What to expect from the Jan. 6 committee hearing

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection will hold its first public hearing Thursday and will include dramatic new footage and testimony from a documentarian who was there that day.

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46 thoughts on “What to expect from the Jan. 6 committee hearing

  1. This hearing is a joke Pelosi and the Democrats staged this so called “insurrection”… and they knew that they were people in their payroll causing havoc inside the capital…. They also let the people in with capital police assistance!!!! Stop this nonsense… Democrats you all look 👀 stupid!!!!!

  2. This is bullshit they being planning this …….why don't you focus your F….kin efforts at the border ….you got gang toting knife welding fullface tattoo criminals heading to a neighborhood near you …yet you don't give a rats arse ……how many shop owners are going to be robbed because Biden won't close the border……..

  3. What a bunch of morons, a clown show for low IQ freaks desperately trying to fabricate a false narrative. The only terrible thing that happened on Jan. 6 is that they didn't drag these Demonrat demons out and put them all in loony bins.

  4. So I am willing to bet that over half of Americans, got in from a long day of work and turned on the tv and realized that this circus was being preformed on tv with the most vial and lies one could tell. I bet the last thing is anyones mind tonight was this show from hell. However, gas, groceries, shortages, interest rates, inflation was probably what most of us are concerned about!!! Just saying!!

  5. As to Jan 6 These Democrates allege were/are in fear of their lives. Thats what their constituents fear every single day in their very cities and districts. And they obviously don't care.

  6. Jan 6 was a set up to try keep Trump from running and winning 2024. Don't all real Americans wish election was investigated and overturned. Many lives here and aboard would of been saved.
    P.S. Jan 6 was noisy but sooo innocent.

  7. Here's what I don't expect to hear from this "committee", why Pelosi and the Mayor refused Trump's offer of 20,000 national guard troops, why Capitol Police let "rioters" in, what role did Antifa play in the breach (film shows Antifa changing into Trump gear, John Sullivan recorded himself doing same, bragged about breaking window), what role did FBI play in the event and why did one of them encourage the breach? Inquiring minds want to know….

  8. Ther is 7 leftist liberals and only 2 Republicans. Who is looking in to the crimes committed by the democrats. Watch the videos! The cops that were controlled by the democrats let them in!

  9. No one cares about Trump or Jan 6. Trump is no longer our President. We want to know why Biden, the stuttering dolt and his Admin of misfit toys have managed to nearly destroy the entire nation in just a year and a half. We want to know why gas is $5/gallon. Why inflation is worse than it's been in 40 years. Why we are on the verge of WWIII…….and all we get is a bunch of hot air and blame game from the losers running everything now. This Jan 6 hearing should drop the approval rating of Biden and his loser squad to 2%. The entire Administration should resign in shame. How many investigations to impeach Trump and at what cost…and you still can't let it go. That just tells me he was doing exactly what was right for this country….why else would you fear him so much? Why else would you act like a child making up rules as you go to insure you win? Thou doth protest too much.

  10. Let's have a prime-time breakdown of where are 45 billion dollars was sent and whose offshore bank account is hanging out in IRL. Also, while we're at it we should take a little look into Hunter Biden's laptop and all the people I have direct ties to the overwhelming corruption and Evil being perpetrated upon the innocent people of Ukraine and Russia, not to mention the Americans who have been robbed Blind by the people who are supposed to be having our families and our best interest at the Forefront of their minds while representing them in Congress. 🤡🤡🌎🤡🤡🌎🤡🤡🌎🤡🤡🌎

  11. Nope. I think you should ask Ray Epps what he knows. BLM activist/ agitator John Sullivan whose father happens to be an up the chain FBI agent was on camera saying things like "we did it! YES!! I CAN'T BELIEVE WE GOT AWAY WITH IT!!" to a woman who works at CNN. He then told the footage to the same network for $70,000. When people brought clear footage of him trespassing through the Capitol there was a huge effort to sweep the situation under the rug. When the public wouldn't take that at satisfactory he was arrested and probably release next day and of story. Yet, people who are ushered in to the building by the police while walking in a single-file line very calmly were arrested and held in jail for over a year, denied medications they desperately needed, denied their right to a speedy trial, denied the right to face their accuser, their attorneys were denied a mass amount of evidence requested from police, security detail, Nancy Pelosi in general and video surveillance footage. They were exposed to cruel and unusual punishment being left in solitary confinement for unspeakable amounts of time plus many more human rights violations. Also, I think we should ask why the Republican leadership was denied their nominations to this sham of a committee. Another strange thing that most people don't know is why in the world would every piece of information even vaguely related to Nancy Pelosi, her staff and her office video surveillance are completely inaccessible and thrown into a black hole making that entire area of the investigation nonexistent. Does the left honestly think the majority of Americans believe this narrative they're spinning? They honestly think that we believe that this was a trauma that is living in their minds 24/7? All you have to do is look at the numbers different news sources and commentators draw in. When you compare the numbers of views between people like Tucker Carlson and any other mainstream media puppet it is glaringly obvious where the American people stand. Conservative content is outperforming all other mainstream media and leftist content combined even after the heavy-handed censorship and attempt to control thought and speech. These people are scared because they know that we know. #TrumpDerangementSyndrome #CopeAndSeethe #PureComedyGold #OrangeManBad #WeThePeopleAreOnToYou

  12. Well, the definition of the word "insurrection" is: a violent uprising against an authority or government. Does that mean that we are going to re-classify those "mostly peaceful" protests back in 2020?

  13. They stormed the seat of democracy, killed many, assaulted and injured many many more. Attempted to stop the transfer of power, stage a coup and did engage in insurrection. Proud Boys and the like are low level officers and soldiers in this terrorist plot. The Heads, conspirators and instigators of this serpent cannot be allowed to slither back into the darkness. We the People demand accountability!

  14. Oh, too bad. Like stacy abrams, I have a scheduling conflict and will not be watching this charade. Tonight is the night I organize my sock drawer. Oh well, I'm sure the MSM will flood its time with highlights for a month or more. Definitely must-miss TV.

  15. It’s a circus to distract us from what’s really important! Border, Crime, Gas Inflation, Fentanyl & Overdoses. More political stunts to keep their voters…

  16. With all the problems America is facing and the dumbacrats are focusing on this ?
    The fact that the dumbacrats are so afraid of Trump is changing my opinion on wanting to vote for him if he runs. Trump 2024!

  17. So are we going to finally acknowledge that every singe mainstream media source is part of the DNC? Or are we still going to pretend news is objective?

  18. I hear from credible sources that in honor of socialists totally dismantling the US Constitution, Miley Cyrus will be performing her hit "Wrecking Ball" during halftime at the J6 hearings.

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