets >gun rights< )

  3. The plot to kill Kavanaugh, The Dept. of Homeland Security urgently warning law enforcement across the country to prepare for severe and violent riots if Roe vs. Wade is overturned, the "mostly-peaceful" Antifa and BLM riots in 2020, continued threats from the Left to "burn it all down" if they don't get their way, millions of people pouring into the country over the southern border totally unvetted — some of whom are terrorists and violent criminals that will end up committing crimes and killing Americans, etc.
    But just remember, Libs and Dems will look you in the eye and tell you that White supremacists are the GREATEST threat to the U.S.

  4. The attempted assassination of a Supreme Court judge based on the violent language from Sen. Chuck Schumer is the most threatening issue today to our democracy. This far out ways the protests from Jan 6th. And major news outlets pushed this story down to inconsequential by burying it. That act by outlets like MSNBC, NY Times, WaPo etc is nothing more than an attempt to keep American in the dark about criminal actions by the likes of Schumer inciting violence towards our Supreme Court justices. Was Schumer conducting treason for his actions? You be the judge. There needs to be a Congressional investigation into this, and Americans need to be kept informed so they can vote for the best candidates come Nov. If Democrats suppress this heinous attack on our democracy, then that should let the American voter know that another major issue in America, like the border crisis, astronomical inflation, bringing us on the brink of nuclear war with Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, etc., is being hidden using the same propaganda techniques of fascist autocrats. We need to surround our Supreme Court justices with extensive armed forces to keep them safe. This should be a priority for the Democrat led Congress. If it's not, then that may support the claims that their party is looking to have justices murdered so they can be replaced by Biden. If that were true, then that would really be the end of our democracy in America. Let's hope it just a conspiracy theory. So, investigate Schumer and safeguard our justices now!

  5. i think it was jen pasaki who said the biden admin and I encourage demonstrations outside SCOTUS homes .. and make their voices heard … even though it's federally illegal to to so ..

    good going to those who say they want to live by rule of law , protect and defend "DEMOCRACY" your very own words and actions over and over again ,prove otherwise !!! this admin represents anything and everything when it comes to " protection and preserving DEMOCRACY !!! and following rule of law state or federal !!!

    infact I and many would say this admin is doing / throwing everything it has at to destroying "DEMOCRACY" and will use "rule of law when only when convenient "

  6. Im very pleased that those conservative justices wont have piece! Bravo! They should have not been appointed by a criminal president trump that should be in prison.

  7. What's the big deal about the leaked Supreme Court draft? Everyone knew the lying ideologues appointed by Trump were going to do his bidding.

  8. If Kavanaugh can make a ruling to strike down gun laws, he can take the consequences. Give him a weapon–throw in a free bottle of booze–and let him take care of business.

  9. Schumer gave Kavanaugh a prophetic warning. A heroic young man overcame his inner demons to call the police on himself, and the republicans can only complain.

  10. For a time Roske was home-schooled, an education that was supplemented with programs at Shepherd’s Community Church, a nondenominational Christian church on Saticoy Street in Canoga Park, according to a fellow classmate there.

  11. What a mess the last 11/2 year has been what a mess.

    gas, food, baby's food, Border, killer drugs killing 300 American youth a day coming over our border, new bad wars bad negotiations.

    We need people in office that can fix this stuff. Make wise decision when you vote for someone, people this stuff is shameful. Get to work Government on the important things,

    this is shameful.

  12. In retrospect, Brett probably doesn't own a firearm and has too many doors in his house. He was basically asking for it.

  13. Who calls police on themselves. Seems a good way to make protesters seem wrong doer’s. I think I read the play. I call this kind of stuff regardless of which side. Don’t try to prevent humanity from dealing with the pivotal issues. That’s backward.

  14. Only thing i find unbelievable is they actually arrested him, with as much as the demoncrats, not good normal democrats, have been screaming “call to arms!” over the roe v wade case i imagined anyone who tried would be given a police escort and a red carpet right up to his door. Come on Republicans, lets do our own call to arms and go stand guard over the the last few good judges we have left before its too late!!! Kavanaugh, dont give in, if you need an army just ask for one, we’ll have your back!

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