Matthew McConaughey addresses lawmakers about gun violence

The Uvalde, Texas, native discussed the importance of gun reform amid the recent mass shootings.

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46 thoughts on “Matthew McConaughey addresses lawmakers about gun violence

  1. This statement by Matthew McConaughey is evidence that Matthew McConaughey is mentally ill. It is currently illegal in this country to kill 21 people; yet people do it anyway because they have no regard for the law. It is mental illness to believe that a person having the willingness to kill 21 people, despite the current and already established penalty for doing so, will somehow be deterred by the addition of yet another penalty, despite the latter being smaller in comparison to the first.

    The reason there are so many killings and robbings and rapeings, etc.. in society today is not because there is a shortage of politicians, judges, law makers, law enforcers or Hollywood actors, all using their bully pulpits to advance their political agendas… No! The reason there are so many killings and robbings and rapeings, etc.. is because the earth has been given over to the children of men – all the misguided and corrupt politicians, judges, law makers, law enforcers and Hollywood actors – because they do not serve God because they do not obey God because they do not fear God. And the people have it so! It must be understood: the leaders of society do not fear God because neither do the people fear God! Society is led by a mass of people who are in rebellion against the commandments of the Lord, even as being elected and appointed by people who are in rebellion against the commandments of the Lord, because the mentally ill leaders, politicians, law makers, and Hollywood celebrities, etc., and the masses of mentally ill people who support them, do not fear God. And some people still wonder why there is so much wickedness in the land – including in the schools? Have they not heard of the poem ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’?

    Mary had a little Lamb,

    His fleece was white as snow.

    And everywhere that Mary went,

    The Lamb was sure to go.

    Each day to school He followed her,

    Twasn’t even in the rule.

    It made the children laugh and play,

    To have the Lamb at school.

    And then one day the rules all changed, Illegal it became;

    To bring the Lamb of God to school,

    Or even speak His Name.

    Everyday got worse and worse,

    As the days turned into years.

    Instead of hearing children laugh,

    Heard were sounds of guns and tears.

    What must we do to stop the crime,

    That’s in our schools today?

    Let’s let the Lamb come back to school,

    And teach our kids to pray.

    Author unknown

    Do we not see how the willingness to remove God and His Word from every aspect of government and society – including schools! – is evidence of a society characterized by rampant Godless people (people who hate God) led by rampant Godless government officials (government officials who hate God)? Can we really not see the connection between rampant Godlessness (behavior characteristic of a person who hates God) and rampant sinfulness (killings, robbings, rapeings, and the like)? The rampant sinfulness displayed in society is not God’s fault. The rampant sinfulness displayed in society is caused by the rampant Godlessness, and the rampant Godlessness is caused by the people rebelling against the Lord – against His commandments – because there is no fear of the Lord amongst the people! Without God's Word to guide the people, every person is simply doing that which is right in his own eyes (see Judges 21:25), As it once was it still is!

    The way to stop the many shootings and killings is not to pass more laws when the first laws are already being ignored by the Godless people… the way to stop the many shootings at schools, etc. (like that in Uvalde as spoken about here) is to reverse the laws and viewpoints of the Democratic Party who stripped God from all their laws and viewpoints… and invite God back into society… and establish God's Word as the law of the land. The way to stop the many shootings and killings is 1) write the 10 Commandments on the entry wall of every government building and 2) teach the fear of the Lord to every child in every school!

    Every person will one day die, and after that comes the Judgment. Jesus is coming again to Judge the people for their wickedness, and all those who rejected His call to holiness will be sent to hell and the Lake of Fire to suffer anguish and unspeakable torment for all eternity. No one who rejects God's sovereignty can avoid God's wrath. To willingly do that which brings God's wrath upon yourself is the definition of mental illness. Jesus is willing to forgive Matthew McConaughey, the leaders and politicians and even all the wicked people who support them, but He will not do so in a manner that is counter to His Word. Jesus will not forgive sin that is not first forsaken. Fear God, repent and live!

  2. What a idiot, looking for some type of fame. You have used several guns in your movies so shut up. We have guns pouring in due to a open southern border, thanks to the Biden admin.

  3. Good play McConaughey. Whilst I don't believe guns should be available at all to members of the public just like here in the UK. There just isn't a need. No one needs a gun and if you need one to feel safe at home – there is something very wrong in the country you live in. However, McConaughey is right. With so many people with guns it is impossible to remove them, so much tighter gun laws are needed. Training lessons taken over a matter of months, laws to stop them being carried outside the home, mental checks on application, etc. So much more can be done and only handguns should ever be sold unless your a farmer and need a shotgun for vermin / pest control.

  4. Idaho: very easy to get guns, one of THE easiest states to purchase. Yet 2013-2019 we had 0 mass shootings and 1970- present 2 school shootings TWO IN 50 years!
    Why is that???

  5. Back when people went to church on a weekly basis you never heard of these things happening.Anyone can rationalize an evil act if they have no moral code and/or don’t believe in a higher power.

  6. I think training and qualifying for levels of gun types make sense but shouldn’t be used as a roadblock by gun control advocates. George at the end of every video comes across as creepy!

  7. THE MERCENARY Brutal head crushing blood spraying violence celebrating toxic masculinity by former 2 REP SNIPER now on amazon prime ………………….

  8. Nothing about God and family and faith ? To help stop future killers.
    Nothing about killers family, are any being questioned ? No media reports on this why ? Any drugs involved or taken ? Bad news coverage on all of this.

  9. When they STOP putting children on dope, school shootings will STOP.. Let children be children without psychotic drugs.. People with psychology degrees pushing dope on children created school shootings.. Fix the Real Problem..

  10. My condolences to the family of the kids.

    But I don't agree with Mr. McConaughey on how to fix this. All these politicians & actors who live in gated areas, surrounded by heavily armed guards, coming on TV and telling us that we don't deserve guns to protect ourselves. You guys are a joke, fake.

    How about this government should provide schools the same level protection as the way it protects politians. More guards, more well-armed, well-trained teachers.

    After all we value our kids'lives much more than these people's lives. We should spend less on protecting politician, giving money to other countries & illegal immigrants and focus more on protect the kids.

  11. This is a complex situation, I'm 62 and to see this country desinergrate right in front of my eyes . An actor telling us all about it okie dokie . Let's start at the school systems ,They have been teaching Secular Humanism , Situation Ethics and all kinds of garbage even when I was in the public brain washing school systems. They have destroyed the family structure ,Everybody is being Socially Engineered Put Killing in the Movies ,and that actor played in his share of them. Killing in the lyrics of alot of the music ,Killing in Video Games, Show live beatings and Killings on television .so some of these minds are so warped .With all this bullshit that was taught to them mind you, We have made more sociapaths and psychopaths just by these kids playing shoot em up games watching violence and hearing lyrics in some of the music .Now the Country .let's see ? Most of the infrastructure is gone .All we do most of time is go to war and young lives are being taken and The American People justify these wars . Now COVID people put their face diapers on and obey ! The Government Loves You So Much And Knows What's Best For You So Follow My Little Sheep ! when they should marching on Washington demanding answers .The price of fuel five dollars a gallon some places six but Social Engineered Sheep don't say a word .There is no doubt This Country is going to fall .All you have to do is look around you and see the division of the American people The Government did a wonderful Job .All people want is their booze ,their drugs and their sports . Mean While The Devil Has Destroyed Their Country .So There Is No One To Blame But The Socially Engineered American People Themselves .

  12. Gun control demands? Everything Mathew mentioned for gun control are already laws. What am I missing? Except for raising the age limit to 21. Background checks is a law and registering handguns. At least in NYS. How about making allowing responsible gun owners allow to carry? Imagine how many lives would have been saved. I like Mathew.. he’s one of the few in Hollywood that I respect

  13. Sounds like to many people made the wrong decision. And all of them should be held responsible. Terminated from there job – sued – held for involuntary manslaughter. If the Parents had guns they could have saved a lot of the kids. The law enforcement let them die. This is based on what I’m hearing on YouTube. So what’s the Truth ? And why do they keep saying they don’t know? Or maybe this is all to defund the police. Sounds like they want complete control of all of us. Who are They?

  14. Another Hollywood activist, his opinion could mean something if his own life wasn't a dumpster fire with a security detail

  15. I don't buy a car based on what some washed up actor tells me and I don't give up my rights based on him either.

  16. Lets think about this…. hollywood, washington…..they are all actors!!!! Have no credibility when you play a part your entire life.

  17. Breaking news 🚨🚨🚨🚨: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his intention to declare war on Poland, and the decision is effective immediately, and the military forces will move to occupy cities near the Russian and Ukrainian borders.

  18. so….a left leaning actor came to the left leaning white house to support left wing ideas and be dramatic about kids he most likely did not know nor would have took the time to know….and this is news why?

  19. It would be so nice if rules changed evil persons… they don't… they never will but since young people are doing such horrific murders then it may be time to raise the limit on their ability to legally purchase any weapon.

  20. So an 18 year old man was able to buy 9k worth of guns and ammo. Where did he get the guns. 2nd mental illness is a serious issue. Most gunman have told people they will shoot up places and nothing is being done when they make threats.

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