Historic gun hearing today

An 11-year-old Uvalde shooting victim is scheduled to recount her tale of survival before Congress today. ABC News’ Em Nguyen reports.


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46 thoughts on “Historic gun hearing today

  1. Dangerous times. Defend 2A from radical left. Equip every man, woman and child with guns to protect from bad guys taking away their guns.

  2. They will just get them by other means. Nobody is supposed to have drugs but they are everywhere. Hell you can buy guns off the dark web.

  3. My heart goes out to these kids family. Now with that said, why don't they try school security and stop these people from getting into the schools in the first place. These gun laws do nothing to stop people from getting guns. Stop letting these people into the schools with all these guns in the first place. You can't get into a court house with guns. Many places you can't get in with guns. Anyone who thinks more guns laws is the answer just isn't thinking rationally.

  4. In Wisconsin, we have a Republican candidate for AG that is fighting for felons to be able to own firearms, with the reasoning that it is not fair that they can't go hunting with their grandkids. Fair???..as in fair that some grandparents will never be able to hug and hold their grandchild because they're dead from gun violence…that fair??? Just shows you the ignorance of the Repubs and what base they're protecting. Felons are felons for a reason. Actions have consequences.

  5. Why are they doing this to this little girl?

    Making them relive trauma is beyond evil. This is why I have guns you absolute freakshows.

  6. Hahahaha DEFUND THE POLICE really went well for you guys huh !! Now you're begging for police help lol maybe the police are confused what you guys really want 😂

  7. Let's remember the story of Lance Kirklin before we keep going on and on about how great and brave it is for this 11-year old to freaking testify before congress just weeks after almost being murdered. Lance, like many other Columbine survivors, have since reported wishing their parents did a better job of shielding them from the media hoopla and craziness. In fact, Lance's relationships with his parents have been damaged in part because of their role in immersing Lance in the spotlight while his heart hadn't even begun healing from the trauma. And he was at least 16 or 17 at the time. I don't get it. We condemn the media for sticking microphones in the faces of young kids at the scene of the crime or just days after- but now all of a sudden testifying before congress is perfectly okay for these kids? While I agree it may be brave and certainly respectable of this child to speak, let us remember this is all at the discretion of the parents. And I'm sure the family is getting paid. And all I'm saying is, at what cost? History shows us that there always comes a day when heroes are no longer the top news story. Or the request for interviews stop coming. No one wants the book deal after all. And it will be a real shame if this child gets set up for that same kind of reality check later on. She is VERY useful for the current moment and movement. And she will become very forgotten as well, sooner than later. And no one is talking about how very difficult that will inevitably be. I don't think it's right to use traumatized children to further a cause. That is absolutely what is happening here. It doesn't matter if she wants to share her story or message- that's what Lance Kirklin said, too. And he also said 20 years later that he wished the adults in his life would have used their forethought and kept him shielded from the allure of the spotlight.

  8. Political theater

    Why do democrats keep blocking school safety bills?

    Because they don't care. They are obsessed with guns

  9. Those bastards need to be confronted with images of the victims to give them the nightmares the parents and other students have to live with for the rest of their lifes, those cowards…😡😡😡

  10. i think its extra diabolical how the Left deliberately increase crime by s.border invasion, easy release of criminals/bail, release of mentally ill into population and the attack on our economics through inflation compounded by coerced shootings to further their communist/socialist agendas.

  11. "We need to act like we care about this, and that we're going to do something about it! I don't want to lose my political position and have to go back into the workforce! They expect results out there!!

  12. With a weapon as powerful as an AR 15 – surely at least a minimum age of 21 and a certificate signed by a mental health professional saying you can be trusted with a weapon is a common sense measure! I wonder what age the majority of school shooters are, and also the main weapons of choice – my guess is the majority are teens and that many have used an assault rifle! The Uvalde shooter was able to walk into a shop and buy an AR-15 despite being too young to be sold cigarettes or alcohol. Why on earth do they allow vulnerable teens to buy powerful weapons, yet decide they are too young to drink or smoke?

    It’s madness to me!

  13. What’s really sad is that y’all using this chick to speak and know the senators don’t give a damn honestly. Too many been killed in the past and nothing happened. They focused more on there power then giving a damn on how we feel. My proof to this is; the house passed a bill which 90% of American people agreed to have strict background checks done and the bill never was even talked about again. It’s been sitting on the senators desk for the past two or more years

  14. Raising the age to 21 will NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM!! ALL assault style weapons MUST BE BANNED! NO ONE NEEDS AN ASSAULT RIFLE! Not even to shoot prairiedogs or other varmin. That is plain cruel and unnecessary!! 🤬🤬😡. By now other countries, particularly in Europe, are issuing travel warnings about going to the US!! 😱😱😱What the hell will it take for you all to enact strict gun laws and BAN assault style rifles??

  15. Sorry but I am over the whole gun thing. Over it. Americans are 30th in world IQ, obsessed with guns, shows clearly too many cannot handle them or are mature enough to handle one. Sorry but I just gave up don't mind a small firearm for protection but I am over the rest. Sorry.

  16. Tell me how any of these laws would have stopped Columbine and I will call both of my senators and beg them to support this. Anyone.


  17. Can’t even talk about any gun control without upsetting gun nuts and having them go ballistic over a discussion. How can we trust y’all when you get heated over an a conversation. Can’t trust these good guys with guns.

  18. I live in the UK. Guns are legal here although highly regulated and have to be locked away. If were legal to walk around with them, every pub and restaurant would be full of gun owners as nobody else would be there. I can't imagine, churches, airports, universities. No chance mate!

  19. I hope Americans realize the police only protect themselves. We should fire every last one and charge the cowards with murder.

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