NPK Season 5 Race 6 Recap. Murder Nova Goes to the Finals in Beech Bend!

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Race recap from race 6 of NPK at Beech Bend Raceway! We’re gettin somewhere now!

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Author: rafaelnieves72


38 thoughts on “NPK Season 5 Race 6 Recap. Murder Nova Goes to the Finals in Beech Bend!

  1. Hey guys I might be reaching but I was at the Virginia race and every time the car leaves the line it is carrying the front wheels about half track it looks like the front wheel brakes are dragging because the wheel stopped rolling I didn't know if that could help but I could be a dumbass and don't know shitt I just want to let you know moron Nation

  2. I been racing since I was a 15yr old boy I'm now 45 if there's anything I've learned no matter how fast or slow I was some people u race are poor losers and even poorer winners and look I know how hard it is to build a new car and then learn it dial it in and then keep it the car u can drive and win with them passes are hard asf on everything and when it something starts to go unless it breaks to the point of obvious it can be like looking for a needle in the hay stack u boys will get it I got faith and I've personally been there before and if ur a racer u know how bad it sucks and how much it can take out of u

  3. I was at that race and Manny didn't beat you, you beat yourself with to drastic of a bar change but you learned from it and had a pretty damn good weekend considering what you all figured out and have working way better now down low once you changed that converter and tranny

  4. I am most impressed that you never ever give up. It doesn't care what ever is the fault you keep going and stay positive…👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏

  5. I feel like y'all boys have just been getting beat in the head and face with a two by four but I feel like y'all's turn is just around the corner!!! Pretty Work on making it to the Finals guys!! I think myself and probably everyone else that watches your videos, sees all the dedication and tiring work and countless hours y'all put in and people say'' (now days) that hard work doesn't pay off) but I'm from y'all's era and the harder the work the better the rewards!! And y'all boys are some Hard Chargers!! I respect that!!! Plus y'all have great attitudes and work ethics, that it will pay off!! Just around the corner!!! Pretty Work Murder Nova!!!!

  6. Very good fan base @ the 187 compound. Keep putting in the work. Kentucky fans really showed up at the event. The Moron nation will prevail. Good to see you spank REAPER !!! Some bad luck against B-Rad. You guys did real well in the big tire event. Should have won it. Seems like the car is not going to straight. Race fast – stay fast – live to race another day.

  7. Congratulations on goin rounds! Y’all are getting closer! Lookin forward to seeing you win an invitational next!

  8. Is that aydens girl? 10:30
    I guess I haven’t been here long enough to know if ayden is an only child or even if phantom has a family. We never hear about phantoms home life. Suppose you saying. What home life? Lol

  9. Murder Nova is by far my favorite team I hope you guys get it figured out and start smoking these guys like you used to. When I first started watching you you had a procharger on your car then you went to twin turbo and it seemed like you went downhill from there you put the pro charger back on and started winning so why don't you just stay with the pro charger? Good luck to the murder Nova team! 187 customs for life!

  10. U should have u best friend Big Chief help u out and give u some of his knowledge of what he was doing what he would do if he was still tuning ur car u know he's always got love for u big bro there ain't no shame in asking for help and u know he knows ur car and how to help just a suggestion I love u guys and it's heart breaking yall arnt close like b4 yall are brothers bro frfr call him he'll help u. Much love big bro keep winning I wanna see u dave,, Lutz, and Ryan top 5 at the end of the season

  11. Well you keep going the way you're going it might be worth load no g up and hitting the race with and see what she does you got nothing to lose you probably could fit both of them in that trailer it's not like the Pete can't pull them both

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