Felix and Kimberly Rubio call for action on Capitol Hill after losing their daughter

“We do not want you to think of Lexi as just a number,” Kimberly Rubio testified.

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36 thoughts on “Felix and Kimberly Rubio call for action on Capitol Hill after losing their daughter

  1. The Democrats are disgusting. Taking advantage of a mother who is not all mentally there right now to push a political narrative. You could tell the White House coached her. She straight up finished her speech saying what Biden said last week, Word for Word. It’s like she was reading off a White House script. She finished up with straight up Democrat talking points. The Democrats are the lowest of the low.

  2. Yes, petition the courts!! Save ALL our children GUN REFORM
    Heartbroken over this 💔😢
    Praying for change 🙏

  3. Q. Why do Americans walk around imitating farm chickens saying "like, like, like"?

    A. So they can attract game animals and shoot them with AR15s.

    Q. Why does an American need an AR15 to hunt?


  4. 272 American mass shootings this year in the ONLY country on Earth that has school shootings..

    'Amend' means 'to change' or 'put right'. The US constitution has already been amended 27 times.

    Ban Americans from international travel to control the spread of stupidity and amend Amendment 2.

    American parents protest at school meetings about? A: School shootings B: Masks.

  5. What would it take for a republican to care?? Hmmmm.. they have no heart, so how do we do this?? It's like making putin care about killing innocent people. We care, but unfortunately, abbott is just thinking about the PR mess. That includes ted cruz, MTG, mcconnell, trump, etc.

  6. During the Gov Abbot press conference after the Uvalde tragedy word to the effect "How dare you make this political and we should wait after the grieving stops." Really? Grief like this is life long, they know that. Never is the answer to the grief, and so never is going to be the right time under those rules. But more importantly, DOING NOTHING is just as big a "political" response as a "Do Something Now!" response. The families of Uvalde no that doing nothing is a political act. the friends of the families know, the kids of that school know, the little kids of every elementary school knows doing nothing means I may well be the next. All but the callous and those that profit know. The vast majority of Americans know. The NRA and GOP stonewallers know. Their rights to profits, donations and power trips for those who can make meaningful changes appear far more moral than the lives of all the inevitable future slaughtered kids, teachers, shoppers, or any of us!
    Concentrating on doors is a red hearing distraction by those trying to avoid the responsibility. Will a door protect your kids getting off or on the bus? How about outdoor events like football, baseball, band, parades, graduations, little league, soccer, field trips and more. Do we deploy metal detectors an army and TSA checkpoints ? Is this going to get big and overbearing government out of out lives like all conservatives preach or are they all just fake conservatives and/or myopic hypocrites?

  7. The slippery slope argument is bullshit. The actual slippery slope is this country turning into a shooting gallery and more dead kids. People turning out and murdering people until they get the government they want.

  8. Just remember- republicans won’t change the age federally to 21 because 18 year old soldiers in the army might be bummed out that they don’t get an Ar15 when they get home

  9. You mean to tell me you made it all the way to Congress, didn’t mention that a lot of the kids were Hispanic or Latino while most of the cops if not all that were on site were white, didn’t mention the narcissistic mentality police had in allowing the gunmen to have at least a full hour to kill 21 innocent people, didn’t mention how all officers who waited that hour out deserve to be deported to isolated deserts in various countries in the Middle East completely naked and they deserve to have their identities and any future identity within the United States completely forbidden?

  10. If you don't support the constitution feel free to go back to Central or South America. If you don't understand our culture you should go back to yours and fix it. Stop trying to fix mine when your side of the border is HELL.

  11. They should not have to be doing this, they should be spending the summer with their daughter. They are really brave for doing this.

  12. I hope to God that these politicians have a heart and listened to what this poor mother was saying. STOP worrying about your damn political parties and work for all of us here in America especially for our children who are the future. Like Matthew McConaughey's speech, Everyone should be able to agree on this to raise the age on buying a gun, Period ! Have better background laws and if someone seems off have them checked out. Sorry for all the losses and parents grieving. I'm still praying and will continue to pray. Everyone needs God and Jesus , have faith and believe. Stay away from the devil, you see what he's doing to our world

  13. Iam sorry for your loss imagine this parent having to talk about losing there child in such a violent way.We need to do something about gun laws so we do not lose any more children an adult to gun violence.The Republicans need to stop blocking gun safety laws. We as Americans are so tired of giving condolences speeches after every mass shooting. Please congress do something on gun safety look what these parents are going through. Having to bury their child

  14. Statistics of these mass shooters ages range from 18-21. Worst age of adulthood in my opinion. A man’s brain isn’t fully developed until the age of 35…. That being said. There needs to be age restrictions on all weapons.
    Mandatory Security at all schools that actually patrols the schools property. Same goes for any large gathering events. The time of trusting thy neighbor is gone.

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