Don’t Send Pictures of Yourself to Scammers!

The sextortion scam is the grossest and cruelest scam out there. Scammers pose as girls and ask you to send revealing pictures that they end up blackmailing you with.

If you’re a victim of this scam and afraid of the fallout, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.


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  1. It happened to me once. I got a message on Facebook from a girl that wanted to make a video call, to my surprise the profile wasn't fake and I actually got to do it for a few seconds, and in the other side there was actually a girl, in her 20s maybe, but then after a few seconds I told her I didn't want to continue, I felt bad, I had already showed her what she wanted(I'm a moron but at least these was real haha) and then she threatened me that she would send it to everyone on my friends. I blocked her, nothing happened

  2. Wow this is truly sickening and sad. I can't believe people are committing suicide because they are scared. And then you got "Content Creators" out here charging people for money.

  3. Important point to remember: Even if your personal contacts see a naked photo of you nothing is going to change in your daily life. Consider the shoe on the other foot. Would you treat a relative differently if you saw a compromising photo of them leaked? Truth is it'd be gross, but after the initial few minutes you'd get over it and never mention it again.

    Nudity isn't all that shocking given that we live in the age of the internet. It may feel different since it's YOUR nudity, but it's not.

  4. about 3 years ago, my email, username and password was leaked to the dark web from a myspace hack, then sold to a scammer, the scammer emailed me telling me they gained access to my webcam when i was on a sex site and videoed me doing things to myself, and then told me my user name and password, and said, if i do not send them bitcoin they would send the video to everyone of my friends and family in my contact list.. First thing i did was changed my password and set up 2FA, then the next thing i did was blocked the email and ignored and blocked all others of the like, i knew they did not have a video of me, because i do not go to sex sites, but i can imagine if i did, that would have been an awful dreadful feeling..

  5. This is insane. These scammers literally killed someone for cash… This is just Robbery and Homicide but through the Internet. Great message on that last part, Ben.

    Please, don't send an image of your Dingdong to someone you never met face-to-face, people… That's mainly for your sake

  6. As a young man I can say it’s definitely a positive to not be sending your junk pics to people scammer or not, while being a young man instead of worrying about that topic it’s better to simply enjoy the time you have and develop skills because that time doesn’t stay around for long

  7. That poor guy… I can only imagine how he must of felt… these kinds of scams are some of the most disgusting, depraved and unacceptable there is and because of it a young man's life came to an end, just horrible..

  8. Embarrassing to admit that this happened to me. Except I just laughed at the dude when he asked me to send him money and blocked him. Nothing happen he never messaged anyone I knew.

  9. Hey! I was a victim of this scam! Except that I didn't care if they did actually send the video. Some of their first choices of people they were going to send it to were furry friends that I had already shared worst stuff with. The scammer got really mad and blocked me when I started making suggestions of who they could send it to. Absolutely nothing ever happened after that.

  10. This happened to my best friend like 3 or 4 years back on Tinder. And he simply ended up blocking them. As his friend I can verify his shit didn't get shared with anyone. I don't think it was because they didn't have his friend's list..I think it's mostly just a bluff tbh. I would say they were bluffing my friend and glad he didn't pay anything.

  11. I appreciate you and your scam advice videos. I don’t think pleading with scammers about risking lives at the end of your video does anything. They don’t care about their victims, which is obvious by the way they steal money from people. They are scum.

  12. Look up the Amanda Todd case in Canada. Teen girl committed suicide. The extortionist was a sex predator from Europe and has been extradited to Canada to stand trial right now. Not so much a scam scenario as a sex predator one.

  13. I sent a fake dickpic to a fake girl stupidly but fourtunatly I blocked them before they "downloaded" all my following on insta

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